One: Mates

A blond she-wolf raised her head from sleep. Her hair was in two pigtails and there were two on her tail. Two males sat far away from her. One of the males was brown with his hair in a ponytail and a black mane and green highlights on his paws and a little on his muzzle.

"He's kind of cute," whispered the she-wolf to herself.

The other male was a black with a white underbelly and a little red on his muzzle. The she-wolf yawned and stood up. She began to walk away before she heard a sharp bark.

"Temari! Where are you going?" growled the black wolf. Temari visibly flinched. She turned to face the wolf.

"I'm going to relieve myself. Do I need to ask permission Uchiha?" asked Temari rather irritably.

"Alright, but hurry up," growled the Uchiha wolf. Temari snorted irritably as she walked deeper into the forest. After relieving herself Temari walked back to the two males. The Uchiha wolf was waiting for her along with the other wolf. The black wolf was Uchiha Sasuke and the brown wolf was Nara Shikamaru.

"Good morning Temari," said Shikamaru bowing his head. Sasuke looked at Shikamaru with hate. The two wolves were rivals competing to win the prize which was Temari as a mate.

The brown one is very polite, but the black doesn't seem to respect a beta of the Uzumaki Pack. Temari thought to herself. Temari sat a good distance away. "Are you two ready?" asked Temari. The two wolves nodded in unison. The two males would now fight the last battle. The two wolves jumped away from each other. Sasuke jumped for Shikamaru, but he rolled out of the way. Sasuke grabbed Shikamaru's tail with his teeth and threw him into a tree. Shikamaru swiped his claws along Sasuke's chest.

Sasuke howled in pain as Shikamaru pinned him to the ground. Sasuke back legs scrabbled at Shikamaru's belly. Shikamaru was about to end Sasuke's life with his teeth, but Sasuke kicked him off. Temari watched observantly as the two wolves fought. She could do nothing, but watch. Sasuke had now gotten his jaws around Shikamaru's neck. Sasuke tightened his grip as Shikamaru struggled. Temari looked on as the battle came to its end. Suddenly Shikamaru whipped his head around. Shikamaru locked his teeth around Sasuke's neck and Sasuke's grip loosened.

Sasuke slumped to the ground as he lost his breath. Shikamaru kept his tight grip. Sasuke's thrashing ceased and his sides heaved one more time before he gave in. Sasuke managed another shudder before slowly closing his eyes. Shikamaru was breathing rapidly as he let go of Sasuke. He was still panting as Temari padded up to him.

"Nice job. Now here's your prize," said Temari as she got close to Shikamaru.

"What's my prize?" asked Shikamaru sarcastically.

"This," whispered Temari as she licked his muzzle tenderly. Shikamaru's fur began to bristle as he felt her warm tongue. Shikamaru felt the blood rush to his face. Temari giggled at his reaction. "Such a bashful wolf." Shikamaru looked down to hide his face. Temari began to walk away from Shikamaru.

"W-Where are you going?" asked Shikamaru. Temari looked at him curiously.

"We're going to my pack where'd you think we were going?" asked Temari. Shikamaru caught up with Temari. Shikamaru reluctantly followed Temari. As they walked it gradually grew hotter. Temari and Shikamaru padded through the hot forest their tongues lolling. "This is the hottest Autumn I've ever been in," growled Temari irritably. Shikamaru yawned.

What a troublesome female. I wonder if meeting her was the right thing. Shikamaru growled to himself. A leaf tumbled down from a nearby tree. Temari stopped for a moment to look around. Her ears twitched with interest.

"What is it?" asked Shikamaru stopping beside her. Temari's ears twitched once more. Shikamaru's ears suddenly caught a distinct noise. It was a dog barking at something. "Oh, that's just a dog." Temari's ears flattened against her head as her fur bristled.

"Shika, run," growled Temari. Shikamaru looked at her puzzled. Shikamaru looked towards the path and saw something glimmer in the sunlight. Temari nipped Shikamaru hard on the ear. "I said run!" After Temari bit Shikamaru's ear he heard a loud gunshot which sent Temari and him sprinting back through the forest. Shikamaru could hear the hunter's dog trailing after them barking.

Shikamaru suddenly heard a frightened yelp from Temari. Shikamaru stopped in my tracks and turned around. Temari was on the ground her back leg bleeding. She was struggling to get up as the dog drew closer. Shikamaru sprinted toward Temari and Shikamaru snapped at the dog. Temari immediately got up and they both began to run again. Shikamaru looked around frantically for a hideout and saw an old wolf den.

"In the den Temari," barked Shikamaru. Temari squeezed in and Shikamaru squeezed in after her. Temari and Shikamaru scooted all the way to the back. The dog and the hunter ran right past the den. Shikamaru began to relax, but Temari was still trembling. I licked her comfortingly. Temari began to get up, but was met by the sharp pain in her leg. "Can you walk, Temari?" asked Shikamaru. Temari stood up as well as she could.

"I'll be fine." The two wolves slipped out of the den. The two wolves traveled along the gravel path again. Temari's wounded leg had slowed their pace. Shikamaru licked his lips hungrily. It had been hot these past few days. Temari nudged Shikamaru with her muzzle.

"What is it Temari?" asked Shikamaru. Temari sniffed the air.

"It will rain soon," she growled hoarsely. Shikamaru looked at the clear sky. The sun beat down on them, the sky was clear, but then again there was a light breeze. Shikamaru enjoyed the breeze for a brief moment.

"How do you know?" asked Shikamaru. Temari stared at him and then back at the sky.

"I was born in Suna Pack. I'm friends with the winds," said Temari suddenly looking older than she was. Shikamaru could smell the moistening air. Shikamaru heard the scurrying animals getting ready for rain.

"Why don't I go hunt for you," offered Shikamaru looking at Temari's wounded leg. Temari snorted irritably.

"Always the polite one," growled Temari sarcastically. Shikamaru's skin suddenly felt hot again under his fur. "You blush too much." Temari trotted past him. Shikamaru stood there dumbfounded. He got a hold of his senses and trotted after Temari.