Title: Of Gods and Kings

Pairing: mainly Schneizel x Lelouch

Summary: The Final Turn has come with Damocles now operational. Lelouch, the 99th Emperor's secret lover as well as Knight of Zero, struggles with his convictions when he must face off with the Black Knights. A sequel to "Of Kings and Pawns"

Disclaimer: Sunrise owns Code Geass and all I own is this piece of fan fiction and I make no money writing this whatsoever. So please don't sue me.

Warnings: M-Rated for lots of pr0n, incest, potty-mouth words.

As always, written in spare of the moment with OOCness. A huge thanks goes out to my beta, Izzy (xdreamlessxvoyeurx)!

Part 2

Then – 1997 a.t.b.

C.C. knew that as an immortal witch, her place was in the shadows. From the darkness she would watch these mortals shape the world that had shunned and imprisoned her with their delusions of grandeur. She was a nomad forgotten by history; her current lifestyle depended on a contract bound partner. She would always be a prisoner. Born a slave, as a mortal girl she was more familiar with shackles and chains than lace and ribbons. She naively believed then that the only way to escape the pain and despair was to be loved.

Thanks to Geass, a God like power that only grew stronger the more it was used, her childish dream came true. Hate and pitiful stares transformed into adoration. Those once familiar chains and dirty rags she had known were replaced with expensive jewelry and gowns made of fine silk. Only did C.C. realize that she traded one form of slavery for another, it was already too late. Then she became a witch. The penalty for simply existing was death; which would have been a blessing if it lasted. In order for her greatest wish to be fulfilled; C.C. had to abandon peaceful isolation and search for a worthy partner.

Standing behind Emperor Charles Zi Britannia while he addressed his crowd of subjects at a grand celebration, Marianne Lamprouge was positively radiant as she smiled despite the jealous, hateful and suspicious stares directed toward her. It was because this animosity towards her partner, C.C. was slightly worried that their contract would be jeopardized and was prepared to shield the other woman if need be. It was probably in vain. Marianne may have appeared to be a docile young woman, but she had not earned the honor of wearing the uniform of the Knight of One – the mightiest Knight of the Realm - for simply being the Emperor's shadow. Managing to clean a bloody rapier without dirtying her pristine white uniform to convincing the tom-boyish little Princess Cornelia into wearing a gown; the other Knights of the Round like Bismark Waldstein knew perfectly well what "Marianne the Flash" was capable of… anything.

The eternally young girl couldn't help but smile with pride knowing she didn't have to 'baby sit' another accomplice as she had done many times in the past. However, despite how independent Marianne was… she was not a perfect accomplice. C.C. had bestowed the power of Geass to many individuals, and because all men were not created equal, some powers did not manifest right away; such was the case of her current partner. There was really no need for her to remain here when she could search for other candidates. As the Emperor began to wrap up his loud and boastful speech, she took her cue as the orchestra started to play the empire's national anthem.

"All Hail Britannia!"

C.C. resisted the urge to roll her bored amber eyes as the Emperor concluded his speech with a roar that matched the intensity of the crowds who followed him. She glanced over her shoulder to watch her partner continue to smile behind Charles' austere expression. Marianne had every reason to be happy, being the Emperor's personal body guard; she was physically and metaphorically closer to him than any of the imperial consorts. Becoming his largest supporter to overthrow the previous emperor, Marianne was more of his accomplice than C.C.'s. In time their relationship would grow, and soon the knight would trade in her uniform for a wedding gown.

She left as the celebration truly began and headed for a vacated room to find it occupied by a young boy whose long blonde mane reached the floor. He was rubbing his chin thoughtfully; staring at chess board and moved one of his pieces against an invisible opponent. The boy finally turned towards her, wearing a similar expression of boredom despite the festivities outside.

C.C. approached, removing the pins in her hair and letting cascade down her back like a shimmering emerald waterfall. She glanced at the chess board and then back at the present player.

"Another draw, Vivian?"

The boy nodded and sat down in an armchair that seemed to swallow him whole. He leaned back, interlaced his small fingers, and appeared thoughtful. Those child like violet eyes reflected wisdom beyond their years, much like C.C.'s. Although assumed dead Prince Vivian Zi Britannia appeared to be a child, he was indeed the older twin of the current Emperor.

"Yes, as to be expected of Charles," he began to speak with fond recollection. "When we were children, I could beat him easily; but people have their habit of changing as they grow older. You and I are not an exception."

She watched him remove a neatly folded sunny yellow from within his coat pocket. The immortal woman recognized the strip of cloth instantly for it had been used to tie up Marianne's beautiful wavy black hair. The Knight of One had believed she lost it and was given a navy blue replacement from the Emperor himself.

She knew what Vivian had planned to do as he brought the ribbon to his lips. C.C. move to sit on one of the arms of his chair, watching the flickering of the flames dance in the fire place. He was like her after all and yet at the same time, he was not. Vivian was an aging man trapped in the body of a child who should have been the Emperor… who should have been the one who stole Marianne's loyalty as well as her heart. With a flick of the wrist, he tossed the ribbon and his emotions into the hungry flames.

