She really did it this time. Luckily Tanya is happily married to my cousin Felix. Bella knew that we were having a profesional luncheon. She truly made out Tanya to be an idiot, but luckily Tanya is too lighthearted, and dim-witted to know the difference. My Bella kept testing her intelligence, throwing 5% facts with 90% fiction and 5% who-knows-what, such as "Did you know the Queen of Australia likes barbeque?" I first wanted to spit out my scotch across the table and ask her what the hell she was talking about, until Tanya answered with, "No I didn't. Do you think she grills fruit too?" After the strange silence, and the wicked grin on Bella's face I couldn't help but laugh because no one knew what to say after that. I gace Bella a look that said, 'just wait till the weekend' and concluded the Denali campaign lunch.

Alice and Rose sure got a kick of it, and so did Jasper and Emmett. No more leneincy though. Luckily it was with family, and not just a professional-based relationship client. Punishment is necessary. Though not in the bedroom, I know that the actions were caused by jealousy, and that was born from her assumptions on whether or not our bedroom relationship was threatened. I will let her know this evening at dinner.

At the hotel penthouse...

I heard the soft rapping of Bella's knuckles at the front door.

"Come in Isabella." She looked nervous, quite worried, good. She needs to know that all the silliness with Tanya Denali was not needed and not necessary. Trust. Her questioning my trust is a big issue.

"Come suck your Masters' cock, then I will administer your punishment for earlier."


He looked glorious, and Masterful. I knew

Sucking him off while worrying about what punishments, and for what exactly

would not be easy but I was more than willing to give it my all. After shutting the door and

getting on my kness on the pillow at the base of his feet Leaning forward, I inhaled the

scent of his cock and the thick hair at the base.

It was enough to cause a wash of arousal through my pussy. Closing my eyes, I sank

into the morass of sensuality.

With long strokes, I licked every inch of my master's cock. The musky flavor of

his aroused flesh wove a tapestry of sensuality around my mind and body. Wrapping

my hands around the thick base, I squeezed him gently in time with my strokes. My

tongue licked across the wide head and his indrawn breath was music to my senses.

I was doing this to him!

My mouth covered the head and I took him as deeply as I could. Slowly I

began to fuck him with my mouth, my hands moving up and down his shaft in time.

His hands landed in my hair and he began whispering encouragement, instructing me

to touch him carress and lick him.

"Isabella, you will stop."

Ignoring him, I continued my assault on his cock. All too soon his fingers dug

into my scalp and he was balanced on a knife's edge. Keeping my mouth over his head,

I released one hand to cup his balls.

"Isabella." The warning in his tone was obvious and I chose to ignore it again, giving them a

gentle squeeze. He came with a roar. His cock spasmed, shooting his release deep into

my throat. After the tension left his body, I slowed my movements, opting to lick him

like an all-day sucker. With great care, I cleaned all evidence of his release before

letting go of him.

Sitting back on my heels, I felt a little smug and boldly met his gaze.

"Isdabella, I said you could suck me, but I didn't say anything about bringing me to


I tilted my chin up and met his gaze defiantly. My breath caught.

This man might possess my body but never my soul. When I met his gaze, I realized that I maybe should have stopped.

"Come, sit on my


A trickle of arousal burned in the back of my throat. Without a word I rose to my

knees and came forward. Spreading my thighs to bracket his, I sat back on his knees.


He grabbed my knees and pulled my forward until I was within inches of

touching his torso. Their eyes were on the same level and a dark, sensual fire burned in

his black gaze. Something tightened in my lower gut.

"Do you know what I will do to you?" his voice was low.

For the first time I felt a jolt of apprehension. Talking about it was a very

different thing than performing the act itself, and now that the moment was upon my,

I was feeling a touch of trepidation.

"Are you having second thoughts?" I would

be fine, this man would never hurt me. Maybe he did possess my soul.

Shaking my head no, Laying my body across his lap was an odd experience

though not unpleasant. He'd gotten me some pillows so

that my head was even with the rest of my body. The funny thing was that with my

backside exposed like this, I felt even more vulnerable than I was sitting face to


How odd was that?

"You have the perfect ass. Plump and well rounded. I shall enjoy this very much."

He looked at my ass and

"Count them out, You shall recieve ten in total, five for each cheek. The reasin for the first five is for the embaressment

You could have caused during a professional luncheon, and the lack of trust you have in our relationship that you would feel jealous

And use our professional setting to lash out."

"Also, the second set of five is because you did not stop when I asked you to stop. I do not tolerate disobedience Isabella.

My breath was sharply indrawn and I was shocked at truth of his words. Was I sick in wanting this? I was jealous, but

Did I want to admit it? Before I could think it out-



"one Sir."

"good girl"

WHACK! "two Sir."

Some time passes...

THWAK! "ni-nine Sir!"

WHAK! "ten Sir." He soothed my burning bum with his cool hands, and strangely enough, I was

burning on the inside as much as the outside.

"Now Isabella, next time I ask you to stop-" He gestures his hand to me indicating his wish for me to finish.

"I stop Sir."

"Good girl."

"Thank you for my lesson in trust Sir." He smiled a warm smile at me, and I felt his hands slide up my neck.

He licked the seam of my lips, and I opened willingly, meeting his tongue with a moan of pleasure. This hot fiery

passionate kiss was him showing me how it hurt him, the fact that I acted that way. I took all his hurt and responded

with true sinciere regret of my actions. Our mouths contined this exchange while my hands found thier way into his hair.

Oh god! I think...

I think...

I feel something in my heart... is that Love?


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