Chapter 1: The Yule Ball

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Harry felt himself tear in two inside. He couldn't believe what Ron had just said. Ron had just openly said that Hermione only went to the Yule Ball with Krum and that was "fraternizing with the enemy". Harry wanted to agree with Ron due to the fact that he wanted to tear Krum limb from limb because he took his Hermione to the ball. But Harry also knew he wanted to comfort his best friend, his real best friend. Not the one who had shunned Harry when his name came out of the Goblet, not the one who wanted to be Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, but the one who saw Harry. The one who saw a normal 14 year old boy who hated to write essays and do his Potions homework. Hermione, the one who always there for Harry no matter what.

"Harry! What was she thinking doing that? She knows Krum is the enemy, but she still goes to the Ball with him? Honestly, I thought she had sense. Harry! Are you even paying attention!" Ron fumed. He was red-faced and shaking dangerously.

"How could you be so insensitive! She's probably off crying in a loo again! Where did she go? Huh, what were you saying Ron? I was thinking of where Hermione had run off too. I need to find her. There is no way she is doing alright now!" Harry exclaimed, looking around in panic.


Harry's refexes were too quick. He had Ron in a headlock before his fist had reached halfway to Harry.

"Well, Ron. I'll tell you why I stick up for my best friend. Hermione has been my friend since I was eleven! She's always stood by me even when no one else has! She only had the broomstick taken because she believed, rightly so that Sirius sent me the broom. We thought he was a murderer during that time. Sure, I was mad, but I know her heart was in the right place! She went to Yule Ball with Victor Krum because he asked her before I got a chance to. Hermione was there with me from facing Quirell to the basalisk to freeing Buckbeak. And she didn't desert me this year because she knew I wouldn't put name inside the Goblet. She means everything to me! Hermione has done more for me than anyone else. You know what you don't even deserve an explanation Ron" Harry spat out this last part.

Harry let his "friend" go and went to go look for Hermione. Harry had spent a good half hour looking for Hermione everywhere before he decided to speed his search along.

"Accio Mauraders Map" It was a few minutes before the parchment map appeared in front of him.

"I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good" Harry's eyes datred around the map frantically. He scanned the map for about five minutes until he found Hermione. She was in the girl's lavatory where they had first became friends. 'I should have known' thought Harry. He solemnly walked up to the girls lavatory. He opened the main door of the lavatory.

"H-Hello?" called out a sobbing voice. "Is anyone there?"

"Hermione?" called Harry tentatively. He could feel himself cracking inside upon hearing her crying voice.

"Harry, go away! I don't need you to rub it in my face that you're siding with Ron on this. I know you don't really care. So go away!" Hermione sobbed from inside the stall.

Harry felt his heart breaking for her. He didn't know how to tell her she was wrong. He slumped down against the outside of the stall.

"Her-Hermione, I know you don't believe me, but I came here to see if you were okay. Ron was wrong. As usual. He was just jealous that you got asked by Victor Krum. He doesn't understand that you can go to a ball with someone while being their friend." Harry hoped she would hear the hurt in his voice. He was hurting for her. His heart broke as he heard the next words.

"Harry don't even try to pretend. Tommorow you and Ron will be back to normal, treating me like crap." She sobbed, yet even as she said this she opened the door to the stall allowing Harry to see her. Harry was distraught inside. 'I've really done it now, she thinks I hate her.'

Harry slowly crawled up to Hermione and picked her up. " Hermione, Ron and I fought. We-We fought over you." Hermione backed up slightly at this.

" He doesn't believe I should be here with you. I don't think I want to be his friend. He has hurt me and my best friend waay to much. Despite what Ron says and has said you do the right thing even if I do get mad at you for it. I don't blame you for it. I forgive you for all of it. All I ask of you is that you forgive me for what I did to hurt you. I don't think that I deserve it because I'll probably end up fighting with you again, but please forgive me."

Hermione's eyes widened at this and she ran into his open arms. The bushy-haired witch started crying harder than before and Harry started to rub her back in circles and drew her to him as close as he could.

"Harry, of course I forgive you!" she said. Her face then fell " I'm sorry I ruined your night Harry" she whispered. She hugged him tighter, if possible. He brushed the tears from her eyes.

"Hermione, you couldn't ruin my night if you tried. Tonight was good, but for one thing. I never got to ask the most beautiful witch at Hogwarts to dance." He brushed the tears from her eyes. He smiled gently down at her, hoping he would get his hidden invitation.

Hermione's face fell completely after he said this. Her hug stiffened and she started to let Harry go and turn away, but Harry stopped her.

"You don't want to dance with me?" he asked, looking slightly hurt.

"But Harry, I'm- I'm not beautiful? Why would you want to dance with me?" she asked, looking happier but still confused.

" Hermione, you, you are beautiful. No matter what anyone says. You're the most beautiful person I know. You're the smartest person I know and you're caring. You love to learn and when you start to teach you get this, this fiery look in your eyes. Your eyes are the prettiest color I've ever seen, apart from mine, of course." he said with a goofy grin. She smacked him lightly on the arm.

"Harry, I'd -I'd love to dance with you." she said in a shy voice and looking down while at the same time hugging him with all her might.

"Well then Miss Granger, I suggest we head to the Great Hall so as to be able to have that dance." Harry stepped away from Hermione and offered her his left hand. She took his hand in hers and they made their way to the Great Hall.

Harry's thoughts were going a mile a minute. 'This is Hermione. I'm holding hands with Hermione! I'm going to dance with Hermione! I wonder if she's as nervous about this as I am. But at the same time I don't want to make a fool out of myself in front of her. Oh to hell with it. This is Hermione! She'd probably just laugh and teach me'

Hermione's insides were squirming because this was it. The time when she got dance with Harry. Right now she was holding hands with the boy in question and was walking to the Great Hall to dance with him.

As Harry and Hermione walked into the Great Hall, they noticed there were only a few couples there.

"Hermione, are you okay with dancing? Cause if you don't want people to see you with me, I I'd understand. I mean you did have a-" The rest of Harry's sentence was cut off as Hermione put her finger over his lips.

"Harry, I went with Victor as a favor. I really would like to dance with you. In fact I hoped I could today…" her voice trailed off. Harry smiled and kissed her finger.

"Well then Hermione, I suggest we get dancing." Harry held out his hand, took Hermione's in his and put his other hand on her waist. The music began: it was a slow, romantic tune. Both Harry and Hermione were surprised at how well they danced together. They never seemed out of step with each other and avoided stepping on toes.

"Well Hermione, I don't know how you did it, but somehow I've avoided stepping on your toes. It's kind of like we know what the other is going to do beforehand." Harry said, smiling goofily.

"Ha ha. Predicting the movements? I think we're just… familiar with how the other moves. I know it sounds odd, but I think this has happened before. I just shows how much we know about the other. And how much I trust you." Hermione replied looking longingly up at Harry.

The couple danced for a few more songs. Hermione was beginning to get sleepy and she laid her head onto Harry's shoulder and sighed.

"Are you okay 'Mione?" Harry asked, looking at her seriously as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Yeah, I'm just tired." she mumbled. " But I don't want to leave your arms." she barely whispered. Harry barely caught this but because she was resting on his shoulder, right below his ear he did.

"And I don't want you to." he whispered back, "but you're almost too tired to stay awake so we're going to the common room."

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