Title: Of Gods and Kings

Pairing: mainly Schneizel x Lelouch

Summary: The Final Turn has come with Damocles now operational. Lelouch, the 99th Emperor's secret lover as well as Knight of Zero, struggles with his convictions when he must face off with the Black Knights. Sequel to of Kings and Pawns. Schneizel x Lelouch.

Disclaimer: Sunrise owns Code Geass and all I own is this piece of fan fiction and I make no money writing this whatsoever. So please don't sue me.

Warnings: M-Rated for lots of pr0n, incest, potty-mouth words.

Additional Warnings: Written in spare of the moment with OOCness


'You can never go home again.'

After several years of living in Japan, Lelouch El Britannia – formerly Lelouch Vi Britannia / Lelouch Lamprouge – had engraved those words into his head when he and his sister were exiled eight years ago. He had been content to never step foot in Pendragon, the capital of his mother country, ever again. Unless of course it was to wage war as his alter ego, Zero, the infamous Enemy of the Empire. Yet his destiny takes turn a when Zero topples from his seat of power and had died after the second battle for Tokyo only a few weeks ago. At the same exact time, the dead have risen; and Eleventh Prince – who was now the First – has been found alive and adopted into one of the highest clans by his gracious older half-brother.

At the grandiose party following the coronation of the 99th Emperor of the Britannian Empire, Lelouch spins his web of lies to a group of curious siblings, nobles, the media – and therefore the world - which are unaware that he and Zero are one in the same. Never before has he told one lie after another for hours upon end, while wearing a carefully crafted social mask. He tries his best to be truthful on some facts like attending Ashford Academy and raising Nunnally; but after awhile he just drowns himself within inane conversations.

Odysseus was relieved of the responsibility of being the crowned prince and has accepted the role of Second and becoming the Prime Minister; who eagerly speaks to him about the upcoming social events and how Lelouch will also need his own welcome home celebration. Guinevere, remarks that she will have a crystal monument built for Nunnally in one of her many beautiful buildings, and comments how his simple black eye-patch could use a more stylish update (of course she doesn't even ask how he was blinded in the first place). Carline, avoids him at first due to all the attention he's receiving; but as soon as he makes a (mistake) comment about how he will most likely be leading the Knights of the Round into war, the young princess all but drags him excitedly around the ball room to show off her long lost older brother (or a new toy to be admired) to a group of her envious peers.

There was only so much the former terrorist leader could tolerate before he politely broke away and sought refuge among the Knights of the Round who had served on the Avalon. When he couldn't seem to find Suzaku, and Anya was being unsociable as ever; the next option was Gino. He allowed the Tristan pilot to loop an arm around his shoulders while giving him advice about which nobles were "interesting people" and whom to avoid unless wanting to be placed in a self-induced coma. The longer he spun his lies, the more Lelouch was starting to feel homesick.

He missed all the members of the Student Council.

He missed Kallen and the Black Knights.

He missed C2 and Jeremiah who were still hiding in Japan.

He missed the assassin who was his false sibling, now buried on Shikine Island.

He missed his little sister who was killed in the FLEIJA Blast.

He missed the carefree life he had as a commoner that was traded up for that of a crown prince of a nation that dominated most of the planet; and he could never go back…

It is well past midnight when he received his summon from the Emperor himself, whom he did not approach once during the celebration. Lelouch was not up to playing the role of devoted knight again after the coronation. Nor did he want to be doted on by Schneizel in front of the public. Though he knew he would be called forward sooner or later. Fortunately, it was later and away from the scrutiny of the public eye and Schneizel's inner circle who knew the truth about his former alter-ego.

