OK! I'm not quite sure what this is but I like to think Sasuke worries about Naruto a bit. I think Naruto and Sasuke's friendship/love is really... beautiful in a really painful way. It makes me want to cry. But anyway I wanted to write something for them and... this is what I got.. Enjoy?

Naruto Uzumaki. My rival, my best friend, my safety.

We're training and he knocks me to the ground, sitting on my chest, his fingers curled firmly around my shoulders. His eyes dance with determined blue fire. He's knocked me down but there is no kunai pressing on my flesh as there should be.

"We're supposed to fight like we mean to kill dobe," I say. I mean to say it accusingly in my normal voice but I trip and the words come softly. I know I look stupid, staring up at him, my mouth open slightly. His eyebrows lift and he smiles. He doesn't even have to say anything but I can see that he can't bring himself to put a blade to the throat of someone he knows. A team mate. Someone important to him.

The smile on his face scares me. He's too kind. He's sure to be killed for that. He won't aim properly when he throws shuriken at me, he never uses enough strength in his punches.

We're leaving the village and he's standing up front as always.

"Come on Sasuke!" He turns to look at me, flashing a grin. As he walks he trips every now and then as he trots ahead quickly. Eager as ever. There it is again. My chest tightens. I know my mask hasn't slipped, its still flawlessly indifferent but I'm biting my tongue.

He's clumsy. A ninja can't be this way. He could easily be hurt and I'm afraid. It's hard to breathe.

We're in battle and he's sent flying across the forest floor. He get's back up. There's blood and I feel sick as he rushes forward. Again and again he is beaten but he just keeps going in for direct attacks, that look in his impossibly blue eyes that I know so well.

It's terrifying. He's so reckless and makes mistakes easily. But he learns fast and gets stronger and stronger so quickly I can't bear to watch. That scares me. I'm scared that he stronger than me. I'm so terrified that when he finally can't get back up, I won't be strong enough to be able to protect him.

I've never felt so scared in my life.