By Dark Ice Dragon

As the months passed, as she saw more and more people succumbing to Troy, it got harder for Elle to justify indulging herself with her hobby. How could she enjoy herself when the time she was using selfishly could be used towards travelling to another patient? The energy she was wasting could be used to push herself just that little faster?

So, she gave it up.

It hadn't been easy choice but it was what she decided on. She put everything in a box and left it to gather dust under her bed - even if she wouldn't use them again, it was all that she had left of her previous life; she couldn't get rid of them. Her family had encouraged her hobby, watched her as she tried to learn every step, bought her new shoes when the old ones wore out. Sometimes, she thought she could hear her mother's voice, her father's laugh, while she twirled around the room, but that was something to leave in the past - there were people around her that needed help to live just that little bit longer.

She was eventually able to put it to the back of her mind and not think about it during the quiet periods.

That was why it had been such a surprise when Fallen first told them how they were going to train.

It had been amazing to realise just how little she had forgotten. She was still able to understand the different rhythms, and the steps were easy. Still, her body was a little out of practice, but it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.

She did also feel proud that there actually was something that she could be better than Kiri at, even if he did catch up by the next day.

Having a partner was different than dancing alone; it sped things up and slowed them down at the same time. When they were confused, they could ask each other for an alternate explanation, but even if that didn't help, they could still perfect their steps up until that point.

One of the first things Elle was going to do once they reached headquarters would be to pull out her box of dancing items and see what it would be like to dance with Kiri with music.