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Eyes. Six pairs of eyes stared at her as she stood at the entrance of the grand hall.

The grand columns loomed before her and she could tell that this was a room used for important meetings with a lot of people. At the moment, it was no different except there were only four men and two women.

Three Vulcans, three humans.

And they all stared at her.

She watched them all as they stared, the silence between them thick.


She heard Lario catch up behind her. He held his breath and softly mumbled, "Shit."

Amanda looked at them all. They were all obviously from high in command and one of them she recognized at the Director of Starfleet. Another was an Admiral.

And in the middle of the room was Sarek.

And they were just staring.

Amanda could only imagine what she looked like, tears streaking down her face, hands and clothes filthy.

But she didn't care her family needed her.

Which is why when no one was moving or even speaking, she spoke again.

"Why isn't anyone doing anything?"

Amanda felt a tug at her elbow. "Amanda, let's get the hell out of here."

She pulled her arm away from Lario and stepped forward. "Did anyone hear what I said? There's been an attack on the Concord!"

She saw the human woman roll her eyes.

Amanda stepped forward again. "There's been an-"

"There has been no attack on the Concord." The Admiral looked at her. "If there had been we would have known."

She stared dumbfounded. Did he really think she was lying?

"I'm not lying." She stared daggers at him.

Another man gestured to the large window overhead that doubled as a screen. "We just communicated with the captain of the Concord and he assures everything is on schedule, there has been nothing unusual going on."

Amanda pointed to the same screen. "Then he's lying!"

This infuriated another human man. "I doubt that Captain Smith would lie to his superiors!"

"Amanda!" Lario urged again and pulled on her arm.

"Then he must be under duress!"

The Admiral was done talking to Amanda. "Cadet, remove this girl from this room, now!"

Amanda's heart stopped. Did no one really believe her?

She turned to Lario, "You believe me, don't you?"

He gave a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry, Amanda."

All of a sudden, his arms were around her, lifting her, moving her. Amanda didn't know he was so strong.

Amanda bet he didn't know she was loud either.

"No!" Amanda struggled. "Put me down! Let me go!"

"Amanda," he strained. "Stop it."

She tried pulling away from him, to no avail and suddenly her eyes fell on the one person she had come to see.

"Sarek!" She struggled against Lario. "Sarek, you believe me, don't you? I'm not lying! You know me! Please!"

And then, as if waiting for the last possible moment, he spoke. He didn't speak loudly and yet Amanda was sure everyone heard him over her screams.

"It wouldn't of course, Admiral, hurt if you were to inquire on the Concord, would it?"

The Admiral stuttered "O-Oh, yes, yes of course. I can try."

Lario set Amanda down and she watched the screen.

The Admiral input some keys on the keyboard on the desk and the screen lit up the room. The high tech screen flashed and immediately a map was shown. Amanda could tell it was a map of space.

Some of the dots on the black screen were labeled, others weren't. One of the icons on the screen was moving, a small ship moved across the screen on a steady pace. It followed a dotted line and a small label next to it read: ALL SYSTEMS FUNCTIONAL, ON SCHEDULE.

She stared. Of course, they're not going to believe her.

Amanda gestured toward her tablet. "I was speaking to my sister when they attacked. They looked like they were men, green scaly skin." She gulped, fighting the urge to cry. "They grabbed my sister by the hair and dragged her out of her room." The tablet shook in her hands. "She was screaming the entire time."

She didn't look at the others in the room, only at her tablet. "I'm not lying," she whispered.

One of the women spoke, "It seems that there is nothing wrong with the Concord."

Amanda put her free hand through her hair, ready to pull it out. How was it that no one would believe her?

"Director," Sarek spoke. "I would like to speak to the Captain of the Concord, if you please."

One of the men nodded, he hadn't spoken yet. "Of course, Ambassador." He looked toward the man at the keyboard. "Admiral Barrett, if you please."

She watched the screen. A portly man appeared, all smiles. "Director, it has been a while." Amanda could hear the laugh in his voice. "Has there been a change since we spoke five minutes ago?"

Sarek stepped forward. "Captain Smith, might I ask you a question?"

Smith nodded. "Of course, Ambassador."

"Your ship and your crew, is everything running to your satisfaction?"

Captain Smith nodded. "Yes, Ambassador, there has been no change. The cargo is safe as well."

Sarek spoke again. "Nothing to report?"

"No, sir, nothing to report."

Amanda stood dumbfounded. Could that be real? She was so sure, so sure her sister was in trouble. She ran towards the middle of the room so that the Captain could see her. "Captain, my name is Amanda Grayson, where is my family? William Grayson, the curator of the expedition?"

Captain Smith stepped aside. "He's right here, Miss Grayson."

Suddenly, her father filled the screen. He was safe, looked it, not a scratch on him, nothing amiss. "Hello there, Amanda, what's going on?"

Momentary confusion took hold but Amanda shook her head to be rid of it. "Dad, where is Doris? Have you seen her in the last ten minutes?"

He looked at her confused. "She's in this room, right now." He moved to the side and she saw in the other end of the room, her sister, Doris, looking at an instrument panel on the wall.

Amanda watched her sister as she walked across the room, put something down and picked up her tablet. There was nothing wrong. She looked normal, as if nothing happened.

Amanda looked at her tablet. What had she seen? Had she fallen asleep in the garden and dreamed the whole thing?

But it was so real. She looked at her hands, caked in dirt. What happened?

"Amanda, I don't think right now is the best time to speak to her. Maybe next time you can talk to her alone." She understood his implication. Alone when the Director and Admirals of Starfleet weren't around. This wasn't the time for a personal phone call.

