Jo Mills fought her way through a barrage of eager journalists, who in turn fought each other; and to the victor, the spoils. Each newshound wanted the exclusive concerning what could be perhaps the biggest trial that the country had seen in recent years. It had been discovered that certain government officials had accepted cash bribes from certain businessman in order to conceal the damaging effects of certain vaccinations. Of course, due to the sensitive nature of the case, naming the politicians and their business benefactors was, as yet, strictly off limits. Judge John Deed, however, knew exactly who was implicated and was not sorry to see them arriving in court.

When Jo had finally managed to push her way into the court building, she headed straight for Justice Deed's chambers. Passing Mrs Cooper in the corridor, she asked the traditional, "is he in?" When Coop nodded, Jo felt her pace quicken and noticing this, she felt a little foolish, reminding herself that she was far from a lovesick teenager. Entering the room, Jo found the judge at his desk, scanning his computer screen with the eyes which so often drew her back to him after yet another row.

"Anything interesting?" she asked playfully, still standing in the doorway.

John looked up and smiled. Then, in one swift movement, he crossed the room, took Jo in his arms and kissed her soundly. Moments later, the couple parted, breathless.

"Was that intended for any particular purpose?" Jo asked, half laughing, "what is it you've done now?"

"I just missed you," John stated with a sincerity which never failed to touch Jo's very core.

"We were together last night!"

"And that," said Deed, tightening his hold around Jo's waist, "was a whole….ten hours ago."

Jo smiled to herself, "maybe we are just like teenagers," she laughed, disentangling herself from the arms encircling her and moving to pour herself a drink.

"Excuse me?" John asked, puzzled.

"Oh nothing. So, what had you so engrossed?" she enquired, seating herself in the sofa in front of the large oak desk.

"Oh just an email from Charlie, asking for help with her case down in Brighton," explained John, moving to sit beside Jo. Adjusting positions so that Jo's head was resting on the strong shoulder beside her, and a strong arm was free to snake its way around her waist, the pair chatted together for a while.

It struck jo, some minutes later, how refreshing it was to simply chat, rather than argue or, even worse, not talk at all. It had been a wonderful month ever since the decision to re-open the high profile pharmaceutical trial as, even though both Jo and John had been busier than ever, they had reached a very important decision together.

Tired of attempting to sneak around like naughty teenagers, getting caught like naughty teenagers and having their relationship used against them like consenting, but rule breaking adults, the judge and barrister had decided that it was time to officially declare their intention to have a relationship. Of course, this was purely a formality, an overdue one at that, as everyone who knew them knew of their existing love affair, but declaring it officially meant that she could stay at his apartment as often as she wished, and he at hers. This was a privilege which was appreciated greatly by both parties.