"I made a pledge to Charles that I would cast away my past, my conscience, and my old name for the greater good of mankind." His voice was bitter and determined. "From now on, I am V.V."

Now – 2018 a.t.b.

"Your highness," a high-ranking commander along with the entire bridge crew bowed to Lelouch and his entourage after they disembarked their Knightmares. "Sir Kururugi, Sir Weinberg, and Lady Alstreim; Welcome aboard the Damocles."

The four teenagers fell into step behind the officer who gave them a brief tour of the sky fortress on their way to meet the Emperor. It truly was an honor to be in favor of the current ruler of Britannia, since none of the Rounds had been invited. As if they were on a school field trip; Gino could not help but bombard their poor guide with questions as Anya snapped pictures at almost every object and person in sight. All the while, Suzaku remained silent the entire time as he watched Lelouch, who was equally quiet, from the corner of his eye.

He wondered how his oldest friend was really doing while adjusting to this new and yet old lifestyle. It wasn't quite the culture shock like when both Lelouch and Nunnally were exiled to Japan. The former eleventh prince had had loathed the Imperial Family for nearly a decade of his life… that just couldn't go away over night. No matter whom he went to bed with.

Suzaku happened to bite the inside of his cheek to avoid cursing out loud and repeated himself for the hundredth time that he would just bury the hatchet and move on. The Knight of One's position was demanding enough for him to worry over something as trivial as a taboo relationship between half brothers. Lelouch had always been the adult between them and could look after himself. As long as that cursed Geass power remained in the dark, he had no worries about bringing peace to the world.

All four of the Rounds appeared stunned when their guide lead them into a room that looked and felt as if they had stepped out into the garden of the Aries Palace on a bright sunny day. Live birds chirped in the background and they could feel the calm wind as it rustled through the blades of grass. How strange for a room that suggested tranquil serenity to be onboard of a fortress that had the potential to dominate the entire world. Standing on top of a dais located in the center of the outdoor room, was Earl Kanon Maldini with Princess Cornelia, and of course…

"Welcome, everyone," Emperor Schneizel greeted them while raising his hand before could kneel before him. His lavender eyes flickered first to Lelouch before the others, he gestured for them to come and sit with his present company. "Once more, I commend your strength and continuous efforts. I am very pleased with the results of your most recent operation, and have received wonderful news that our peace treaty was accepted moments ago."

"That is wonderful news, your majesty," Suzaku spoke, though his voice remained flat. "Does this mean we will be returning to Pendragon soon?"

Schneizel shook his head and smiled as Lelouch exchange brief pleasantries with Cornelia and Kanon before the latter stood to serve the tea. "No, not yet, we still have important business in Area 12 for the next couple of days before returning to the home land."

"What kind of business, brother?" Lelouch finally spoke after setting his cup down.

"We have been invited as guests to the wedding between our brother Caedeus and late President Morales's only daughter," the new emperor explained and noted the surprised faces among the knights and his youngest sibling.

It reminded them all that Charles Zi Britannia's reign was officially over if a prince could marry a number without being disowned. Lelouch recovered his composure first. It was just like Schneizel to avoid a war when a political marriage would have the same desired outcome. A wedding was much easier to fund and organize than a war. The former prime minister had used the same tactic in the Chinese Federation before Xingke's coup and the intervention with the Black Knights.

Like Japan, the Philippines was yet another island nation with a vast amount of valuable resources and cheap labor. Except it wasn't just territory that Schneizel was interested in this time. The former revolutionary lifted his gaze to glance at his brother who appeared to be listening intently to Kanon going over security procedures. He knew Schneizel had some sort of back up for Sakuradite mining after liberating Japan and the UFN must have known as well. The question was, were the Black Knights going to get involved?

"The next on the guest list is," Kanon's continued, "Japan's Prime Minister, Kaname Ohgi."

Well… that answered that.

Sitting on a military transport that was flying over the Pacific, Major Kallen Kouzuki of the Black Knights looked up from her magazine as she heard a sneeze. Sitting across from her, the Prime Minister of Japan, quickly dove into his suit pocket to retrieve a handkerchief. She couldn't help but feel pity towards the former schoolteacher's new role he had been firmly pressed into. After much debating, the newly elected council had chosen the sub-commander of the Black Knights to take over the deceased Genbu Kururugi's position after learning he was directly responsible for liberating Japan.

This decision was something she knew Ohgi was already regretting, not even a year in his position. He always seemed to be tired; physically, mentally, emotionally exhausted.

Not only did Ohgi have to worry about the reconstruction of their nation, supporting Kaguya and Empress Tianzi, and council the unstable UFN, but also lead an important role that no one saw coming…

"How are Villetta and the baby doing?"

She still couldn't believe that out of all the women in the world, her late brother's best friend had ended up with the Britannian purist soldier who shot him during the Black Rebellion. With the exception of their former leader, he had managed to keep this a secret from almost everyone. Though the others from the Shinjuku resistance had mixed feelings at first, they eventually accepted Ohgi's fiancée considering she chose him rather than a meaningless title. Kallen was just glad to see him happy whenever someone mentioned his new family to him. Indeed, the young prime minister's spirits seemed to be lifted even if he still dreaded attending this Britannian political marriage as a guest.

