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"Ok class I'm going to give you your assiment now this will take you a few weeks and lots of reasearch but I think it will help you understand the second war better and the people that fought in it. My wand has a list of everyone that fought voldermorts during the battle of Hogwarts some are alive and some were killed in the battle. I will point my wand at you and you will randomly get a war hero's name to research."

Lily sat there and wondered who she would get this shouldn't be hard she knew but she also worried as she looked around the room Some people had aunts and uncle's they had never met or there own parents had faught she knew this would be a hard task for everyone becuse it effected them it wasn't just some random thing in history. She wasn't paying attention until she felt a peice of paper land in her hand. She opened the paper and peeked inside She wanted to cry there was no way she could reasearch this person. She felt tears slid down her face and splash onto the paper how was she soupose to reaserch Remus Lupin.

Hugo leaned across his desk. "Hey who did you get I got Mum." Well he got off Easy he had to do a report on Hermione Jean Granger Weasley his own mother how hard could that be there were at least five books written about her and by her and he could just ask her. "So who did you get." He asked when she still hadn't answered him minuets later.

"I don't want to talk about it." She stuffed the paper in her pocket. Just then the bell rang and hurried to stuff her books in her bag not wanting to risk being alone with Teddy. Just as she was walking out the door she heard a voice behind her.

"Miss Potter will you please wait I would like to speak to you." Usually she would smile at this but not tonight not turned to face him as the last student left the classroom.

"Yes Professor Lupin." He walked closer to her she thought he would stop in front of her but he went around her shutting and locking the door. He turned back towards her and cupped her face in his hands.

"Who did you get Lils you seemed pretty shooken up when you read the paper." She took a deep breath. "I...." She couldn't answer him. She pulled out the peice of partchment and handed it to him. He took the rumpled page from her and looked down at the ink now smuged with tears. He saw the name of his father staring up at him. He took her in his arms as much for her comfort as his he knew when he asighned this project it was a possibility that someone would get eaither of his parents names. For it to be Lily well at least he knew that she would do it Justice and not be prejuidice becuse he was a werewolf. "Lily you can do this." He kissed her cheek and pulled away "Oh and who did Hugo get."

"His mother."

"Well I'm sure aunt Hermione will be flooded with letters soon."

"That thing was on random right."


"Is there anyway to find out what names were given out and what were not."

"Yeah there should only be eight names gone as there is only eight students."

He picked up his wand and displayed the list over his desk a seperet one showed the people and who they got.

Frank Longbottom-Luna Lovegood

Hugo Weasley-Hermione Granger Weasley

Lily Potter-Remus Lupin

Anne Thomas- Ginny Weasley Potter

Holly Mathews- Harry Potter

Trever Jones- Fred Weasley

Rita Zabinie- Molly Weasley

Amy Wood- Ron Weasley

"You do realize you just sent a major problem off right."

"What do you mean." He asked looking at the list.

"Teddy look closly at that list only two are dead I have one the other one is my uncle Trever is going to be trying to contact the family for information Holly will be pestering dad all day Amy will be owling Ron Hugo will be a biggers mama's boy then usual Frank will ask his dad or mine about Luna also contacting her or cornering Lorcan and Lysander. My mother at least knows Anne as she is my friend but it is acward since my mom once dated her dad. And Grandma will be at her wits end when it comes to Rita that girl was named well she sure reminds me or Rita Skeeter."

Teddy sighed. "Your right but they had to do it you know that."

"I know but its just a bad couincidece that they all seem to be a Weasley or a close friend of one."

"Yeah I'll proberly get a howler from your grandmum huh."

"Nope your her favriote." They were laughing and joking well the Weasley family and there close friends had no idea what was about to hit them.

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