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Pairing: San/Ashitaka (Who COULD resist those two?)


Summary: Set in the modern times of 09, Lord Asano a big-time drug dealer and ultra-rich head honcho is planning the biggest job ever. Those who dared cross his path meet their doom at the hands of Lord Asano's human dog.

A being with no remorse or any other emotions, Asano's beast reins terror over all those who wish to bring justice to the drug business.However, the being also had a mind of its own; after another successful job, Asano's human dog rebels and escapes into the city, unaware of what life has in store.

CHAPTER 1: The Bodyguard

Asano lit up his pipe and smiled to himself. Tonight was the night he was going to make it to the top as the world's notorious drug lord.

"Boss, everything is ready for tonight's operation." Said a pot-bellied a man with a strangely red nose that made him seem drunk, although he seemed perfectly sober tonight.

Asano grunted. "Well done Jigo. Is the weapon ready as well?" "Yes sir. All set and ready for the kill." Jigo answered. "Very good. But I would prefer it if you prepped up the weapon some more, just in case." Said Asano, giving his henchman a cruel expression.

Jigo grinned, obviously pleased with his boss's command. "As you wish, Boss."

Asano watched as his pot-bellied henchman turned toward the warehouse to relay Asano's orders to the rest of the men.

A bright headlight snapped Asano from his trance. A sleek black car parked itself in front of the drug lord. Asano watched as a tall, balding man exited the car along with three more thugs dressed in black biker jackets.

"Toro. So nice to see again." Asano greeted. Toro simply nodded. "Did you get what I asked for?"

Asano chuckled. "Always straight down to business I see. Yes, I have the stuff. But how do I know that you have what I want?"

"Don't play with me old man! I got your damn money; now give me what I want first!" Demanded Toro. His biker henchmen drew out their guns and pointed it at Asano's head.

"Dear Toro. I never thought that it would come to this; you and me arguing about who gets to have what they want first… But sadly, my friend I will have to get my money first." Said Asano nonchalantly.

Toro drew out his own gun and aimed. "I don't think so old man. Now give me my stuff before I blow your brains out!"

"Very well then. Marude, Simon give Toro his supplies." At the order, two burly looking men came forward carrying two silver cases. Very slowly they handed the cases over to Toro's henchmen.

Asano gestured at the cases. "There's your prize Toro, now hand over my money."

Toro snorted. "Sorry old man. Since you gave me a whole load of crap before you handed me the stuff, I'm only giving you half of the money. Now once you deliver the next supply of drugs to me then I'll pay you your other half."

Shaking his head, Asano took a long drag from his pipe then blew the smoke at Toro's face. "I was afraid you would say that my dear friend. But I believe that's not the way it works. Either you give me full pay now and I will let you live, or don't pay me and you and your boys will all die."

Toro and his henchmen snickered mockingly. "Are you playing with me?" Toro demanded, cocking his gun.

Asano let out another puff of smoke. " Oh no my friend, I would never dream of playing with you." He turned his gaze toward the warehouse and took out a walkie-talkie from his pocket. "Jigo, bring out the weapon." "Roger that, Boss!" Jigo's voice answered through the walkie-talkie.

Toro raised an eyebrow as the warehouse doors opened to reveal at least fifteen thugs walking toward Asano. What confused Toro was that the thugs were walking in a strange huddled position, as if they were hiding something behind them.

"What the hell are you trying to hide Asano?" Toro demanded suspiciously. Asano laughed as Jigo came to stand beside him. "Why, it's my lethal weapon of course."

Jigo grinned and snapped his fingers. At once, the thugs broke away from their postion to reveal three more thugs yanking on heavy chains.

"Watch now Toro," Asano said. "My weapon is about to be revealed." The thug in front yanked his chain forward and a struggling figure was forced forward.

The figure was a girl about only ninteen; her neck was shackled, held by the first thug, her hands were shackled together and held by a second thug, finally her ankles were also shackled and held by a third thug.

The girl struggled wildly against her restraints and growled menacingly at her captors. The thug who held the shackle of her neck gave punched her to the cheek.

Toro's eyes widended in disbelief then he laughed. "A gir! That's your secret weapon? Please old man, don't tell me you plan to have this girl fuck me to death—not that I'd mind though."

The girl growled louder and tried clawing at Toro. Asano chuckled darkly at Toro.

"Oh she will Toro, she will. Because as you can, see this girl is my guard dog so what ever I order her to do, she obeys."

Toro smirked and placed a finger under the human dog's chin to lift up her face. The girl noticed the drug dealer's mistake and instantly crunched down on his hand, drawing blood.

Toro let out a scream and jumped back. "What the hell!" His biker thugs quickly aimed their guns at the girl.

Asano's thugs released the chains, allowing the girl to run loose. The feral child dodged the bullets with ease and leapt over the enemies' heads.

Before they could all turn around to face her, the girl bit at one of the henchmen's neck.

Toro and his gang watched in horror and shock as the girl crunched harder at the biker thug's neck, like a wolf smothering its prey.

The girl dropped her dead victim and pounced for the remaining ones. The henchmen panicked and released a hale of gunfire at the girl who dodged each attack easily. The second thug was suddenly on the ground, a neact slice on his throat. The last of the henchmen looked at the feral being and took note of a strange white dagger in her hand.

Before he could react, the girl leapt onto his shoulders and inserted her dagger in between his shoulder blades.

Toro yelled in terror as the beautiful monster creapt her way towards him then pounced, stabbing the tribal dagger into his heart.

Asano laughed victoriously but the feral girl snarled and broke into a run.

"Hey! Bring that she-dog back here!" Ordered Jigo. One of Asano's thugs brought out a rifle and loaded a dart into it.

The girl sprinted as fast as she could, desperately trying to escape. The henchman with the rifle handed the weapon to Asano who took aim.

The drug lord pulled the trigger and the tranquilizer dart flew over to its target and struck the girl's shoulder.

She snarled in anger and desperation as she felt her vision go blurry; the sedative was already taking its effect. The human beast finally collapsed.

As his henchmen dragged his guard dog back to him, Asano laughed. "You see now Toro? No one can ever match or destroy me. And no one can ever get past my dog."

Jigo snickered. "You got that right Boss!"

Asano sighed in content as he watched his men grab the money from Toro's car. The drug lord turned his gaze over to the unconcious girl who was being held up by two men.

Asano fearlessly patted the unconcious girl's head roughly. "Toro's drug exporting buisness is now mine. And it's all thanks to you my pet. It's to bad you've been so naughty now a days."

The men and Jigo chuckled. Asano smirked.

"But I have to hand it to you, dog. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be this rich. I hope you remember who named you, Mononoke."

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