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I believe in you and me
I'm coming to find you
If it takes me all night
Wrong until you make it right.

And I won't forget you,
At least I'll try
And run, and run tonight

"Everything will be Alright" By The Killers



The excessive tapping of Emmett's fingers on the dashboard was starting to get on my nerves. We've been sitting in the van going on an hour now and his endless fidgeting has brought me to the brink of madness. I let out a few shallow breaths and tried to keep myself from snapping. I knew he hated this part of the job. I wasn't a fan of it myself, but it was necessary, everything needed to be planed out so the execution went well. I shifted in the passenger seat trying my damnedest to block out my irritating brother. I rolled my shoulders to relief the stiffness of the wait.

"Honey." Rosalie called sweetly from the back, "If you don't stop that damn noise, I'm going to have to hurt you."

Instantly Emmett's fingers stilled and the wonderful sound of silence filled the van. I sighed with joy, thank god for Rose being shamelessly forward. I heard Emmett huff before leaning his head against the driver's side window, boredom written all over his slump body. No action makes Em a very dull boy.I ignored his childish behavior and turned my attention back to the busy convenient store. It was around one in the morning and this was the time when all the local addicts made their purchase of booze and junk food. Isabella usually showed up every other night or so for whatever reason. My guess was to receive the alcohol for herself or perhaps James. Either way, this will be the last trip to the liquor store Miss Swan will be making. It's ironic how easily reachable she is, and yet it took us this long to find her.

All three of us continued to wait for our target, each minute that went by was slowly ticking in Emmett's head. The impatient sighs and huffs coming from him warned me of his annoyance. I hope Swan shows up soon before he cracks and does something stupid like walking to James' apartment and throwing her over his shoulder. As that thought crossed my mind, out walked Swan from the apartment building. Her hair was a knotted mess and the clothes she was wearing hung loosely from her body. I imagine her clothes did fit her once, but from the looks of it, she hadn't consumed anything, but drugs for some time now. Her upper body swayed as she tried to walk down the street, she is practically flying she's so damn high.

"She's under." I mumbled before running my hand over my face.

"No shit." Rosalie snorted.

Emmett finally cheered up and smacked his fist one the steering wheel, "Alright! Lets get this show on the fucking road."

I made up my mind right there that I wanted to grab her up myself. I felt drawn to this case in more ways then I can understand and I promised Charlie I would take good care of his daughter. I didn't want Emmett to frighten her, so it would be best for me to handle the situation. We silently watch her enter the store before we broke out into strategy.

"I want her. " I said turning to Emmett.

"Whoa." My brother said, slightly stunned, "That's my job bro, you know I don't like you-"

"I'll be fine." I argued.

"She's not going to be easy to take." Rosalie quietly added, "I can tell."

These two loved to gang up on me. I felt as if my decisions had to be approved by them before I could go ahead on. Fuck if I know how it ended up this way. I was once in control of everything E&E did, but some how my brother snaked in way into having a say in what we do and not do. I find myself being treated like a child majority of the time.

But not this time, I'm standing my ground.

I exited the car and looked back at my siblings. I leaned on the open door as I raised a brow at the two waiting for them to fight me on this. Emmett narrowed his eyes at me and tried to stare me down before simply shrugging his shoulder and turned the engine on. I hid my smirk from my little victory. Rosalie crawled to the passenger seat shaking her head. They buckled their seat belts then looked at me, awaiting the plan.

"I'm going to keep this simple. I'll try to get her to follow me out back behind the store and you guys bring the van around and meet me there." I told them pointing out the route they were to take, "I'll call you when I have her."

Both nodded, I thought I was in the clear until I felt Rosalie grab my wrist, "Take care of yourself. I will not think twice about kicking your ass if you get yourself hurt tonight."

I couldn't help but smile at her. Emmett rubbed her shoulders as I closed the door. I gave them a thumbs up and off they went down the street they would be circling until my call was made. I took a moment to prep myself up for this, I had to be careful not to alarm Swan. Last thing I wanted was this to turn into a full blown foot race. I pulled my baseball cap down to hide my face from the public and shifted my sunglasses. Normally, someone wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night would come off as odd behavior, but where I find myself now, this is considered normal. I lifted the collar of my jacket and made sure my cuffs were still in my back pocket. Once I felt I was all in order I calmly walked into the store.