Although he had not made eye contact with the Emperor's advisor, the scientist, the second princess, or the former Britannian Black Knight; Lelouch was certain they were watching him either out of suspicion or curiosity. He was after all, a wolf in sheep's clothing, mingling with the mindless herd that called themselves nobility. It would have been all too easy for him, as Zero, to use his Geass and turn them all into his slaves. The Emperor, the Imperial Royal Family, the Knights of the Round, the nobles, the rulers of allied countries, high ranking military leaders; they were all there for him to easily prey upon. All he needed to do was retrieve the hidden key within his cell phone, unlock the clasp from his blindfold, and then he could very well have conquered Britannia that very night.

Instead, he finds himself now standing before the grand doors leading to the Emperor's quarters. The last time he had entered this place had been when both his parents, Charles and Marianne – the architects of the Ragnarok Connection, had still been alive. Those were such simple and carefree days for the former Eleventh Prince, before his mother's assassination had destroyed everything.

'You can't go home again…' he repeated before announcing himself on the intercom.

"Knight of Zero, Lelouch El Britannia…"

Lelouch still had difficulty accepting his brother's surname prefix. It just felt awkward to now belong to one of the highest clans when his had been shunned since his mother was a commoner. Yet at the same time, the new name was almost a relief. It felt like a new start, a new life, and he could almost forget all the people he had Geassed by the command of Lelouch Vi Britannia.

The double doors opened after a finger print scan, and confirming his voice; he stepped into grand sitting room that had all but been remodeled for the new Emperor. The architecture of the palace was still present, but the tapestries and shields that had been in their family for generations had been taken down. Elegant lighting fixtures and works of art, collected from all over the world, now adorned the newly painted off-white colored walls. Warm mahogany floors had replaced the cold stone, and the furniture pieces resembled the ones Schneizel had onboard the Avalon. What completed the open and inviting room was the crackling fire dancing from the old marble fire place; which perhaps was the only thing that had remained untouched.

Lelouch's eye looked away from the empty sitting area to the man standing between the now open doors that lead straight into the bedroom. Schneizel no longer wear his Emperor attire; now dressed in seemingly only a white robe and slippers. Lavender eyes were fixated on him while his brother's lips quirked in an amused smile.

"Welcome, my knight."

Gracefully, the Knight of Zero kneeled on one knee as was expected of him. Instead of bowing like he had during the ceremony; he kept his head held up high with a mocking grin on his face. "You summoned me, your majesty?"

The young Emperor laughed as he approached. It was when his older brother now stood before his kneeling form, did Lelouch lower his head upon feeling a hand stroking his hair. Schneizel then speaks once more; his tone is low and soothing. His voice makes the Knight feel weak in the knees - especially the one he was kneeling on.

"I missed you during the celebration. Did you have a pleasant time reacquainting yourself with our siblings and Sir Weinberg?"

"Very much so, your grace," Lelouch spoke casually. "Odysseus is such a kind older brother and as for Gino, well… he's always friendly."

The fingers in his hair stilled and the boy suppressed a wince when they tightened. He didn't need to lift his head to see the slight frown his brother wear. Lelouch knew his accomplice and lover quite well over the short time they began this forbidden relationship. He had overheard Guinevere and Odysseus both agree that Schneizel would make a fine Emperor; believing that the former Second Prince had no ambition or desires for himself. Lelouch would have been inclined to agree with first prince and princess; had he not experienced how deep and dark Schneizel's desires were first hand.

His brother had told him – and told him quite often when they were alone together – that he loved Lelouch more than any other. Schneizel loved the traitor to the Empire and killer of royalty more than their gentle older brother, Odysseus; more than his own mother who had also welcomed the former Eleventh prince into their clan. That "love," however, was a form of possession that came with two other emotions no one believed Schneizel capable of: greed and jealousy. The latter was one emotion Lelouch saw his older brother had a difficult time not hiding and would often see cracks form upon that once flawless social mask.

"Although," Lelouch began as he turned his single-eyed gaze upward with a mischievous smirk upon his face, "I was looking for Suzaku. It seems he skipped out on the party… any ideas where he might have gone?"

