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Chapter 3

Whisper in the dark

The spiders crawled up my legs, I tried to get them off me but they seemed to have grown in numbers. I felt my breathing began to speed up


a voice in the background made me look around in panic for them to help me

"Edward wake up"

I tried to wake up but it didn't seem to work


I felt my eyes shoot open as I gasped for air

"You ok" I looked to the side to see who had saved me from the dream, and found Nurse Bella dressed in her nightgown and looking scared

"Are you ok?"

"Yes" I panted ran my hands over my face to try and get rid of the sweat which had gathered "Thank you" I panted

"My pleasure" she smiled kindly "Do you want to talk about it"

I shook my head and regained control of my breathing

"Just, talk to me about something so I won't fall back into it"

She nodded and bit her bottom lip while she thought how I wanted to bite that lip for her

"Well, my middle name is Marie, my parents Renee and Charlie Swan, are still alive and live together with my baby brother Riley, he's 2, and he does this cutest thing with his nose if he doesn't like something, he scrunches it up and then giggles"

I chuckled

"He sounds adorable"

"He is" she said nodding and smiling

"Why have you decided to come here Nurse?"

"Bella please, and I decided to come here because I didn't want to be a trophy wife, having men look at me as if I was made of meat rather than their equal, I can do anything a man can do, so I decided to work and nursing just stuck to me I guess and here I am" she eyed me for a second "You always seem so sad Edward"

I chuckled darkly "I'm incompatible to walk; I'm forced here by my auntie, and can't return to the war, I'm useless Bella"

"Your not useless Edward, you can still do stuff"

"I can't run" I stated simply

"If you roll down a hill it will feel like that" she gasped and covered her mouth with her hands, I didn't mean to, but I laughed at her statement, I mean actually laughed

"Its fine Bella, thank you for that" I was still chuckling.

"I am sorry though, that was inappropriate of me"

I shook my head and held her hand and squeezed it slightly

"Its fine honestly, that was the first time I've laughed in a long time"

She smiled and squeezed my hand back

"Tell me about yourself Edward"

I sighed and told her what I could, I told her about my auntie, I was an only child, my parents died when I was young, I missed my dog which was left with my auntie in her home

"I've never had a dog, what type is he?"

"A k9, he was a stray when I found him as a puppy, he took care of me when I was at home"

She smiled and tried not to look sympathetic but I could tell she couldn't help it.

"I better get to bed" she let go of my hand regrettably, I didn't want her to go, but I knew she couldn't stay here. "I'll see you in the morning Edward, try and get some sleep"

I smiled and took hold of her hand again and kissed her knuckles "See you tomorrow Bella, thank you"

I could tell by the candlelit darkness that she was blushing

"Your welcome"

I let her hand go and watched her leave my empty room, there were 5 empty beds in here and it was quite eerie. But I didn't let that bother me; I closed my eyes and saw nothing but darkness.

"I like her" Pete commented "I thought she would be a little sour faced but there doesn't seem to be a bit of a bad bone in her body"

"Indeed, bit of a prude though, I asked for a sponge bath and she said no" George said holding his hand to his chest, we laughed

"So Edward, let's begin, how are you adjusting here?" Dr Fuck head asked, I hated the guy; he talked to me like a child,

"Fine I suppose"

"What do you think of the new Nurse, Isabella? Are you comfortable with her being your private Nurse? I know she's young but she's experienced and professional"

I smiled slightly "Yes, I'm perfectly fine with Be…Nurse Isabella being my Nurse"

He eyed me "Isabella is a very beautiful woman Edward, don't you agree?"

I nodded, not saying anything else

He started writing in the pad again, all I could do was sit and wait for him to finish his questions so then I could finally leave and get myself away from him, perhaps I could visit the garden.

"I should tell you Edward, there is no funny business with the staff and patients here"

I glared at him "Just what exactly are you suggesting Dr" I spat

"Just making you aware of the rules son"

"Don't call me son"

He nodded and continued to write, prat

"How do you like it here?" my auntie asked me, she had arrived early this morning to talk to me,

"I manage, how's Gerry?" referring to my dog, she pursed her lips before eyeing me

"He was attacked by stray dongs, we had to put him down Edward, he wouldn't have been able to walk"

I looked down, my dog was dead, I loved that dog more than anything in the world.


"Two months ago"

I snapped my head towards her "And you alerting me now?"

"You were in the war Edward, I didn't want to trouble you with the news"

"At least I would have known" I turned and started to roll myself to the house, I stopped when I saw Nurse Bella talking to Pete and Paul, they were laughing and joking with each other, they both supported themselves with walking sticks, amazing really, they were only in their 30s and they walked like men of 80.

"Who's that?" Esme asked

"The new Nurse, Nurse Swan"

"Little young don't you think?"

"She does her job well Esme"

Esme nodded and walked by my side as we went into the house

I clawed my bed sheets beside me as I felt them on me again, my skin crawling with them, I felt myself scream, I was paralyzed I couldn't do anything to get them off me

"Edward, wake up"

I opened my eyes and panted

"Another nightmare" she said while speaking, Bella was by my side again wearing a different gown, this one was white I think, I couldn't tell because of the darkness. Even so, it looked beautiful on her

"Thank you again Bella"

"Tell me about them Edward" she set the candle to the side on its holder and sat down n the chair beside my bed. I sighed not knowing where to begin

"I keep, dreaming of spiders, lots and lots of them, there all over me and how many times I try and get them off me, there seems to be more of them"

she smiled sadly at me

"To see a spider in your dream indicates that you are feeling like an outsider in some situation. Or that you may want to keep your distance and stay away from an alluring and tempting situation. That's what my mum told me anyway when I was young, if you kill a spider it also means you have bad luck, that doesn't stop me from killing them though, but I do feel bad for it afterwards"

I chuckled


Bella handed me a rusty old penny I gave her a questioning look

"Someone gave it me for luck once, I think you need it more then me" she smiled and I smiled back


"You seemed a little happier today" she commented

"A little, but I found out my dog died"

"I'm sorry"

I smiled and shrugged "He was a great dog, I loved him"

She smiled

"Anyway, I better get back to bed…again; nurse grant is leaving tomorrow, so I'll be your private Nurse then"

I smiled widely; it was going to be great living here with Bella around.