"I-I was so sure there was something wrong-" Amanda whispered.

The Admiral spoke up. "Captain Smith?"

The Captain was on the screen again. "We are sorry to have bothered you. Please carry on in your duties."

The Captain nodded. "Will do. Good afternoon Admirals, Director, Ambassador."

The screen went blank.

Amanda felt small. Like an ant. When she looked at the Admiral he looked like he was ready to squash her.

She wanted to slap the grin right off his face.

She looked to Sarek, trying to find an ally. She searched his face, was there compassion? Sympathy? Pity?

No. There was nothing. She couldn't read his stone face.

She looked to Lario.

Lario shook his head. He didn't believe her.

Amanda looked at her tablet. "I know what I saw-"

"Miss Grayson."

She looked to the Director as he spoke.

"That's enough attention for one day, don't you think?"

Amanda didn't move. She only did when Lario nudged her carefully. "Come on, Amanda."

He led her out of the room. She couldn't look at him, couldn't look up. She only stared at her hands. She was so sure, so sure of what she saw. She saw her sister get dragged away. She saw it!

Lario shut the door to the hall and they were alone in the immense hallway.

"What the hell were you thinking, Amanda?"

She looked at him, hurt. She thought she could confide in him at least. She thought he would take her side.

Apparently not.

"I know what I saw, Lario!" She screeched. "I wasn't lying!"

"Then what the hell was that in there? You know I'm going to get reamed next time they see me, I'm in charge of you!"

"Then blame it on me! You have nothing to do with this!"

Lario cursed several times.

"Look," Amanda finally said. "Even if you don't believe me, I know, I know my family is in trouble. I feel it in my gut."

Lario scoffed. "They looked plenty all right to me."

Amanda bit on her lower lip. "Maybe they threatened them to look natural? Maybe they have phasers pointed at them right now!"

"Listen to yourself, Amanda," Lario said softly. "You're talking crazy."

Amanda was grinding her teeth. "No, I'm not."

"No? All the men in there have a combined experience of at least 200 years in Starfleet and they weren't alarmed and you – you have only been here a week and now you just know that the computers are wrong and the Captain is lying?"

Amanda took a deep breath to keep from slapping him. "I know my family. I know that they are in trouble."

Lario did the same, he seemed to calm down. "Amanda, I know you think your family is in danger but they weren't alarmed. You shouldn't be either –"

At that moment the doors opened. The men she had just interrupted poured out one by one. At the end of the line was Sarek and another Vulcan.

Amanda looked away. She was embarrassed. Embarrassed she couldn't prove to him that she was right. Her family was in danger and she didn't know what to do.

What could she do?

Amanda sniffled, tears threatening to spill anew. What was she going to do?

"Miss Grayson, a word?"

Sarek looked down to her, the other Vulcan from the room stayed behind too. He looked to her too.

When the other people from the room weren't within earshot, Sarek spoke.

"I believe you."

Relief flooded through her, the floor moved beneath her feet. She held to the wall for support. "You do?"

"My partner noticed something was not right about the demeanor of the Captain or your father. We would like to investigate further."

"Investigate?" She asked.

"Miss Grayson, Starfleet is satisfied that the expedition is in no danger. The Vulcan High Council will feel the same as well."

Amanda nodded. "So what do we do?"

"We investigate on our own."

Amanda was floored. "On our own?"

Sarek nodded. "There are no Vulcan ships near the Concord but there is a ship we can use here. We will have to transport to the International Space Station and from there take the ship to the Concord."

Amanda slowly nodded. "Okay. That sounds like a plan."

The other Vulcan spoke. "We will have to leave now but we will keep you informed if we do find anything."

"Wait, what?" Amanda gasped. "I'm going with you."

Sarek shook his head. "Absolutely not."

"What do you mean 'Absolutely not'? My family is on that ship, if there's something wrong, I should be up there too!"

Sarek looked to the other Vulcan. The other man spoke. "Are you familiar with physical training? Hand to hand combat?"

Amanda paused. "N-no. "

"Have you any training with space travel?" Sarek asked.


"Then you will be a bother and a nuisance. If there is anything that we may need to do in regards to an intruder you will be more burden than help."

Amanda scoffed. "Gee, thanks." She shook her head. "Look, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't know there was something wrong with your precious artifacts. My family is in danger, real mortal danger. I have to go, please."

Sarek shook his head.

Amanda placed a hand on his arm. She felt the muscle there under the robes, hard but lean. "Please, Sarek," she urged. "This is my family. They are the only people I have."

Sarek looked from her hand to her and there –it lasted no more than a second- but there, she saw it, the briefest flicker of emotion. He felt sorry for her and what's more, she knew it had more to do with his proposal the other night than anything else.

She took her hand back immediately. She hadn't mean to use his feelings towards her as leverage. She started to apologize but was interrupted.

"Very well."

Her heart did somersaults.

He looked behind her. "Cadet Lario, are you trained in hand to hand combat?"

Amanda had forgotten he was there. She turned and watched him nod. "Yes, sir. I did wrestling in high school and was trained in martial arts. I was also trained at the Academy."

Sarek looked at the other Vulcan, his olive skin was darker than Sarek's. "Very well, you will join us. No harm must come to this girl, am I understood?"

Amanda blanched. "I can take care of myself."

"Understood, cadet? Or it is me you will answer to."

Lario nodded. "Yes, Ambassador."

Sarek turned. "Good. We leave in the next hour."