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He started to kiss me passionately, it felt a little odd, not like he usually kissed me. I liked this new way though. He slowly traced my bottom lip with his tongue. I shuddered and he descended down to my jaw, my throat and he gently kissed my collarbone. I moaned and felt his lips curl in my favorite crooked smile. He looked up at me with smoldering eyes, burning with passion and love.

'A-are you s-sure?' I stuttered.

'O yes.' he whispered huskily. He carefully slid his hand under my T-shirt and looked me in the eyes, silently asking for permission. I swallowed and nodded. He softly caressed my stomach and then pulled my T-shirt over my head. He kept looking me in the eyes and even when he had tossed the T-shirt next to us he stayed the perfect gentleman. I figured I should take some initiative too then and I began opening his shirt with shaking hands. When I'd finally managed to open all the buttons, I traced the contours of his perfect chest with my fingers. When I came to his abdomen he moaned and kissed my neck again. He planted kisses along my shoulders and arms. As he kept doing that he unhooked my bra and I fumbled with the zipper of his jeans.

He chuckled. 'Let me help you.' The next thing I knew his pants were off and he was kissing a way down my stomach. He reached my pants and slowly slid them down, pulling them over my ankles and then kissing back up on the inside of my legs. He slid my panties off too and started kissing me frantically and with more passion I had ever considered possible. We quickly lost the rest of our clothes and suddenly I became very aware of the fact that I was completely naked in front of Edward, for the very first time. I was blushing furiously now and trying to cover myself up.

'Don't. You're beautiful.' Edward whispered. He was hovering above me with his lips by my ear.

'Are you sure you want to do this?' he asked while sweetly tracing the contours of my lips.

How could he doubt that I wanted to make love with him? 'Yes, of course.' I answered.

I slowly slid my hand down and touched his erection. His breath hitched and I saw his eyes slightly widening. Then I gathered all my courage and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I carefully slid my hand up and down. He moaned and took my wrist in one of his iron grips.

'Stop, Bella. I have to stay in control. I can't risk hurting you.' he groaned

'Did… did I do something wrong?' I whispered, suddenly very insecure.

'No, quite the opposite actually.' he said grinning widely. I smiled back, reassured.

He caressed my cheek and then let his hand trail down my body. He opened my legs a little bit and started moving his fingers, rubbing my clit and creating a delicious friction.

After a while I knew I wasn't going to be able to last much longer. 'Edward… Please…' I moaned. He knew what I wanted and positioned himself between my legs. The next moment we were connected. I felt every part of him pressed against me. He tenderly kissed the soft pain away and when he moved inside me, thrusting at a steady pace, I felt blissful, euphoric. Nothing could be better than this.
Edward groaned and thrust a little more sporadically. I felt something building up in my stomach and I started pushing my hips up to meet his thrusts faster.

'Edward… Mmm…' I moaned.

And then my toes curled, my back arched and I grasped Edward's back, desperately trying to pull him even closer. My walls clenched around him and he started shaking violently above me, saying my name over and over again and holding on to me for dear life. He collapsed, still shuddering, on top of me.

'I love you.' he whispered into my ear, his cool breath a welcome refreshment for my overheated skin. We were both panting and grinning foolishly. He rolled of off me and sighed.

'Wow.' he laughed breathlessly.

'Yeah.' I smiled. 'Well, now it's official.'

'What is?' he asked, turning his head to look at me.

'You are perfect in everything.'

He laughed loudly and pulled me against his chest.

'You weren't too bad yourself either, future Mrs. Cullen.' he said, still chuckling. I giggled and snuggled closer into his arms. Having a perfect fiancée was pretty damn awesome.

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