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They say that writing these thing is easy.

They say that spilling every ounce of every feeling you've ever had for on person is simple,

But the truth is ...

Is isn't.

Because with you ...it's never been just a feeling.

With you it's an experience.

Everything is.

Making love.

Picking out curtains.


Eating food.

Everything is just different with you.

I've never met anyone who just knows how to complicate every single act in the whole world.

I don't know how you do it ...

It has to be a skill you've developed over time.

Something you have taken time to become amazing at.

It can't just be a dinner with you ...

It has to be a formal affair.

It can't just be going out ...

It has to be an event.

And it can't just be love ...

It just has to be this earth shattering experience that I can feel in every ounce of my body.

It has to be this feeling that seeps into my very soul and spreads through my whole being and set me on fire everytime you just look at me.

Things aren't simple with you ...

Things aren't just black and white.

They are every thing.

Every sound.

Every color.

Every taste.

Every time.

So here I sit.

In this room.

By light I can barely see with.

Without my glasses.

And with you a few breaths away from me, sleeping peacefully -the only time you are ever peaceful-.

And I am going mad trying to think of what to say to you.

Trying to think of what words in what way could even begin to shape how you make me feel.

And nothing comes.

Nothing that can do justice.

Not One.



I wish I was someone different sometimes.

Someone who was good with words.

Or gestures.

Or anything.

Because then I wouldn't wonder what to say to you ...

Wonder how to tell you I love you without say the words.

Because you've heard that.

So how do I tell you I love you with out saying it?

What vowels do I use to tell you, you mean more to me then my own life.

How do I say that every time my lips meet yours I can feel love.

That when our bodies meld I can hold it in my hands?

I can't.

So I let you sleep.

And I keep thinking.

And I lean over to you and kiss you softly,

"I love you."

And you whisper it back.

And suddenly I realize something ...

It doesn't matter what I say or do.

You love me in return.

And that's all that matters.