Logan fumbled with the keys to his apartment, in a rush to get in out of the cold, download the data and get this mission over with. As long as he kept busy, kept moving forward, kept working…it was easier to ignore what had happened with Alec on the roof. Logan really wasn't sure what disturbed him more – the way Alec aggressively invaded his space or the unexpected, wound up way it made him feel.

While Logan was working, he was able to automatically fly through the computer work while relentlessly reimagining his encounter with Alec. He was freezing, probably bordering on hypothermia, and that could lead to delusional thinking. Alec was very warm and in his pre-hypothermic state that was very attractive. Yes, that was a good start.

Also, this whole thing with being unable to touch Max had put him on edge. Until Alec was touching him, Logan really had no idea how starved he was for human contact. Since Alec was human, well close enough, and touching him, he naturally responded. It was a natural reaction. And in his pre-hypothermic state he really couldn't be held responsible for his reaction to an attractive, somewhat aggressive, warm body.

Logan was very satisfied with his logical thinking.

All of it was blown to bits when he rose from the computer and found Alec sitting in his living room. At first Logan was too surprised to speak; trying to convince himself that his racing heart had to do with being startled and not with the sight of Alec. There was something different about the X-5, something predatory, that Logan had never noticed being directed at him before. It was intense and intoxicating.

Alec uncoiled himself from the couch with his remarkable feline grace. Logan didn't realize he was backing away until he hit the wall. Alec approached steadily, never losing eye contact, until he was standing completely in Logan's space. Then he placed his hands on either side of Logan's shoulders and leaned in to ask, "Are you feeling warmer?"

Without waiting for a response, Alec erased all of the space between them and caught Logan's lips in a kiss. It was different from the roof – slower, sweeter, but possessive. Alec very deliberately kept his hands on the wall, the only contact he made with Logan was with his lips. In that moment Logan knew it was up to him to make the decision; he could leave it at the kiss and that would be the end of it.

Almost without thinking, Logan raised his hands to Alec's waist and pulled him closer. He suddenly couldn't get enough contact – he wanted more, he wanted it all and he wanted it right now. Logan could feel Alec grin against his neck as he began to explore with his lips and his tongue. "I was wondering if you were going to take a bite."

Logan ran his hand up Alec's back to his head, and then dipped his head down to the juncture of his collarbone. "I plan on taking more than a bite," Logan replied breathlessly. And emboldened, used his teeth to mark this uncharted territory. Alec laughed and welcomed him in.