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Nami stared at the rope tying her to the green-haired member of the Strawhat crew, her face hardly able to contain the disbelief that was now displayed on her face.

"You have got to be kidding me," breathed Zoro, who was wearing a similarly horrified expression as he stared at the furry and rather nervous looking reindeer who was standing between them.

"What if you step out of the 5-meter zone when one of us isn't around?" argued Chopper, putting on his best stern look for the both of them. "If the effect of it is what you two described it to be, then it's a wonder you were able to survive it the first time."

"But--but-I can't stay attached to him for that long!" exclaimed Nami her face now changing to a mix of anger and revulsion as she glared at the person now tied to her.

"Well I'm not exactly jumping for joy having to be stuck with you for the next six months," retorted Zoro, not bothering to hide his irritation now. Usually he would have taken all the necessary measure not to stir up an argument with the navigator, but after taking her insults for an entire day, he had decided it wasn't worth it.

Nami fell to her knees at the mention of 'six months' with a muffled groan.

"Six months?" inquired a surprised-looking Robin, who had been watching from her sun bed, even putting down her latest book to see what the commotion was about. "That's quite some perfume, I must say."

"Who the hell buys perfume from a black-goods store?" muttered Zoro, shooting an accusing look at Nami. "What were you even doing in there anyway? I thought you said there was barely anything left of our money supply?"

"It wasn't a black-goods store," huffed Nami, "and I was using the part of the money I saved for myself!"

"What? You mean like -- all of it?" replied Zoro before receiving a blow to the head which left him lying on the lawn, sprawling in pain. "OW! That hurt you little--"

"It may not have to be six months!" shouted Chopper in an attempt to stop the potential bloodshed about to occur, growing to human form and pushing Nami and Zoro as far away from each other as the rope allowed. "There may be a way to shorten it! At least if I find a counter!" He glanced at their taken aback looks making sure they weren't going to attack each other again before shrinking to normal size.

"We do have a very dependable doctor aboard the ship after all," smiled Robin, causing Chopper to go into a fit of happiness all the while shouting insults at the raven-haired archaeologist. "Let's not panic before the actual situation is certain."

Nami crossed her arms, turning her back on Zoro looking only slightly less angry than before. "Okay, I'm listening," she said, although it came out more aggressive than she intended it to come out, causing Chopper to scoot a few inches away from her before he was ready to continue talking again.

"I haven't yet had a chance to examine the perfume itself," began Chopper, still looking uncomfortable, and glancing frequently in Robin's direction who seemed to be reassuring him that it was safe to continue. "But once I do, I'll be able to see what kind of properties it holds and then hopefully find a cure. Except I'll need a sample of your clothes that I can test so--"

Zoro was already ripping a hole out of his shirt, Nami watching in horror before slowly looking down at her own.

"But these are brand new," she whimpered as she stared at the rather expensive appearing blouse that she had indeed only purchased at the last island.

"Well you can always--" Robin was about to suggest that Nami give in the whole shirt so that the perfume could be extracted and be later returned to her in one piece without any damage being made. However, after Zoro had stormed over to the navigator to rip one of her sleeves off, Robin decided to keep the suggestion to herself.

"Wha--What are you doing?!" cried Nami, trying to prize the sleeve back from him desperately. "Do you know how much that cost?!"

"Would you rather keep the stupid blouse or be stuck together for half a year?" growled Zoro in response, keeping her at bay with a foot while handing the ripped piece to Chopper.

"It may take about a week to get the results," the doctor told them while Zoro wrestled Nami who was once again attempting to punch him, "but I think I'll at least be able to cut the time in half."

Robin had intervened, sprouting hands to separate the swordsman and navigator, at least while Chopper was talking.

"In half?" echoed Nami who was just coming to the realisation of it, feeling a little bit less like tearing Zoro into quarters.

Chopper nodded, a nervous smile wavering on his lips at Nami's apparent lightening of mood.

Zoro in turn gave him an impressed grin, which was enough to send the reindeer into another wiggly happy-dance all the way back to his lab, shouting insulting names at them all the while.

"See?" smiled Robin, returning to her novel once more seeing that most of the hostility between the two had subsided. "It turns out the situation isn't so bad after all. Instead of six months it's only three."

Only three she says, Zoro and Nami thought together, once again sliding into depression. Three months of hell. They glanced at eachother before immediately turning away. Of the worst kind.

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