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Lily was sitting at the table picking at her bacon. "Lily whats wrong." Ginny looked over at her daughter.

"Nothing its just going to be odd going back to school I mean the last day of class last year Teddy kissed me its going to be strange having my father be headmaster and my boyfriend be my professor."

"I know Lils." She sat down taking her daughters hand you'll make it through though and you don't know anyother headmaaster. Just act like you would any other year."

"Yeah except this year I don't have to knock over my books when ever Teddy smiles at me like I have been since I was fourteen." She smiled.

"Thats true." Ginny laughed remembering her own days of tripping over things whenever Harry was in the room. Just then an owl came near the window. Ginny jumped up to open it and it flew in the window landing in front of Lily.

"Oh its my Hogwarts letter." She took it from the owl who then flew away. She tore the seal off and opened the letter a shiny silver badge with the letters. HG on it fell from the envolope onto the table. "Oh my god." She picked up the badge "Mum I'm Headgirl."

"Lily thats great." Ginny smiled at her daughter.

Harry came into the kitchen. "Hi Lils I see you got your badge."

"Daddy thank you do you think I can do it."

"Of course I do or I wouldn't have given you that badge I though long and hard about this and you were the best girl for the job."

"Thank you. Who is Headboy."

"Frank Longbottom."

"Oh thats good we get along."

Teddy apperted in the middle of the room. "Hi Lils." He kissed her cheek.

"Teddy. Look I was made headgirl."

"That's great Lils." He kissed her he already knew she was headgirl but it didn't mean he wasn't proud of her.

"Can we go to Diagon Ally and get my stuff. "


"Mum dad I'm going to Diagon ally ok."

"You go ahead honey." Ginny hugged her daughter and Harry handed her some money.

"Have a good time you two."

"We will." and with that they apperted away to Diagon Ally.

"Were to first."

"Madame Malkins my robes are to short."

"Madame Malkins it is." They walked into the store.

"Hello dears how may I help you."

"I need new robes please." Soon Lily had her robes and was on her way they got her books and potions ingredents and then they went to get ice cream. Lily brought up the subject that had been nagging at the back of her mind since this morning. "Teddy how are we going to do this."


"This us how are we going to hold us together as a couple well your my Professor and my dads the headmaster peole already think I get favoirored and now it will be worse I have the man all the girls have been lusting over and I'm Headgirl." She felt hot tears start to trail down her cheeks.

"Oh Lily." Teddy sat his ice cream down and took her hand across the table "You earned everything you got your grades and your badge you worked hard. The other girls maybe jelous but knew I only love you." He kissed her hand rubbing his fingers over her knuckles.

"Thanks." Just then they heard two shouts behind them.

"Lily Teddy." She turned aroudn to see her two brothers coming towards her.

"James Albus its good to see you." She hugged them both.

"So how are the two love birds today." Albus teased.

"Your hilarious."

"I know dear sister I know." both boys took a seat at the table. "So what are you two up to."

"School shoping I was made headgirl."

"Thats great Lils I knew you could do it." James smiled at his younger sister.

"Thanks how is being Seeker for the Cannons going."


"And you Albus how is the Arour's treating you."

"Love it"

"The four of them spent the rest of the day talking and finally they split.

Soon it was time for Lily to head to Hogwarts. She hugged her mother and told her father she would see him there and then She kissed Teddy. He wispered in her ear. "My quarters after rounds." She nodded before getting on the train and going to the heads compartment the train started for what she knew would be another memorable year at Hogwarts.

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