"Villetta had her ultrasound last week," the proud to-be father informed her. "We actually got to see the baby for this time. The doctor even gave us some pictures we could have. Want to see?"

Unbuckling her seat belt, Kallen moved to sit beside her oldest friend. She couldn't help but smile to feel one his arms loop around her shoulders. Ohgi pulled the red head close with one arm and retrieved an envelope sitting a top his brief case with another. Her blue eyes stared curiously at the large manila envelope presented for her, and they grew impossibly wide upon reading the name that was printed on the flap.

Naoto Oberyn Nu Ohgi.

"The name is still in the works…" he said softly, "I… I wanted to get your opinion first."

She pressed her lips together in a firm line and felt tears sting her eyes. Kallen stubbornly blinked them back out of fear she would get the envelope containing the pictures, all wet. Slowly, painstakingly, the pilot of the Guren removed the black and white ultrasound photographs of a new life Ohgi and Villetta were going to bring into this world. A war torn world between people wished for liberation… and the all-controlling Empire that was Britannia.

"Kallen?" he pressed when the red head did not respond. "Are you all right? Did you not want me to use that name? If that's how you feel, then…"

"No!" she said abruptly, startling the former Black Knight. "No, I want you to use it. I think it would make Naoto very happy! It's just that I …"

Cerulean eyes winced slightly in horror and the teenage girl she cut herself off before she could explain out loud. The sad truth was Kallen had wanted to name her son (if she ever chose to settle down and have children) after her brother. She couldn't help but feel pathetic. Marriage and family was what her father had in mind for her, and she went off and fought in a rebellion behind his back. She was a Kouzuki, not a Statfeld; and such thoughts were pointless for a soldier. But here she was planning a family when she didn't even have a boyfriend. Here she was planning a future even though the war – in which she fought on the front lines – was far from over.

Leaning his head forward, Ohgi started to stare when he went her lips tug into a small ironic smirk. "'It's just that I…' what, Kallen?"

"I…" she attempted only for her to start chuckling and wiped away some non-existent tears. "It's just that I feel kind of bad for your kid, Ohgi. It's bad enough that his initials are going to spell out 'NO-NO' but everyone's going to nickname him "Nu-gi" he'll be teased mercilessly at school!"

"You're already making fun of my child." Ohgi frowned, folding his arms across his chest in mock disdain. "He hasn't even been born yet! Some godmother you're going to be…"

"I'm not making…huh?" Kallen forgot to breathe as the word godmother registered in her head. She didn't have time to ask questions, not when the pilot had announced that they would be landing in the capital of Area 12, the Manila Settlement, soon. The former Black Knight deputy commander just grinned back, feeling less nervous than he initially was, and advised her to put on her seat belt.

Once he discovered that the Damocles had a recreation room, after the meeting, Gino had made a beeline straight for it. Normally he'd loop an arm around Anya and Suzaku to accompany him, but ever since Schneizel's coup, everything changed like he knew it would. In the past the trio worked so often and so well together, they were unofficially known as the fabled three musketeers. Now things were different. There was a rift that separated them, and its name was Lelouch. It was strange that Gino did not discover it until now. Though recently, Anya was looking at Lelouch in a whole new way; somehow she was more open to him than the other Knights.

Back when he had asked Anya for some pictures of their time in Ashford for a photo album to show the other Knights of Rounds, he was surprised to see that many of them had Lelouch Lamprouge. When he asked her about this, she had explained that the Vice President was simply photogenic. After taking another look through the pictures, Gino was inclined to agree – with ninety percent of the school body – that Lelouch was a genius who was incredibly good looking with an extremely high IQ to match. The only time Lelouch wasn't Mr. Perfect on camera, was during gym class.

Despite his laid back attitude, he immediately took on the role of President of the Student Council. He was friendly and fair with everyone; didn't judge people based on race or social class. Lelouch was even liked more by the male population of the school when he officially had a girlfriend, which made the competition up for grabs. But he was also cunning and ruthless; especially when it came to those underground chess matches Gino was able to tag along on, when Lelouch practically walked away with the other player's bank account in his book bag.

After Shirley died, he had tried to offer his condolences; but Lelouch and his little brother Rolo had withdrew completely from the Academy. The teachers didn't find it at all unusual that the Student Council President had just disappeared without a word to anyone. When Zero formed the UFN, he had checked in occasionally with Rivalz to see how they were doing, but the poor guy was all alone in the club house and worried that his best friend was going to get caught up in the crossfire.

Then the FLEIJA dropped and Gino believed that everyone he befriended in the Tokyo Settlement had vaporized. Fortunately he had heard that Ashford was spared; being used as a shelter for the survivors of Tokyo Settlement. He never would have thought that the first person he would ever see from that place would be Lelouch… on the Avalon of all places! Who would have known that the prince of Ashford Academy was also a prince of the realm?