Swan wasn't difficult to spot. She stood in the back by the display of liquor and counted the few dollars in her hand. She was still swaying a bit, but not as noticeable as before. I made my way to her side pretending to be interested in the variety of chips and candies. As soon as I stood to her left, my eyes did a quick scan of the place making sure no one was watching us. I cleared my throat to get her attention. Her tired eyes looked up me, paused then fell back down to the money in her hands.

"So..." I started, my voice low, "You know where I can buy?"

Again, she looked back at me, this time with understanding, "Uh, I don't know what your talking about."

I fought so hard not to roll my eyes at her innocent act, "Come on, its late. I know your a seller. Just give me a gram of whatever you got and I'll be on my way." I said feeling stupid, even pretending to buy dope felt idiotic.

Her shoulder's slump, "How much you willing to make it worth my time?" She whispered as her head lifted to check out the store. Probably making sure no one was eavesdropping the conversation.

"I'll pay you double the amount."

That perked her interest, she shoved her money back into her pocket and tilted her head to the exit. Together we left the store and rounded to the building towards the back. I kept my head down avoiding eye contact with any possible witnesses. She walked ahead of me as I followed close. Behind the store, she leaned up against the wall with her hand digging into one of her back pockets.

"You said a gram, right?" She half slurred.

I nodded my head and handed her a good size wad of cash. I pretended to keep a look out, but actually gripped my phone in my jacket pocket. Carefully, I dial Emmett as she was occupied with counting the money. I slightly turned my body from her and held my phone to my ear.

"On our way." I heard Rosalie then hung up.

By now, Swan had pocketed my money and had the baggie filled with dope dangling in front of my face. I needed to stall her long enough for the van to get here so I took the drug from her while closing the distance between us. Her eyes widen when I invaded her space.

"You wanna share this with me?" I asked placing my hand above her head and removed my glasses.

My eyes met hers redeeming her motionless. I watched as she took her bottom lip in between her teeth, conflict over took her features. I tilted my head to the side trying my best to show her I meant no harm. Unable to hold my stare, her eyes dropped to the floor. I smirked at her shyness and waited patiently for her decision. A decision which would determine if I would take her simple or rough. As I awaited her choice, the back of my mind screamed at my damn brother and his wife. Where the fuck are they?

"Uh." She finally spoke, "I guess, it won't, well, sure." She stuttered.

Her reluctance to pass a free hit gave me the time I needed to keep her close. I smiled down at her and dropped my hand to her shoulder. She tense a bit under my touch, her confused eyes stared back at me. I moved in and whispered into her ear.

"Isabella, " I breathed, "Don't be scared."

With that, I spun her body around and pressed her into the wall as gently as possible. Automatically, she jerked in my grasp. Before she could pull her arms away, I had both wrist pinned to the small of her back. My firm hold kept her in place while I retrieved my cuffs.

"I'm not going to hurt you." I whispered leaning into her body, "Just keep calm and don't fight me."

Her body completely froze. I continued to whispered words of encouragement while I enclosed the cuff around her right wrist. Just as I was about to cuff her left, an sharp pain to my groin sent me falling to my knees.

Isabella had just gave me a damn good kick to the balls.

"Fucking shit" I hissed and doubled over in pain.

The loud pounding of Swan's feet hitting the ground pulled me from my temporary defeat. Laying on my side, I finally focused on Isabella rapidly disappearing down the alley way. I shook off the pain and jumped up onto my unsteady legs. Taking a deep breath I ran off after her, I pushed every muscle in my legs to catch up. I chased her down the back alley of the convenient store. She wasn't far ahead of me and I could tell she was aware of that fact since she was beginning to panic.

"Help! Somebody help me!" She screamed.

I picked up my pace knowing I didn't have much longer if she was going to continue screaming the way she was. My eyes zeroed on her little black phone and watched as she tried to dial a number. She fumbled with her phone and to my complete relief dropped the damn thing.

"Fuck!" She hissed in frustration, but never faltered her running.

