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Teddy stepped in front of her. "Professor we have a problem."

"Teddy what is it. Didn't Lily say yes."

"Oh yeah she said yes."

"Then whats the problem."

"This." He motioned to the door and Lily came through the door the six people following her.

Harry stared at the six people that now stood in front of his desk. His eyes went wide. He quickly stood up. He scanned all the faces in front of him. "How what." He turned to Teddy.

"We don't know." He took Lily's hand as she intwined there fingers.

"Ok take a seat." He conjured extra chairs in front of his desk. He sat down and closed his eyes. Lilly and Teddy were getting loooks fron the others when he pulled her down on his lap. "Ok so how did this happen."

"We are not sure I asked Lily to Marry me and then she said yes. I slipped the ring on her finger and then we kissed the next thing we know this woman." He pointed to Tonks was inturupting us. Thanks for that by the way." He said.

Tonks just shrugged. "Sorry."

"And your sure they are who they say."

"Yeah me and Lils asked them questions only they would know."

"Ok." Lily can I see your ring please." Lily looked sadly down at her hand. She didn't want to let the ring leave her finger. She slipped it off a tear sliding down her face. She handed it to her father. "Don't worry Lils I'll give it back." Teddy seeing the look on her face. wipped the tear from her eye and she gave him a watery smile. "Dad." He turned to James "Is there something about this ring that is specel."

James looked at the ring that was in his son's hand. "Not that I know of."

Harry sighed. "Here Lily." He handed it back to Lily who greatfuly slipped it back on her finger. "Ok so as we see we arn't sure why you people are back from the dead. I think its time that we introuduce ourself properly."

"But Daddy I have to show my my ring and they already know who I am." It wasn't that Lily didn't want to get to know these people it was just that She could feel Teddy tense up.

"Lily I think this is a bit more importent."

"Fine." She squeezed Teddy's hand trying to give him some strangh.

"Well isn't this family tangled up know." Fred joked trying to difuce the sitiuation.

"What does that mean." Lily Luna snapped.

"Well your his daughter." He pointed to Harry "And he is his son." He pointed to Remus.

"So." She could feel her temper rising.

"Whoe temper you remind me of my baby sister."

"Thank you."


"I said thank you I knew I was like my mother and I'm proud of it."

Fred looked at her shocked and she wanted to laugh outloud. Sirius choose that moment to speak up. "I thought you were taking us to the headmaster?"

Everyone turned to look at him. "You are with the headmaster's office your looking at the headmaster what did you think I just liked this desk." Harry looked at him.

"Your the headmaster."

"I hope so or I don't know what I've been doing for the last seven years."

"things certinly have changed." Remus said. "Your daughter marrying my son you headmaster."

"Your forgetting." Harry had that twinkle in his eye that made the people think of Dumbledore. "Teddy is the DADA teacher."

The all turned to stare at him. Tonks decied to try talking to Lily Luna. "So how old are you."


Sirius who had just taken a berti botts every flavored bean from Harry desk spit it out. "More like his father then we thought."

"So Harry." His mother asked "do you have any other children."

"Yes my oldest son James Sirius is twenty. and my other son Albus Severus is nineteen."

At the name James Sirius James and Sirius got up and started jumping around the room. When the name Albus Severus was said they stopped and looked like they had been slapped. "You named your son after that tosser." James Yelled.

Lily Luna's eyes widened this wouldn't be good. She glanced up at the portriates that hung on the wall and made sure that neither Albus or Severus who was now glaring at James said a word. "Now I think thats enough." She stood up from Teddy's lap facing James. "I think you need to lisen there is a good reason for my brothers name and before you go passing jugment you should have all the facts" she snapped.

James and Sirius backed up looking scared. "Um ok why don't you tell us why you named him that." They were just setteling back down when Ginny opened the door.

"Harry have you seen Lily or Teddy I......" She trailed off when she saw the people in front of her.

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