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" I can't believe my father is the headmaster. I'll never be able to get away with anything." James fumed as he threw his hogwarts stuff in his trunk, This year his dad had agreed to take on the roll of Hogwarts headmaster making him the youngest one ever yeah whatever. "Albus are you even lisening to me." He throw a pillow at his brother who was reading a book in the courner.

"Ha What oh yes dad is the headmaster."

"Do you know what this will do to my pranking ability's."

"Proberly not much."

"How can you say that."

"Easy he will proberly let you off more then McGonagall did."

"Thats true." He brightened up. Maybe his fourth year wouldn't be so bad. "Just then his younger sister came into the room.

"Arn't you to excited to be going to Hogwarts."

"Lily we have both been there before."

She stuck her tounge out at James. "Yeah but Daddy is the headmaster now isn't that cool."

"Sure." Both boys said.

"Albus are you packed."

"Yes Lily jeez you sound like mum." She stuck her tounge out at him again before leaving the room. She shook her head her brothers could be so immature at times.

"Hi mum." She came into the kitchen were her mother was making cookies.

"All packed lils."

"Yup are you going to be lonly here all by yourself till christmas."

"Yes but I'll be at the school on Weekends."

"Thats good." She was to excited to stand still and went running out of the kitchen clutching a freashly baked cookie.

Ginny felt two arms wrap around her. "I'll miss you." Harry wispered in her ear."

She turned in his arms kissing him. "I'll miss you to." She kissed him. "Are you going to floo to the office."


"Leaving after we get the kids on the train."



The next morning was hectic. Kids running all over the place trying to make sure they didn't forget anything. Harry running around trying to make sure he didn't forget anything and then another distration came into the room. Teddy Lupin walked through the door. "Teddy." Lily squeeled running down the stairs and being enveloped in a hug by one of her favriote people.

"Ready to start Hogwarts Lil."

"Yup. What are you doing here." Teddy smiled mysteriously and winked at Harry who had just came into the room.

"Thats my surprise."

Lily pouted "I hate surprises."

James came down the stairs "Teddy." He hugged the man he saw as an older brother.

"Hi James ready to start your fourth year." He ruffled the boys hair.

"Yeah the more trouble I can cause."

"James Sirius." Ginny said coming into the livingroom and hearing her son's comment.

"What mum you named me James Sirius you were asking for it." He gave his mother his patented smile. She just rolled her eyes and looked over at Harry who was silantly laughing.

"Is eveyone ready. wait were's Albus." She looked around.

"Still trying to fit all his books in his trunk I swear between him and Rose I don't know how there are any books left. How he got into Gryffindore and not Ravenclaw I'll never know."

"Albus Severus Potter get down here or we are leaving without you." Ginny yelled up the stairs.

"Coming." Albus came running down the stairs his trunk bumping along behind him. "Hi Teddy."

"Hi Albus let me take that." He levetated the trunk."


"Ok lets go so we don't miss the train."

James rolled his eyes. "Mum if we miss the train it will come back I'm sure they will notice if the Headmaster's three children arn't on it."

"That may be true James but lets go. Now James you take your fathers arm. Albus your with me and Lily you will go with Teddy." the potter family along wtih Teddy apperted to kings cross. They all rushed through the barrier.

"Hugo." Lily shouted when she saw her closest cousin.

"Hi Lils ready to start Hogwarts I know I am."


"By mum I'll see you at the school dad." The kids boarded the train and James and Albus went to find there friends well Lily and Hugo went and found a compartment and they were on there way to Hogwarts but for the Weasley and Potter kids this wouldn't be a normal year for there uncle and father was the headmaster.

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