The partner to Fears: Naruto. Wow. My titles are so~ original *facepalms*

Sasuke Uchiha. My rival, my best friend, my safety.

We're training and he comes at me with such force it's kind of like he wants to kill me. But his face says something different. There is no anger in the way he holds his mouth. No hate in his dark eyes. He looks sad. I don't understand. I knock him down, holding his shoulders and staring at him, searching his face. I don't bring a kunai to his neck like I should. I think my hand might shake if I do. I can't do that to one of my precious people, even if its pretend, especially to this person who is looking up at me with a horrible look on his face

That look scares me. I don't like seeing that kind of face on Sasuke. He looks hurt. I smile, maybe he'll smile too.

We're going on a mission and I'm up the front. Sasuke's face is sad again when I turn to look at him.

"Come on Sasuke! I yell, trying to make him smile. I trip a little and even though Sasuke's lips are a straight line there are faint lines of emotion on his face that's too beautiful for a boy and his jaw is clenched. He's wearing that face again.

I'm afraid again. Why is he sad? Is 'sorry' the right thing to say to Sasuke?

We're lying in bed at our client's house after the journey. I'm tired from fighting but it's raining and there's lightening and loud claps of thunder. I can't sleep. We're lying back to back and Sasuke's crying, I feel his shoulder blades bumping mine as they shake. He jumps everytime the thunder sounds.

I'm terrified. Not of the thunder, but because I don't know what to do. I roll over and press my fingertips against his spine. He doesn't react so I hold him from behind but I'm struggling to draw calm breaths. I don't know how to protect him from something that can't be stopped.