I reread the entire Harry Potter series this past week while I was sick and I wanted to write a new generation HP story. Hate it? Love it? I'm not sure how I feel about this story to be honest lol. I was interested in this pairing and wanted to give it a spin. There'll be only one more chapter that I'll post as soon as it's done. I don't own anything (:

"Teddy! Stop!" Victoire Weasley squealed breathlessly as her boyfriend tickled her. "I give up you can come say goodbye at the station!" Teddy stopped tickling and sat back with a satisfied smile, pulling her into his lap. She drew the sheets up around them and closed her eyes with a relaxed smile.

"Mm. Good." He kissed the top of her head and Victoire shook her strawberry blonde hair out of her eyes. Even though she was only 1/8 part Veela, Teddy noticed her glow radiating from her (which seemed to only happen when they were together).

Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin had been dating since he had begun auror training right after he had graduated from Hogwarts. Victoire remembered the moment as though it had been mere hours ago.

"Blimey Victoire stop it!" Teddy Remus Lupin had wrenched her away from where she had been dancing and practically glowing. It was a party to celebrate Teddy's graduation and wish him the best of luck in Auror training. There had been food, and music, dancing, and all of Teddy's friends plus just about every Weasley there was.

"What Teddy!" Victoire looked at him crossly. "What in the name of Merlin, was I doing to bother you this time?!" Victoire asked him angrily. They had been the best of friends at school but lately Teddy had been pushing her away for the most trivial of things.

"I am leaving for auror training for an entire year! I will not leave with that image of you dancing burned in my mind! I don't want to miss you!" Teddy's face drained of color. He clearly hadn't meant to say that.

"You would miss me Teddy?" Victoire stepped closer to the man she had been in love with for years, surely he couldn't be saying what she'd dreamt of him saying so many times.

"Of course I would miss you...I-I think I'm in love with you." Still afraid that she would push him away or scoff at him, Teddy swallowed every bit of fear he held and kissed her. That kiss was full of all the moments he had wanted to kiss her since the day she had entered her fourth year. Which was a lot of moments.

"I changed my mind. I want to miss you. I want to miss you because I want to miss my girlfriend. The girl I'm in love with and who loves me. Can I miss that girl?" He asked her shyly, not unwinding his arms from where they were wrapped around her.

"Yes. I think you can." She nuzzled her face against his neck.

"I wont get to see you for an entire year because of my training and you being at school. I wanna spend every moment with you before you leave for your last year at Hogwarts." He smiled and she snapped out of her reverie, kissing him sweetly.

"Mum and Dad will only believe I'm at Lucinda's or Charity's for an overnight so many times." Victoire reminded him with a small smile.

"Make a new friend. Or tell your parents we're dating." The only person who knew the two were together was Andromeda Tonks, Teddy's aging grandmother; because she stopped by his small flat for tea one day and found Victoire cooking breakfast for the two of them in one of Teddy's shirts. After getting over the shock, Gran agreed to keep their secret, but decided the three of them would have weekly teas every Thursday.

Running her hands through Teddy's chocolate brown hair, Victoire shrugged weakly. She hated telling her parents when she was dating someone. While relaxed and cool in his youth, as a parent, Bill Weasley was extremely strict and stressed that no boy was good enough for his precious princesses. And Victoire was sure that when Louis was old enough to date, Fleur would jump into his lovelife as Bill had done to Dominique and Victoire.

"I can take your dad." Teddy reminded her. "Remember that time I jumped out of your second story windowso he wouldn't catch us?" He flexed his arms toughly and Victoire nodded with a laugh. "And didn't get hurt. I love you."

"Teddy I love you too. But not yet. Please?" She pouted. Teddy nodded and laid down, pulling her with him.

"How about I take your mind off it okay Love?" He pinned her down to the bed to kiss her.

"Bill?" Fleur turned to her husband sitting at the dinner table with two of their three children. "Victoire sent a letter to say she eez at Lucinda's house for ze night again." Bill nodded, tearing off a piece of his extremely rare steak. "She eez spending a lot of time at 'er friends' homes lately." Fleur observed, but Bill didn't seem to find this particularly important.