Lelouch had actually been the late Viceroy Nunnally's full-blooded older brother. Gino couldn't help but pity him. Losing so many loved ones so quickly had to have taken its toll on the raven-haired boy, along with the instantaneous change from mere student to a Knight of Rounds without a shred of experience. The others were suspicious and doubtful at first, himself included; aloof behavior with lack of speed, stamina, and strength was not Knight of the Round material. Eventually brains won overall. Impressed with the results he provided at an unheard of pace, the remaining Knights accepted him a whole lot faster than they had Suzaku being Knight of One.

Then there was Suzaku… Only until recently had Gino learned that the Japanese boy and prince had been childhood friends. It was another enigma, even though they hardly talked at Ashford, but now the incredible duo One and Zero were almost inseparable.

Gino knew he was being left in the dark, and he had mixed feelings about it. The rational part of him was hesitant about trying to open Pandora's Box and have other people's secrets weighing heavily on his shoulders. Yet he was also yearning for the truth, to make sense of these few puzzle pieces in his mind.

"Penny for your thoughts…?" Suzaku asked, walking up to the blonde's side.

Realizing that he had been simply standing there for ten minutes with a dart in his hand, looking at the wall rather than the board, Gino finally gave up. The Knight of Three only shrugged and placed the darts down instead of making holes in the wall. He turned and faced hid friend, with a small teasing smirk on his once grim face.

"Okay, but you'll be broke when I'm done." He then noticed something a little off. "Where's Lelouch? Playing chess with Emperor Schneizel again?"

Suzaku nodded with a blank look on his face.

"Don't those two ever get tired of playing?" Gino wondered out loud before turning his attention to the former Knight of Seven. "So what did you want to talk about?"

"Nothing in particular," the other boy answered lamely. "I just thought we could hang out, like we used to. Unless, of course, you're busy."

The taller knight scrutinized Suzaku, who seemed uncomfortable and kept his viridian gaze averted. Gino finally nodded and suggested they go to one of either of their rooms, and planned on ordering dinner and lots of drinks. He had feeling that for once, the pilot of the Lancelot was going to do most of the talking tonight.

Sitting in the Emperor's private quarters, Lelouch frowned at the board situated between him and his brother. His army could no longer advance any further and neither could his opponent's. Although the outcome for the game was not surprising now for either of them, it was still frustrating for the younger prince as he sighed in defeat. Schneizel truly was the master of this game and he knew it.


"Draw." Schneizel nodded in agreement, and the two began to place the pieces back in their original formation, but neither of them proposed another match. They simply sat there in silence for several minutes until the older of the two siblings finally spoke up. "Now tell me, what's weighing so heavily on your mind, Lelouch?"

The Knight of Zero would have replied with "nothing" if it was not so obviously far from the truth. Lelouch knew he was a selfish person, for he liked to keep his emotions as well as his problems to himself. The Order of the Black Knights had been one of his greatest powers, second to Geass, that was now lost to him. He did not like talking about his failures to anyone; but the man seated across from him wasn't an 'anyone'. Schneizel had given him some chance of redemption and all he wanted in return was Lelouch's trust… among other things he would not like to think about at the moment.

"The Black Knights," Lelouch answered tonelessly, "why have they been invited to this wedding? Was this your idea, or the Morales regime?"

"The Black Knights were not invited, only the Prime Minister of Japan."

Schneizel knew that either answer would have unsettled the former revolutionary. Instead of responding, the White King leaned back against his seat and gestures for his knight to come close. Lelouch's single eye narrowed and he stubbornly sat sill for several seconds until he realized he wouldn't have the other's cooperation without his own. How the Demon King missed his accursed power to bend others to his will.

The legs of his chair scraped against the floor when he stood. His boots echoed as he strode towards the seated emperor, and in a fluid motion he swept aside the white chess pieces while avoided the hand that reached to ensnare him. With half the board cleared, Lelouch hoisted himself up onto the table, crossed his legs and stared at his brother whom sat only an inch away.

He watched his lover straighten almost immediately, eyebrows raised in surprise. Lelouch stared back at him challengingly, toying with the clasp of his cloak. If Schneizel wanted to play games, then he would play; on his own terms, of course.

"Kaname Ohgi maybe the Prime Minister, but he is a Black Knight at heart. So, did you invite the man who offered to trade Zero for Japan?"

Schneizel's expression returned to normal before shaking his head. "I did not."

With a small tug, the black and gold trimmed cloak fell across the table, scattering the remaining pieces onto to the floor. Lelouch loosened one of his black gloves next while keeping his only seeing eye on his target. He was careful to suppress the urge to show his smirk, knowing it would trigger action on his lover's part.

"I see… then who?" he pressed gently while reaching out with his hand to lightly caress the young emperor's jaw. On the exterior, Lelouch seemed perfectly calm and in control while on the inside he was trying not to panic when those lavender eyes continued to watch him.

"Caedeus' fiancée, Aselia Morales," Schneizel answered obediently, leaning his head into Lelouch's palm. "I believe she wants to meet him in person."

The raven-haired prince's brow furrowed but whatever question he was going to ask next suddenly vanished from his mind when he saw a flash of teeth. Schneizel gently bit down on the hollow tip of Lelouch's gloved index finger, and pulled. White gloved hands reached up to assist, pulling the black leather back to expose the fair skin of one of Lelouch's hands. Schneizel leaned his head down and kissed the back of the Knight's hand as if he would a lady's. His long fingers wrapped around the exposed slender wrist, before yanking it up, catching the young prince off guard.