I made sure to stomp the phone when it came into view, she wouldn't be needing it to make any calls once I got my hands on her. Her pace was dropping and her breathing labored. I knew she was getting tired, addicts could never keep their body moving for long. Too much of their energy is stolen by the drugs. Then, she made the biggest mistake on her part. She tried to look back at me, but doing so caused her to stumble over her own feet. She hit the ground hard landing on her right hip. A loud howl of pain slipped through her lips and she threw her head back in agony. Despite her fall, she didn't stay down long. Knowing I was closing in on her, she tried to get on her feet. Before she had a chance to take off again, my body collided with hers.

We fell the the ground, our bodies entwined into a tangled mess. I gripped her waist tightly preventing her to loosen my hold. I pinned her down flat onto her back and straddled her upper legs. Her arms flared out, swinging all directions. My cuffs still attached to her right wrist. We did this little dance for a good amount of time before I finally secured her two hands above her head. Funny how fast she sobered up.

"Get the fuck off me!" She hissed, "Rape!"

I rolled my eyes at her choice of words. I ignored her struggles and increased my hold on her enough to give me a chance to pull out my cellphone. I had Rose on the line before the first ring finished.

"Where the fuck are you?" I said loudly, trying to drown out Isabella's screams, "I have her! Damn it! Get your asses over here!"

"We're trying!" Rose barked back, "We'll be there in two!"

I could hear the van's tires screeching in the background as the line went dead. Before I could close the phone, Isabella freed one of her hands and gave me a brutal smack across the face. My phone flew out of my grip and crashed against the building wall. A growl ripped through my throat at her actions. My hand darted out to her free limb and smashed it hard to the ground.

"Listen to me Isabella!" I snapped, my patience was wearing thin, "I am not here to hurt you! So please calm yourself before you leave me no other choice then to gag you!"

The once big brown eyes were now only slits of hate. Her lips pulled back to show her baring teeth, and her nose flared out whenever she exhaled. Even is this state of anger, I still saw the terror in her eyes. She bucked beneath me, small grunts of struggles came from her gritted teeth. When her knee almost made contact with my groin again, I pushed all my weight onto her legs. My balls were still suffering from her earlier assault and weren't ready for another round of abuse.

"Please, please let me go." Her small voice suddenly pleaded, her whole demeanour changed.

Hate no longer filled her eyes, only fear.

I stared down into her worried face, "Isabella, I'm here to help you."

The fear shifted into confusion and angry tears began to spill down her cheeks. She opened her mouth to speak, but the bright lights from the van blinded us. Her breathing picked up when she realized I wasn't alone. The drivers door opened then slammed shut. I looked down at Swan one last time before she would be out of my hands. I tried to assure her nothing was to fear. Emmett approached us with a sorry look on his face. He shrugged his shoulders and held his arms out in the air.

"Not our fault bro!" He started, "A car accident held us up."

I leaned off Swan and shook my head at him. I could care less about what kept them, I just needed to get Swan off the streets before we brought attention to ourselves. Emmett bent over and effortlessly swung Swan into his arms. Once again, the kicking and screaming started up.

"What the fuck is going on!?" Swan yelled, her words dripped with hostility, "Let me go! Goddamn it!"

The back door swung opened revealing Rosalie behind it, she sent me a small smile of apology. I waved it off, it's been a long night and I'm too tired to deal with anymore of this already fucked up situation. Swan continued to holler out profanities at all three of us as Emmett carefully laid her inside of the van. He shut the door before she could right herself. The muffled yells of Swan suddenly came to a stop when we made it around to the front of the van. I opened the passenger door and peered into the back to see Rosalie holding a rag to her mouth. I flinched as I watched her body go limp in Rose's arms.

"Mission accomplished?" Em half smiled trying to uplift the atmosphere.

I shook my head, "Not yet. She broke my phone so we need to pick it up and whats left of hers." I said rubbing my tired eyes and pointing my thumb over my shoulder.

After both broken phones were snatched up, we pulled out of the alley and headed home. The back of my head hit the head rest finally letting myself relax. Despite the major mishap, she was safely in our hold. My eyes drifted to the rear view mirror to see Rosalie gently laying Swan's head down onto a pillow and checking her vital signs. Emmett reached over and gave me a pat on the shoulders not knowing how much I appreciated his small comfort.

We may have Miss Swan, but we aren't out of the woods yet. The detox stage was next and beyond that, only time will tell if Isabella can be saved.

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