"Bye Maman!" She kissed both of her mother's cheeks and then turned to her father who was waiting for his hug. "Bye Papa!" As she threw her arms around his neck and looked over his shoulder, she saw a familiar face wink at her as he pushed her trunk onto the train.

"Love you guys. Adieu." She scurried onto the train without waiting for Dominique or Louis as she normally did.

Victoire peered around the empty corridor, looking for Teddy. Seconds later she found herself turned around and facing him. "C'mere Beautiful." He reached for her hands and pulled her towards him, kissing her fiercely.

"Do you hear that?" She pulled her head away from the kiss and looked over Teddy's shoulder, her back against the wall.

"There's nobody coming and the train isn't leaving for another ten minutes!" Teddy exclaimed, reattaching his lips to hers and Victoire smiled into the kiss.

"Teddy?? Victoire??" James Potter had come round the corner and saw the two of them kissing with an incredulous look upon his face.

"Go away James." Victoire's eyes had widened and Teddy wanted James out of there.

"What are you doing here!?" The twelve year old was staring at Teddy. He had always looked up to Teddy Lupin as a sort of big brother but to see him snogging his cousin was kind of creepy, not to mention just downright weird.

"I've come to see Victoire off." He told him offhandedly, his hair turning black, which James took as a clue to leave. The oldest Potter ran clumsily back to his family and Victoire looked up at Teddy angrily.

"I told you this would happen!" She pushed him away from her. Teddy approached her with a caring look on his face.

"Tor it's James relax. Who's he going to tell?" But he knew his girlfriend was still angry with him. "I'm sorry. Really sorry." Victoire looked at his apologetic and pleading face, his hair turning back to his favorite color, midnight blue.

"It's fine. People were bound to find out." She smiled softly and let him embrace her. People had started to pore onto the train and Victoire looked around hurriedly. "Oh you've got to go!"She exclaimed, pushing him towards the door. He kissed her once more, "I'll miss you, Love. Write me okay?"

"Love you Teddy. And I will, I promise!" She ran off to the Prefect's carriage to give them direction as Head Girl.

"Gods, it must be terrible not to have anyone special to kiss under the mistletoe." Cecilia Stoddard taunted Victoire over her shoulder before she kissed her boyfriend boldly in front of Victoire and her best friend Lucinda.

"How a toad like her has a boyfriend I'll never understand. But she's right you know. Why haven't you dated any of the guys that wanted to take you out?" Her best friend Lucinda asked as she and Victoire walked down to do their shopping in Hogsmeade.

"I wasn't interested." Victoire shrugged noncommittally.

"I swear you're hiding something." Lucinda eyed her and Victoire avoided her gaze. "You're dating someone." Lucinda began and Victoire's cheeks were slowly turning pinker by the moment.

"Why don't we stop into Honey Dukes first?" Victoire hastened to enter the sweet shop.

"Because you won't tell me who you're dating! Is it Michael Davies? The Ravenclaw?" But Victoire shook her head. "Alton Garrett?" Victoire sighed exasperatedly.

"He doesn't go to Hogwarts!" Victoire finally exclaimed, paying for three sugar quills, two licorice wands, and three levitating sherbet balls.

"Oh so you're finally dating Teddy." Lucinda sounded relieved and Victoire whirled around to stare at her. "Oh come on, the way he used to gaze at you from across the common room...Anybody could see he was crazy about you."" Lucinda smirked and Victoire blushed. "How long have you been together?" They had now entered the Three Broomsticks and were sipping thoughtfully from their bottles of Butterbeer.

"Sevenmonths next Friday, on Christmas." Victoire was smiling widely now.

"That's really cute." Lucinda smiled back at her. "So what are you going to get him?" Lucinda asked curiously and Victoire threw her hands up in exasperation and Lucinda nodded understandingly. "No idea? Don't trouble yourself over it. You'll think of something." Lucinda tried to reassure her but Victoire knew she was in deep trouble, they left to go home the following day and she still had nothing.

