Slow Moves – Dine with the Beast

"You shoulda seen his face, Scotty." Mickaela gasped out, between laughs. "Nurse Chapel's was good, but his?" She giggled, laying her tray down on a free table and sliding into a seat. He slid in across from her, already half done his food.

"I cannae believe ye got through all those years without anyone noticin' you didna have your vaccines." Scotty snickered, "Won't be able ta do it on this ship, though. McCoy'll have yer head."

"Yes, McCoy will." That rough southern drawl Mickaela had enjoyed most of the afternoon rang out behind her, and she twisted in her seat a little to grin cheekily at the good doctor.

"Good evening, doctor. Didn't have any reactions, unless missing your med-bay counts." She teased, winking good-naturedly at him and wiggling her butt over to give him room to sit. Bones snorted, taking the seat offered even though he knew he would soon regret it.

"You'll be back soon enough, darlin'." Bones promised, and Mickaela nodded, agreeing completely. Scotty snorted at the two, then grinned slyly. "She scraped her hand this mornin', ye should take a look't it."

Bones quirked a brow, taking her hand and flipping it over to expose a minor scrape on her palm. "S'not that bad." Mickaela whined, pausing to think for a moment before grinning slyly. "Just kiss it better and I'll be fine." She purred. Wasn't she surprised when Bones actually did as she suggested, pressing a kiss to her palm and letting her fingertips brush over the stubble on his jaw.

"Better?" Bones asked, quirking a brow.

"Yup. Ya cured me, doc." Mickaela drawled, to cover up her surprise, the slightest of blushes tinting her cheeks.

The moment was ruined by a loud "Hey Bones, hey Scotty. And who's this?" sounding from behind them. Captain James T. Kirk dropped his tray on the table next to Scotty's and slid into a seat, unreasonably large grin on his face.

"Mickaela Evans, sir. Engineering." The aforementioned 'who' answered, holding out a hand and shaking Kirk's.

"Nice ta meetcha. What're you guys talking about?" He asked, and Scotty saw fit to speak up.

"Mickaela's visit ta the med-bay, the scrape on her hand and Bones' magic healin' kiss."

"Oh really now?" Jim's grin (if possible) grew even larger. "Hey Bones, how come I always get 'rabid bulldog' instead of 'love doctor' huh?"

Mickaela chuckled despite her flushed cheeks, throwing Scotty a less-than-amused look as she resumed stuffing her face. The boys talked around her, discussing the ship, their voyage and other trivialities. Mickaela paid no mind, much too curious about the two that had just entered the cafeteria. Uhura and Spock walked side by side, talking quietly while they looked for somewhere to sit.

Jim stood, calling out to them, and the two conversed for a moment before walking towards them. Spock sat directly across from Mickaela, after Jim moved over, and Uhura placed herself next to her. "Communications Officer Uhura." This woman was gorgeous. Mickaela wasn't even afraid to admit it. She smiled sincerely, with full lips. Brown eyes, deep like varnished cherrywood and long brown hair tied up in a high ponytail.

Uhura must be a heartbreaker.

"Engineer Mickaela Evans. Call me Mickey." Uhura nodded to the request, taking a sip of her drink and glancing up at the others. Scotty and Bones were discussing things they could do to the medical bay, should they have spare time, while Jim and Spock were discussing whereabouts they were headed.

"What kind of courses did you take at the Academy? Other than your engineering?"

"Hand-to-hand combat, and advanced hand-to-hand combat. Creative writing and Xenolinguistics."


"Vulcan." Mickaela replied, hesitantly. Spock's gaze lifted to her, and his eyes narrowed slightly, as if he were trying to sort out a particularly confusing problem. "Is something wrong?" Mickaela asked, switching to the first officer's native tongue.

"… No. Nothing." Spock replied, slowly, though the expression remained until Jim snapped him out of it.

