I had read and heard people talk about love as if it were the rarest thing on this world.

It most certainly was for me, until I met her, it was strange of how fate seemed to pull us together even in the time of war.

I closed my eyes and imagined her next to me, but what could she possible want to do with me?


Chapter 1

My name is Edward Masen, I have just arrived from the war and brought to this doctors place. While I was in the war some men obtained fewer injuries than myself, for example loss limbs and so forth. I however have lost all feeling from just above my knee downwards making it impossible for me to walk. I am now confined into a wheelchair for the rest of my days.

My auntie Esme was here with me, helping me to adjust,

"It won't be that bad Edward"

"You don't have to stay here Esme" Esme's husband and my uncle, Carlisle. He was yet to come out of his very busy schedule and come to see me. Esme passed his regards onto me though.

"Mr. Masen"

I looked to see a sandy blonde man wearing a grey suit walked up to me smiling. The wrinkles across the corners of his eyes coming noticeable as he approached me closer and closer.

"My name is Dr. Hal Burns, and this is Mrs. Cullen am I correct?"

"It is, thank you for taking him in at such short notice"

"Not at all, let me show you to your room and Mrs. Cullen would you like to follow me to my study so we can talk about the rules and everything"

I was being wheeled by my auntie. I didn't like being so looked after I was perfectly fine of looking after myself and wheeling myself around. It was horrible to think I couple of days ago I could walk and now I have lost all feeling down from my knees. It made people think to not take things for granted.

"Here you are Edward" Dr. Burns had shown me into my room. Or should I saw a room with multiple beds "There's not that many people here at the moment so your by yourself here"

"Will you be alright with that Edward?" my Auntie questioned

"I shall be fine thank you"

"Your nurse shall be along in a moment Edward" the Dr said, I didn't like him there was something off about him all together. How he smiled, it was almost sickly.

"If you would like to follow me Mrs. Cullen"

"I won't be long Edward" she kissed my forehead. And walked away with him. Esme was my second mother and Carlisle was like a father to me. Elizabeth and Edward sr were my real parents. But my father died in the war and my mother died from a spreading illness. With no relations to leave behind I decided to follow in my fathers footsteps. We were cheered as we walked passed everyone.

"Mr. Masen?"

a woman with blue and white overalls greeted me

"That's me"

"I'm sister Sally Grant; I'll be your nurse as your time here"

"Thank you"

Later that day. I had maneuvered myself into the gardens. Taking in the green and purple scenery from the flowers and bushes.

"It's different here" I heard a throaty voice say. A man in his 60s came to stand by me

"It is, how long have you been here?"

"since I was 48, I've got crap in my leg, I've lost an arm as you can see, and I have heart problems. I have been seen unfit by the good Dr to be able to go out back to war or where ever I want to go"

"Does he keep people here against there will?" I didn't feel comfortable about this at all, mostly because I was feeling venerable at the thought of me not being able to do anything.

"Sometimes, but they usual come around after a while"

I nodded.

"Come and sit with me and the lads, Paul over there's been saying something we should all here"

I moved my hands to the wheels of my chair. I spun round and followed after…

"Sorry, what's your name?" I questioned



Perhaps this place wouldn't be bad all together after all.

"Everyone this is Edward"

"Bloody hell your young son"

"You'll have to excuse George over there, he was dropped on the head"

I chuckled as did the lads.

"Right now, I've heard there's a new nurse coming and she's not old"

"How old is she" Dom questioned

"From what I hear she's no older than 17"

the lads were silent, a young woman coming here? I myself was only 22 but the lads were acting like it was terrible to come here.

"Why's it so terrible she's so young, I mean granted it's odd a young lady should come here but I don't see the problem"

"Young people aren't usual welcomed here, a few years back there was this 17 year old girl who was a nurse like this other girl which is coming to help out. One night I over heard a conversation with this girl and the Dr they were having an argument I didn't manage to catch it, the day after she was found hung outside her bedroom window"

"Good lord" I gasped "So do you think it has something to do with the Dr then?"

"No doubt in my mind" Dom replied


Esme had left for home and the sister had tucked me in. I dreamt I was still here, even in my dreams I couldn't escape. I felt something on my hand like a tingling feeling. I scratched it and then it began all over my body. I opened my eyes to see hundreds of spiders crawling up my body. I sat up and tried to get them off, but the more I tried the more of them came.

I gasped, waking up fully. I checked to see if there was any spiders around me, there was not. I sighed and lay back down. Couldn't anything make me feel better?

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