"We'll try one of the smaller traders."

The young handmaiden and Jar Jar Binks followed the Jedi Master as he made his way towards a junkyard. The hot sand burned the soles of their shoes, the tatooine suns shining brightly in the sky.

"Give that back!"

A human tore out of a nearby stall chasing after a young dug, holding onto its prized food. Qui-Gon Jin was on top of the ruffian in a moment.

"Did you steal that?" he asked, not needing a Jedi mind trick to know the answer.

The dug opened his mouth to speak, but the stall owner caught up with them and starting yelling. Qui-Gon calmed him down and the stolen item was returned. The human walked away, satisfied that he had his food back, but still upset he didn't get to deal with the thief himself.

"Stealing isn't right, even if you can't afford it," Qui-Gon advised.

"I can afford that. My father could buy the entire stall if he wanted to."

Qui-Gon was taken aback. Dug's rarely spoke in basic, and this particular one had no trace of an accent.

"Then why did you steal it?"

"For the thrill. I find it, intoxicating." The dug took a deep breath.

Qui-Gon shook his head. "You must get out of the habit young one," Qui-Gon said sternly. "You will only find yourself in trouble."

The dug hung its head. "I know I'm doing wrong but I can't seem to help myself."

"I can help you stop," Qui-Gon began. The handmaiden scowled loudly and turned away. Qui-Gon ignored her. The queen's wishes for her to accompany him were most tiresome. She seemed very opinionated and egotistical, but the queen commanded it. Sighing, Qui-Gon turned to the dug.

"If you accept then I will help."

The dug smiled and held out a hand. "Sure."

They walked together past a junk shop named "Watto's" where a young, sandy haired boy was arguing with a Toydarian. Padme rubbed her eyes tiredly, unsure if she was seeing things. Jar Jar stepped in another pile of goo.

Qui-Gon and the dug walked a little further ahead. The dug had graciously accepted Qui-Gon's offer, and in return promised to help the Jedi, as he was told, to acquire a new hyperdrive. Yes, Qui-Gon thought. Everything is going according to plan.

"And you're not going home until you've cleaned this mess up!"

Watto was furious. The slave had managed to turn the store into a maze of broken metal and plasteel. The boy had never shown any sign of clumsiness before, but there was a first for everything.

"But I didn't do anything!" the boy retorted furiously.

"Don't you talk back to me! Remember your place!"

With great difficulty, Anakin kept quiet. He could argue all day with Watto, but he didn't want to. He was already in dire straits after crashing in the last race. He almost lost the entire pod.

Shaking his head in anger, he started to pick up the junk that lay strewn across the floor. A passerby stepped into the shops entrance but after spotting the mess, left immediately. Watto cried in distress and flew into the back, leaving Anakin alone.

Anakin worked better in the quiet. In a matter of minutes, he had straightened the store out. It looked as good as new. He sat on the front counter as he always did when waiting for customers. Anakin let his mind wander. He imagined himself flying in a starship, a crew at his disposal. His mother was on the bridge with him, smiling happily. Kitster sat in the co-pilot seat, joking with C3-PO.

Yes, that's about right, Anakin thought. Just how I want everything to be.

"Boy! Have you finished?"

Anakin jumped off the counter. "Yes Watto. I've cleaned everything up," he said innocently.

Watto grunted. "Okay, you can go home now. If you make a mess like that again…"

But Anakin had ran out of the shop, his thoughts still far, far away.