"Y'alright?" Jim asked, and Spock nodded slowly, turning back to his meal. Mickaela tilted her head for a moment, then shook her confusion off, turning to Scotty. "I'm done, so I'm gonna go. I'll see you tomorrow."

"G'night, Mickey." Scotty replied, nodding to her and watching her go. He didn't miss her running her fingertips across the back of Bones' neck, and apparently, by the huge grin on his face, Jim didn't either. That, or he'd seen a pretty girl walk by. His thoughts were affirmed when Jim whistled.

"Her first day and you've already caught her attention."

"Shut up, Jim." Bones grumbled, then tilted his head the tiniest bit to see her stopping at another table and bending over it to hug one of the kids who'd started in his medical bay today. She spoke to him for less than a minute, then waved and moved on to the next table over, where she kissed the cheek of a petit blond who looked indignant at the contact, even though she hugged Mickaela right back.

And then Mickaela was gone down the hall, the slightest of swings in her hips.

Two days passed without much event, until one morning, Mickaela passed King in the hall on her way to the mess hall, where they were having a bit of a problem with one of the replicators. They stopped and leaned against a wall together, and Mickaela leaned her head on his shoulder. "We don't see eachother enough anymore."

"I know. I have a bunch of new friends that I usually eat with, and you've started eating with Engineer Scott and Doctor McCoy."

"Bones was busy yesterday. Said he had to fix up some idiot from engineering."

"Yeah… So, you're liking the grouch, huh?" King asked, grinning.

"Oh stuff it, Kingsmere." Mickaela snapped, rolling her eyes and fronting a little pout.

King 1, Mickaela 0

"He has a break in two hours. Ask Scotty for a break then send him a message asking him if he wants to have coffee with you, or something." King grinned, kissed her cheek and stood up straight. "I have to go, I'm gonna get shot if I'm not back with those towels soon."

"Bye King. Thanks." Mickaela grinned, jogging off towards engineering with a bright grin on her face.

"Sorry about that, lassie. Jefferson melted the bottom of his shoes with a plasma cutter. What'd ye want?"

"A fifteen minute break, if you wouldn't mind. Earlier, instead of my later one." Mickaela replied, grinning excitedly. She'd finished the replicator job pretty quickly, and as soon as she was done, she'd practically bolted to Scotty's side.

"And wots that for?" Scotty asked, grinning along with her and leaning in like he was about to hear her deepest, darkest secret.

"I'm asking grouch if he wants to have coffee with me on his break." Mickaela replied, and flushed a little bit when Scotty chortled.

"Alrigh' but don' do anything I wouldn' do."

"So nothings off limits, then." Mickaela teased cheesily, winking at him. Scotty snorted, then nodded. "When d'ye want yer break?"

"In an hour and a half?" Mickaela asked hopefully.

"Yer lucky. No one else has their break then. Go ahead. Until then, get back to work, lass."

"Going!" Mickaela cheered, and wielding her plasma cutter like a sword and leaping over the railing onto the lower deck. She found a nook to hide in, pulled out her PADD and typed up a quick note, then told the computer to send it to McCoy's PADD. Once finished, she ran back to finish the work she'd been assigned.

Dear Grouch,

I was wondering if you'd like to have coffee on your break? Message me back.

Yours for the evening?


Bones couldn't help but smile, even the tiniest bit. Once affirmed that no one was looking, he sent her back his response.

Dear Mine (for the evening),

I'll meet you in the cafeteria.


P.S Not a grouch.

Mickaela giggled, then smooshed her lips against the PADD screen, which created a black imprint of her lips. As she was walking back towards her station, she typed in a quick blurb and sent it over, then slid her PADD into her pocket.

Are so.


Bones quirked a brow at the obnoxiously large kiss-mark, then shook his head and went back to work. He hoped this would go alright. Mickaela seemed to be a nice girl. He hadn't known her long, but she was charismatic, and it was hard not to like her.

Bones had a feeling this coffee break was going to be very nice.