Lelouch's yelp was immediately silenced; devoured by his older brother whose warm lips pressed firmly against his own. He gasped for air, and had to breathe in through the nose when Schneizel's slick tongue invaded his mouth. Unconsciously, his legs parted to allow the emperor to sidle in between them. As they broke away for air, Lelouch leaned his head back and felt his brother's free hand cup the base of his skull, preventing impact on edge of the table.

"Since Zero selected them, he would know the core members of the Black Knights better than anyone," Schneizel spoke after regaining his composure first. "What does he believe his former subordinate plans to do at this wedding?"

The once mastermind behind the rebellion took a few more deep breaths as he regained his thoughts before voicing them out loud. "Japan's Prime Minister could be attending in order to get close to the former officials who are guests on the bride's side, and persuade them to join the UFN."

If the Black Knights got involved and succeeded by driving Britannia away from the vital Sakuradite source; the empire's reserves would be depleted. Schneizel had to have known this. That must have been why they were traveling to Area 12 on the Damocles rather than the emperor's own flag ship. To intimidate any kind of rebellion with FLEIJA; after what happened to the Tokyo Settlement, Ohgi wouldn't wish the same to happen to Manila. Unless the Black Knights have somehow developed a countermeasure, which was possible since it was rumored that FLEIJA's creator, Nina Einstein, was still hiding somewhere in Japan…

The grip on his wrist was gone, and Lelouch shivered upon feeling cool gloved fingers slip under the top of his uniform, enclosing over one of his nipples. He hissed softly, spine arching up and off the table. His mouth eagerly sought out Schneizel's; this time he pushed passed his older brother's lips, and delighted at the sound of hearing him groan. The kiss ended abruptly with Schneizel taking a step back to stand at his full height.

Lelouch sat up and watched as the Emperor rolled his shoulders as if to relieve the discomfort between their blades. Such an action couldn't help but make him feel concerned. Living a double life as Zero, he knew just how demanding the job of a leader was. After Charles' death, there were years – decades even – of reports that had to be carefully studied; Lelouch often helped with those relating to the Geass Directorate but neither he nor Odysseus envied their brother for all the other work that was required of the monarch who controlled a super power as Britannia. No matter how little rest he or personal time he received, Schneizel took it all in stride, insisting it was a sacrifice he was willing to make for a peaceful world.

Steeling his nerves, Lelouch got to his feet and took a hold of his brother's hand. Thanks to his blindside, he was unable to give into temptation and look at Schneizel face while leading him to the king size bed. Though he knew his older sibling well enough to visualize the surprised yet smug smirk he was wearing and could not help but frown even as Schneizel's arms wrapped around him in a warm embrace.

"Wipe that look off your face," he commanded while keeping his eyes trained on the bed, "and remove your clothes."

A white-gloved hand move reached up to stroke underneath Lelouch's throat as if to soothe a fussy kitten. "That's my line," Schneizel whispered huskily into the raven prince's ear before nibbling the lobe.

Despite the assault that was already weakening his resolve and his knees, Lelouch managed to stand upright until the former Second Prince drew his teeth back. He took a calm, steady breath and reached up to pry off the hand that was inching towards the zipper to his pants. It was difficult to keep his voice – the voice that commanded tens of hundreds to do his bidding – under control.

"Do it now," he pressed his order. When the solid form behind him did not budge; Lelouch reached up behind him with his ungloved hand and gently captured the soft wisps of blonde hair. "I promise… it will feel good."

Lelouch bit the inside of his cheek as arms that encircled him were now gone, and from behind him he heard the rustle of clothes being removed. Now that he was free and his brother was currently occupied, his single seeing eye saw the bathroom door and casually made his way towards it. Although he had lotion in mind, Lelouch did not expect to find massage oil sitting in plain sight all alone on the countertop next to some neatly folded hand towels.

'Did he plan this?' he wondered, taking hold of the bottle while glancing out the door. He certainly didn't put it pass his manipulative sibling.

When he stepped back into the bedroom, Schneizel was already half lying in the center of the bed, wearing nothing but a loose bed sheet that covered most of his lap. From his position, Lelouch felt the emperor's cool lavender irises size him up, from the top of fair raven hair down to the darker rim of his boots. Finally, the White King's gaze was fixated on the bottle of massage oil and his lips twitched in a grin.

"That didn't take long to find."

"The oil was sitting alone on the counter top."

The blonde's eyebrows knitted briefly together at the flatness in his brother's voice before he ended up chuckling. "Ah, Kanon must have left it out."

"Should I ask your aide to come here and repeat his services?" Lelouch's tone was laced with sarcasm and another emotion he did not wish to name.

"If you like."

The knight scowled. It was obvious to the young prince that Schneizel and Kanon were (and now, possibly still) lovers. Milly had even mentioned that the aide admitted to serve his master both in public and private. Even if the comment was supposed to be a joke, no one could fool Milly Ashford – he and Suzaku knew quite well.

