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He saved me.

He saved me when there was nothing else left to save. I was someone I didn't know, someone who I hated, someone that simply wasn't me. He held the mirror to my face and made me look at what I had become. Nothing. That point in my life I didn't exist. I turned my back on those who truly loved me and ran to something that was slowly killing me. The girl I used to be was dying inside of me and what was left was a hollow shell of a sick person.

I was Dead.

He brought me to life. He breathed into me and made me feel alive for the first time in five years. Five years of darkness and self-destruction. Every fucking thing I thought I knew, he questioned and argued. I tried to fight him; I tried to push him away. But he never stopped. His life was put on hold in order to cure me of my own self-inflicted disease. I made the choice to take myself apart; he made the choice to put me back together. I was given the greatest gift anyone could ever receive...


Edward Cullen saved my life and I swear to save his.

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