The 99th ruler stared down at him for a long moment before turning around towards the bedroom and making a gesture for his knight to rise and follow. "I believe the Knight of One left early to spend some time at Euphemia's shrine. I allowed him to take some time off and return tomorrow evening."

Lelouch felt as if the smirk had been slapped off his face when he stood. The former rebel leader of the liberated Japanese followed the Emperor while glaring at the older man's back. It was a Knight of the Round's duty to protect the Emperor and the Imperial Royal Family; but Lelouch was really no knight at heart, and if he had still been Zero, he wouldn't hesitate from killing Schneizel from behind.

His glare quickly dissolved as he stared at the king-size four poster bed that dominated one side of the large room. Besides the fireplace, the bed was probably the only original piece of furniture to the room while the rest resembled more of Schneizel's tastes. From his childhood, the former Eleventh Prince remembered the nearly impossible task of climbing up onto the mattress when his mother had been summoned to the palace for long periods of time. This was… Lelouch paled and almost took a step back; this was their father's bed.

Schneizel turned and sat down on the mattress, now smiling fondly as extended a hand to beckon him forward. Even though Lelouch felt as if he were rooted to the spot, his booted feet crossed the gap between them to stand before seated Emperor. Warm hands cupped the sides of his face and drew him close as soft yet firm lips pressed against his own.

His single violet eye met with Schneizel's and slowly closed as he allowed himself to deepen the kiss. Sliding his tongue into that warm mouth, he eagerly began his exploration of the moist cavern. His brother allowed him to take the dominant lead for another minute before grabbing him around the waist. Strong arms pulled his unresisting form onto the bed, before pinning him on his back.

Lelouch panted from both the kiss and the sudden change of position when he had gone from standing before his Emperor to now laying pliant beneath him. His older brother was smiling again as he licked his lips. Those often cold lavender eyes were gazing hungrily at him; like a predator ready to devour its once elusive quarry.

As the Emperor, Schneizel could have ordered his knight to undress. As his lover, he could have only asked. However, those long elegant fingers diligently began the task of removing each glove, unclasping the Round's black and gold trimmed cloak, before unbuttoning the white coat underneath it. Lelouch simply lay there while watching; barely moving to assist when his black turtleneck was pulled up and over his head. Ever since this physical relationship had begun when he was handed over by the Black Knights; Schneizel enjoyed the task of stripping him down.

"You look good in white. Pure and noble like a Knight of the Round should be," the Emperor speaks while lowering the zipper of the uniform trousers, gently tugging them down to his hips. Fingers trail down his chest and Lelouch holds his breath when they descend passed his stomach, further down his unclasped pants, to gently tug at the soft satiny underwear that lay hidden underneath. "However, black will always suit you, Zero, my captured king."

Lelouch shuddered as fingers hooked underneath the fabric of his underwear and pulled it and the white pants down. His clothes came off, along with his socks and boots; leaving him in nothing but the eye-patch that sealed his Geass. The teenager ignored those devouring eyes as he stretched his limbs, shifting his position slightly to make himself more comfortable.

"I have a present for you," Schneizel told him, while reaching into the robe's pocket, "to celebrate this night."

He then sat up on his arms as his brother held out a closed fist towards him. The fingers uncurled and a strand of pearls dangled before his surprised face. The Knight of Zero stared blankly at the piece of jewelry and then looked past it to question that pleasant smile.

"Pearls?" he asked and suddenly became nervous. Did Schneizel find out about 'Luluko' when he was forced to dress up as a girl as part of the Academy's Cross Dress Ball? Or maybe the time when he had to dress up as an exotic dancer with C2 and Kallen while sneaking into the Chinese Federation? "You expect me to wear that?!"

The blonde man shook his head, "No, I plan on wearing the pearls myself."


His nervousness quickly dissipated into confusion and then into shock when he arched backwards as two lubricated fingers began to push inside him. Lelouch let out a sharp cry, grasping and clawing at the expensive quilt beneath him. He glared up at Schneizel who was paying more attention to his own conquest rather than his little brother's face.