Tossing the bottle onto the mattress, Lelouch strode over to phone beside the bed. He picked up and was about to press the speed dial to Kanon Maldini's cell, when a hand clamp down onto his arm. He glared back at the smiling blonde and quickly hung up as he was swept off his feet.

"You're adorable when you're jealous, little brother," Schneizel whispered huskily into his ear before pulling him into a heated one-sided kiss.

For a moment, the teen almost gave into that hot and tempting mouth. For a moment he would have let his unbeatable opponent have his way like usual. His pent up annoyance and anger grew with Schneizel's taunts. He was not adorable. He certainly was NOT jealous. Reaching up with both freed arms, he managed to push the nearly nude, delectable form of a demi-god away.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," he spoke coldly while moving over to sit on the edge of the bed and retrieved the bottle of massage oil. "Now do you want me to do this or shall I call for your aide?"

Schneizel stared thoughtfully before reaching for the phone that was sitting off the hook. The Knight of Zero's eye the movement, heart sinking into his stomach. He turned his gaze away and waited for a long second until he heard the sound of the phone being placed back onto its cradle. The bed moved underneath his seated form, and he turned his head to look at his brother in surprise. Schneizel was now lying on his stomach, chin resting on folded arms.

With the emperor's gaze averted, Lelouch allowed himself to appreciate the bare expanse of his lover's backside. While removing his remaining glove and sliding out of his topcoat, his single eye couldn't help draw a trail down Schneizel's spine. The sheet had slipped a little when the emperor moved, exposing the crack of his ass. It was almost hard to concentrate on his next task until he heard his brother clear his throat.

Unzipping his boots, he placed them near the dresser with his coat and glove (in the back of his mind, he remembered the other was still at the table with his cloak) before straddling Schneizel's waist. Lelouch flipped the cap of the bottle and carefully poured some of the clear liquid into center of his palm before rubbing his two hands together. He let the bottle slip through his fingers to roll off somewhere on the bed, before applying them to Schneizel's back.

He began slowly with soft strokes to the back of his older half-brother's neck and shoulders. As his fingertips dipped into between the shoulder blades, he applied a little pressure at a time and felt the muscles underneath milky white skin start to loosen up. As he made deep circular motions up and down back, he heard Schneziel moan softly in appreciation.

Lelouch smiled proudly to himself and remembered all the times he gave these massages to his best friend. The first couple of times he was lousy and blamed Suzaku for being too stressed and and proposed that his friend should leave the army. Yet the idiot stubbornly refused and so Lelouch had no choice but to smother him with his care. It took a number of tries with Suzaku as his yelping guinea pig, but he learned quickly and became quite knowledgeable with using his hands to relieve tension and stress.

"Well how does it feel?" he asked though already knowing the answer as he heard another moan.

"Mmm… very good," Schneizel's answer came out in a deep purr. "You're quite skilled."

"The credit goes mostly to Suzaku," he explained while continuing to rub. Eventhough his brother made no remark, the sudden tensing of muscles under his fingers spoke volumes. "He was always in such a mess. I suppose he couldn't help it being both in the military and the only Japanese student at Ashford. Eventually, he continued to let me give him back rubs until I got better with practice. Actually, that's how we became intimate. He and…ack!"

Lelouch was abruptly cut off, tumbling over onto his back and was instantly pinned down by his present lover. Only behind closed and locked doors with him, did Schneizel's eyes burned with an intense passion tinged with fury. It made the once Enemy of the Empire giddy with this rush of power and control.

Zero's lips twisted into a devilish smirk that was often worn underneath the mask.

"You're adorable when you're jealous, big brother."

Schneizel paused for a moment before letting out a short amused chuckle that the young prince knew had to have been false. His brother could somehow tolerate him being a kin-slayer, but talking about his not so innocent relationship with Suzaku was off limits. It made Lelouch wonder if he was actually a masochist just like his best friend, a glutton for punishment… especially at the White King's hands. Those large, elegant hands were now moving both up underneath his black undershirt, and down to the waistband of his pants.

"Perhaps I have been behaving childishly. There is no reason to be jealous, is there?" Schneizel asked. More to himself than to the teenager pinned below him.

Lelouch stiffened as his shirt was bunched up underneath his arms and the hot wetness of the Emperor's tongue began to map out his chest. Schneizel's hands might as well have been lead weights. The sensation of that moist appendage taking turns to wrap and suckle each of his nipples had him writhing helplessly. He was at least thankful there wasn't a glass of ice water around this time.

After the blonde pulled his head away, Lelouch fell back against the mattress, gasping already, while in the back of his mind he wondered if he would ever develop tolerance to his opponent's tongue manipulation. That damnable appendage was now moving south, down between Lelouch's legs, and eagerly sampling the flesh of his inner thighs when the bottom half of the uniform was removed.

The Knight of Zero grasped the bedding with white knuckles like a life line as he felt the heat from his brother's mouth so close to his restrained manhood. The fabric barrier couldn't protect him for long, as fingers hooked underneath the material and pulled them down. He suddenly felt like a blushing virgin all over again, wanting to curl up into a ball and roll away from this burning humiliation.

'This is just another power play,' he told himself when his older brother reached for the discarded bottle of oil. 'Fear and humiliation, those are the restraints he's placed on you. Remove them. Retake your control.'