With a few more stops along the way, the two returned to the school, clutching a multitude of packages.

Fleur welcomed her children back home, speaking in the most rapid of French, and Bill enveloped both of his daughters and his son in the biggest of hugs. "Welcome home kids."

"Come along darlings, we should get dinner on ze table soon." Fleur ushered her children into the car, Bill sliding into the driver's seat.

By the time they had arrived home, Victoire was snoozing gently against the window in the darkness. "Wake up Victoire. We're back to the cottage." Victoire loved that her parents had kept their first home after all these years.

She and Dominique shared a large bedroom and each girl was sitting on her respective bed, talking, when they were suddenly interrupted.

"Hey, do you know that owl?" Teddy's tawny owl was tapping impatiently on the window of their room.

"Yeah! That's Merlin!" She hurried over to the window and pushed it open momentarrily to allow him to flutter inside. "Hey boy." She pat him softly. "I wasn't expecting a letter from him, he has a lot on his plate right now." She mumbled and Merlin flew up to sit on her shoulder.

"What's it say?" Dominique walked over to read over her sister's shoulder. It looked as though he'd written it in a hurry.

"Go away Dominique." Victoire crumpled up the letter so her sister wouldn't see the signature.

"Oh please. I know about Teddy..." Dominique laughed evilly as she exited, Victoire watching, her mouth hanging open.

"Wait!" Dominique paused midstep. "How...?"

"I saw you two kissing at his party last summer." Dominique had yet to turn around. "I'm not dumb." The fifteen year old turned and smirked at the eighteen year old. "And there was the fact that James told me on the train ride to school."

"Do Maman and Papa know?" But Dominique shook her head. "Er I guess you can stay." Victoire hesitantly reinvited her sister into their shared room.

"Like I was going anywhere to begin with!" Dominique giggled and jumped onto Victoire's bed beside her sister. "Read it!"


I was having dinner at the Potter's tonight and they brought us up. Harry told me that we're being very immature about our relationship. And he at that very moment decided to WRITE TO YOUR PARENTS. If you don't want them to find out, INTERCEPT THAT OWL!

Victoire wasted no time in hurtling downstairs. "Victoire?" Her father eyed her curiously from where he sat with his wife.

"Er...Need some fresh air." She smiled nervously in what she hoped would be a convincing and winning smile before tearing open the front door and rushing outside. "Lumos..." She murmured, no longer an underage witch, Victoire was going to use her magic as much as she pleased. She held up her wand, scanning the inky black sky for a hint of the Potter's family owl.

Suddenly, the front door opened, flooding the yard with light. "Victoire. Were you looking for this?" Bill Weasley stood in the doorway, Maeve; the Potter's owl, on his shoulder. "Come inside." He didn't look angry or upset. And that was the father that Victoire feared the most. He wouldn't yell, and he wouldn't scream. He remained eerily calm when it was just he and his daughter speaking.

"Yes Papa." She hurried in after him, closing the thin door with a click.

"How long have you been, seeing Ted Lupin?" They were seated in the sitting room, Dominique and Louis watching from the landing upstairs, Fleur beside her husband, holding the letter.

"Since..." She looked between her parents and hung her head, murmuring her answer. "Since June."

"If my math is as good as I know it is. I believe that's seven months." Bill continued. "So you had seven months to tell your mother and I. And you did not, is that correct?" Victoire nodded. "If there was any boy that I would want my daughter dating, he would have a to be trust worthy, smart, have a future, be respectful of his elders, and love you enough to do anything in the world for you." Victoire looked up at her father. "And from what Harry's told me in this letter, it sounds like Teddy fits that description."

"You'll invite 'im for lunch tomorrow, it is time ve got to know Teddy a leetle better." Her mother told her, standing up with the smallest of smiles.

Victoire stared as Fleur continued to smile at her daughter as she followed her husband into their bedroom.