"Hey!" he snapped angrily, his face flushed. "Don't just… force your way inside me! Ow…ah! Fuck! That hurts!"

Schneizel leaned down to kiss his already sweaty brow. "My apologies, Lelouch, just bear with it for now, and let me finishing the preparation. I promise you'll enjoy this."

Those intrusive digits withdrew for a moment, allowing the boy to catch his breath for a couple seconds, before they returned coated in more gel. The fingers eagerly inserted themselves into him once more; carefully stretching and rubbing the overly sensitive walls. Lelouch's heated protest turned into loud mewls as knuckles grazed purposely against his prostate, over and over, setting off brush-fires along the pleasure centers of his body. The molten heat pooled down into his groin, which was becoming harder by the moment while pressed against his stomach.

Lelouch's cheeks flushed a deeper scarlet at his mouth dropped open and started to buck against the fingers that were now thrusting away inside him. His hips began to move on their own accord. He was rocking him back against those digits, as they hit that spot inside again and again. However, as stimulating as Schneizel's fingers were… they weren't enough to drive him completely over the edge. Just when he had increased his pace, panting louder than the blood pounding in his ears, those long digits had slipped out and left him on the cusp of his pleasure.

"Sch…Schneizel!" he moaned with rage evident in his voice. "Damn you! Don't you dare play around with me!"

The young Emperor's lips descended upon his own once more, swallowing up his cries and angry protests as he eagerly began to prepare himself. Lelouch felt his legs being lifted, knees bent, and then parted so that a larger body could have more access to lie between them. Schneizel's hands were then elsewhere again, most likely still lubricating his own engorged erection; which allowed the boy beneath him to do as he pleased for the next few minutes.

Leaning his head forward, Lelouch hungrily attacked the smooth column of his brother's throat in retribution. His teeth latched onto the flawless lily-white skin, similar to his own, and left a trail of bruising kissing up to Schneizel's jaw line. Inwardly, the raven-haired prince smirked in satisfaction knowing that the Emperor would have to wear high collars and cravats to hide those scarlet blotches and indents of teeth until they healed. They were his own marks of possession over the White King.

Schneizel then lifted his head away, lust filled violet eyes locked onto his own, and for a long moment they stared at one another. The teen broke contact first, as his body was about to breech. Lelouch shivered as he felt the crown of the Emperor's cock came in contact with his stretched entrance. He gasped out loud when he felt the hard flesh push past the ring of muscle, at the same time realized what his lover meant by 'wearing' those pearls.

Lelouch squeezed his eye shut and let out a loud scream of raw ecstasy as he felt those spheres rotate against the delicate muscles and his prostate like a hundred intimate vibrations. The pearl covered cock was a little more than half way inside him and already he felt like coming. Never before had he experienced such intense pleasure that made him believe that he had died, been forgiven of his sins, and went to heaven… or perhaps this was hell…?

Blinking the tears out of his eye, Lelouch's vision cleared somewhat to see Schneizel now leaning over him; hands planted on either side of his head. The Emperor also appeared to be trapped between salvation and damnation. Those once cold lavender eyes were burning with heat, desire, lust; while the aristocratic features seemed to be contorted in pain.

Lelouch smiled back wickedly as he planted his heels firmly upon the mattress; took a deep breath and clenched his muscles around the shaft buried partially inside him. He bit his lower lip to keep himself from screaming while savoring the scream torn from his older sibling's throat instead. He could have come right then, just listening to Schneizel lose himself in his own carnal desire. It was intoxicating to hear his long time opponent – former Prime Minister and now Emperor – being reduced to a wild beast; a slave to his own passion. The teenager pressed his lips into a thin line of concentration as he continued to squeeze. Tighter… and tighter still; he hoped that each individual pearl made some sort of indent on that swollen cock.