His fingers were trembling as they released their death grip from the bed covers, and reached out to grasp the soft blonde tendrils. He twisted his hand as he pulled his arm back, leading Schneizel's head away from between his legs and towards his face. The Emperor winced as Lelouch tightened his grip but did not use his superior strength to free himself.

"If you want me to kiss you, all you had to do is…" Lelouch abruptly shut the irritating blonde up, harshly covering his brother's mouth with his own.

It felt like years, though in reality only months ago he had been repulsed to kiss this man. The moment he – as Zero - laid eyes on the Prime Minister back on Kamine Island he knew and already hated the man who was going to become a major thorn in his side. Before, he pushed everyone away… especially anyone who was willing to show him affection. He never allowed Suzaku to kiss him during their affair. The only kisses he'd received from both C.C. and Shirley were brief, filled with bitterness and regret.

With Schneizel, the man whom he had despised, kissing became some new, and forbidden, addiction. The heat of the White King's mouth was simply overwhelming. It made him burn with fever. He did not want to sound cliché, but he couldn't help but feel like his body was melting. Molten heat made his cheeks flush crimson, while a hand reached down to cup his erection that was now hard and pulsing between his thighs.

Lelouch released his grip on Schneizel's lips and hair, not noticing the thin strand of saliva still connecting them, as he caught his breath. He stretched his back before parting his legs and nearly laughed when his brother's body eagerly pressed against him. Laying back down again, he watched his lover painstakingly coat his fingers with massage oil.

"There's no need to ask for something when it's in reach is there?" the raven-haired prince replied while wiping his mouth clean.

Leaning back against the pillows, he heard Schneizel hum in agreement. Upon feeling the other's fingers run up his inner thighs, he took a deep breath and willed his body to relax. As always those digits were first to probe inside him, stretch and prepare his body to be taken… and he couldn't help but shiver in anticipation. However, those eager fingers he were now holding his thighs, spreading them further apart, and a familiar hardness was trying to nudge its way inside him.

Fireworks blinded his vision and Lelouch gasped in protest. His single eye widened and met the intense lavender stare of the White King. His brother chose not to speak, but instead began to stroke his neglected arousal while slowly immersing himself. The distraction worked, and Lelouch could not withhold his soft, airy moans of pleasure despite the jolts of pain racing up and down his spine.

"Yes, that's it, relax," Schneizel soothed though his voice sounded slightly strained. "Tell me what you're feeling…"

The breathless teen stared incredulously back at his lover as if he had asked something ridiculous. Sure he had been known as the 'Man of Miracles,' whose tactics could slay the mighty armies of Britannia; but right now simply talking seemed impossible. Even if Lelouch managed to be able to breathe normally at that point, he still didn't know exactly what to say. Something along the lines of: 'You fucking bastard! Are you trying to kill me?' but that would simply waste his oxygen supply. So he said nothing for now, taking in deep breaths while glaring up at Schneizel's apologetic smile.

"Are you in pain? I apologize for not preparing you like before…," the emperor's spoke above a whisper. A hand abandoned its bruising grip on the teen's thigh to brush the damp ebony bangs that clung to his face. "Your actions distracted me, tempted me to act."

Lelouch bristled as he tried to slap the offending hands away. All he did was initiate a kiss. How dare his half-brother blame him for not being able to control his lust!

"This is what you do to me," Schneizel said in a deep and almost accusing voice as his hands moved again, this time to cup the teenager's rear end. The raven-haired youth released a loud yelp as they rolled over. He was now straddling his brother once more, but this time they were facing each other. "You make me, the Emperor of Britannia, lose control… and you know it."

Lelouch panted and blinked as his body was no longer restrained and held down in place. He realized he was free to move now. To climb off his brother's prone body, let his hands see to his own pleasure and force the other underneath him to do the same. However, a simple hand job wouldn't cut it. There was no way he would be able to deny himself the mind-blowing orgasm that usually followed these forbidden meetings of theirs.

Biting his lower lip in concentration, he splayed his hands across Schneizel's broad chest for support, and carefully impaled himself. Both he and his brother moaned loudly in unison. His inner walls flexed around the thick shaft that slide in deep and brushed against that particular spot that made him jolt as if he had been electrocuted. He began to lose his balance, almost falling off until hands caught him about the waist.

"Talk to me. Tell me how it feels," the Emperor's husky command made the feeble knight want to oblige.

"It's hot," he managed to rasp out loud; he was sweating quite a bit already. "I…"

It was rare for him to be at a loss for words, but he couldn't help it. The pulsing heat that was buried deep in his core was…. very distracting. There was also of course there the smooth damp skin of Schneizel's abdomen in which his neglected erection was rubbing against. Gritting his teeth, he struggled to continue for the sake of his own pleasure… and sanity.

"It feels good," he managed to continue in a barely audible whisper.

His face burned with shame, but there was no self-loathing this time. Not when Lelouch heard the blonde's breathe hitch in his throat and saw the familiar expression on Schneizel's face; the one that read that he was barely holding onto his control. Seeing his opponent so close to the edge once more, it was impossible not to push. The words that had eluded him a short moment ago returned as he absently traced circular patterns across Schneizel's chest.

"You feel so good inside me," he murmured as the body beneath him went completely still. "I didn't think it could be so incredible… but you're in so deep."

Lelouch was laughing at himself on the inside. Wishing he had planned ahead for something like this. Maybe call some phone-sex hotline and get some advice on dirty talk? That could work… and could completely blow up in his face if his lover ever found out about it. He caught Schneizel's intense stare before straightening his back while lifting himself up so that his knees were supporting him.

"Brother, move….!"

He didn't even have to say 'please' as Schneizel thrust his hips upward, nearly throwing the teenager off his lap. Lelouch wouldn't allow that to happen, and wrapped his thin arms around those broad shoulders, and dug his nails into the pale flesh he was massaging earlier. His cock swelled as long, slick fingers resumed stroking him in encouragement. Slowly, he moved in time with his those deep languid thrusts, losing himself to that incredible friction as he continued to ride Schneizel.

He flexed his hips, voicing his passion in low guttural moans. He was so hard now. Both of them were. It wouldn't be long until he reached that peak of nirvana.

"Impressive," the young emperor spoke casually, bringing him back down to Earth. Lelouch groaned as the other ceased movement and leaned back so he could meet the other's eyes.

"What is?"

"Your stamina has improved." Schneizel's lips twisted in that familiar teasing smile that he only reserved for Lelouch, his favorite and most beloved brother. "By now, I half expected you to collapse in exhaustion and beg me to pound you into the mattress again."

"Fat chance, this time."

Lelouch bristled, his uncovered eye narrowing in annoyance but couldn't help but rest his head on the other's shoulder as a wave of fatigue finally hit. Though he didn't particularly care about being strong and fast as Suzaku; Jeremiah had told him not to take knighthood lightly and to at least work on endurance. At least it paid off a little during sex. He heard Schneizel chuckle and began to run his fingers affectionately through his hair while warm lips brushed against his cheek.


The said boy shivered as a moist tongue attacked the shell of his ear.

"What is it?"

"My knight… my prince, may I have the honor of pounding you into the mattress?"

Rich laughter escaped his throat before he could think of holding it in. Before he had the chance to respond, Lelouch was already lying on his back once more. Releasing his claw-like grip, he ran his fingers through platinum blonde hair. Schneizel leaned away slightly, kissing his wrist, lips moving down his arm, over his throat, and finally ended at his mouth. Their lips locked for a brief moment as neither White nor Black King could last much longer.

"…Yes, your majesty."

It surprised him how easy he could say those three words without them being laced with sarcasm. He didn't have time to dwell on his answer for long before Schneizel withdrew halfway, rolling his hips, before bearing down on Lelouch. The knight quaked underneath his liege as the other's ample erection rubbed against that spot that made the blinding fireworks return once more.

"Again!" he cried out and his lover was very eager to oblige.

He couldn't help but think that his half-brother had been quite literal in his request. He grabbed hold of the bedding, as each thrust drove the breath from his lungs, and his body felt like it was being embedded into the mattress underneath him. Schneizel's hands seemed impossibly everywhere at once; holding his thighs apart, lifting his hips, feverishly stroking his cock, or tweaking his nipples. The emperor's lips, however, remained perfectly in his sight as it swooped down to devour his own, and he responded with equal passion.

It was close now, his orgasm, Lelouch could feel it approach as he bucked against the larger body that was pounding into him. Each thrust was accompanied by electric currents that ran straight to his groin; making his toes curl while Lelouch hoisted his lean legs clenched the sides of the emperor's sides. He eagerly surrendered to his lust, letting it consume him as a maelstrom of sensation struck his body like a lightning bolt. He threw his head back and cried out into the crook of his lover's shoulder as his body shook with the force of his own climax.

There were no windows inside Schneizel's room, but Lelouch felt as if he were once again laying in Aries garden, soaking up the sun's warmth. His body singed of ecstasy but it felt heavy, incredibly heavy, his limbs fell limply back onto the bed. As he lay motionless, Schneizel's movements became erratic and uncontrolled. Lelouch could hear the older man's harsh breathing before a sharp yell cut through the silence, followed by the sensation of his brother's scalding seed filling his insides.

Sated for the moment, the teenage prince watched as the blonde withdraw to lie beside him. The detestable voice of reason informed him that he should leave, that it would be disastrous if anyone were to find them this way. Lelouch ignored its warning as he turned to face his lover before moving to situate himself comfortably between the man's arms. He heard Schneizel make a short noise of surprise but paid no heed as lips kissed his forehead.

"I love you."

Lelouch couldn't help but close his eyes, feigning sleep. As he listened to his older brother's breathing become slow and even, the Black King pondered those last three words. Schneizel was expecting something by professing his love like that, and he wondered how long the silence would substitute as an answer.

Author's Note:

I'm not going to ask you to rate the smut again. To me, it just didn't come close to competing with the prologue (unless anyone can think of any other kinky ideas other than pearls and chess pieces). The next couple of chapters will focus entirely on this next political marriage and the inevitable confrontation between Lelouch and Kallen.