"Lelouch…" Schneizel all but growled as he grabbed his pale thighs in a bruising grip and almost immediately the clenching muscles yielded.

The former terrorist suddenly could not help but shrink back upon seeing the sadistic smirk. Never before, not even once during his childhood, had he seen or could ever imagine such an expression on his older brother's face. He shivered when he felt the shaft inside him partly withdraw as Schneizel got up onto his knees. Lelouch grunted as his back was lifted off the bed while his legs were held tightly and placed upon broad shoulders.

"Br…Brother…" his voice so small and faint to his own ears, "I…"

Still smirking, Schneizel began to rotate his hips, causing Lelouch to thrash weakly as those pearls cruelly assaulted the bundle of nerves from within him.

"I will have to have you relieved from duty for the next couple of days, Knight of Zero," the Emperor spoke offhandedly, "it does not appear you will be able to walk properly for awhile."

Before Lelouch could try to talk his way out, plead, or maybe even pray; Schneizel pressed down, slowly sheathing his arousal – with a strand of gleaming pearls wrapped around it - completely inside the prince's tight heat. The scream that he let loose was much louder than his lover's had been, and it did not cease when erection slid over his prostate before withdrawing. He could have come right then, but the Emperor took a hold of his rigid cock, and placed his finger over the slit that was already soaking wet with pre-cum.

"Ah! Ah! Nnngh…!" Lelouch writhed helplessly as he stared up at his older sibling and struggled to form coherent words, "Please…. Want…to… come…!"

Despite the sweat dripping along Schneizel's fair skin, the blonde stared down at him with his usual austere expression. "You are a Knight now, Lelouch, and it is your duty to serve your Emperor. Therefore, you will come only when I have finished."

If anyone had been in the sitting room at that moment, they would probably be overcome with terror at the sound of someone being brutally murdered a short distance away. Lelouch indeed felt as if he were dying a slow, agonizing death; for each penetration was like a stab of pleasure that ripped through his shaking body. He continued to scream until his voice was a rasping groan, as he could feel his release held back by the tightening grip around his cock. Then light exploded behind both his eyes, and he would have liked to rush into it; to leave this torment behind.

The Emperor groaned loudly over his harsh breathing and thunderous heart beats. He felt the hard flesh inside him start to swell, pushing even deeper, until spilling its seed with a wild gush as Schneizel had reached his climax first. Lelouch was still shaking, a sob trapped within his sore throat, and tears streaked down his flushed face.

"Shhh," Schneizel murmured as he gently lowered those slender legs back onto the bed and reached out to caress the Knight of Zero's tear stained face. He moved his finger away from the slit of the teen's tortured erection and began to stroke it affectionately. Leaning down, Schneizel whispered heatedly into his little brother's ear, "Now… come."

Lelouch did. Harder than he ever had before in his life. Hips thrashed upwards from the bed and his hot release splattered across both their chests. He shuddered, and then sighed with content, before dropping back on the mattress. The former master strategist behind the Black Knights, lay panting on his back for several long minutes, unable to think of anything. All he could do at the moment was simply staring up at the white ceiling. He marveled at how the dim lighting made the dangling crystals on the chandelier fixture sparkle.

Lelouch really didn't think the phrase "to have your brains fucked out" was actually possible until now.


Schneizel followed the boy's gaze upward, and smirked while unwinding the strand of jewelry from his cock that was coated heavily in his own release. The new ruler casually tossed it over onto the 98th Emperor's oriental rugs, of which he decided did not go with the room's décor. Sighing tiredly, the former Second Prince leaned over Lelouch - who had already passed out - and claimed those soft and pliant lips once more.

"Yes you are, my love."

Schneizel lay down beside the Knight of Zero, and pulled the smaller body into a tight embrace.

"Welcome home."

Author's Note: Big thanks to my beta reader xdreamlessxvoyeurx!