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'And what kind of flowers would you like? I think I really like the white and the blue ones, because they match your dress so well, but I'm not sure, maybe… Oh. Oh. Ugh, gross.'

I looked up, surprised, because Alice hadn't stopped rambling about the wedding for almost half an hour now, so I'd really like to know which angel from heaven had made her stop. Her eyes were unfocused and her expression was slightly nauseated.

'Alice, what's the matter?

'Ugh, I so did not want to see that!' she whined.

'You didn't want to see what, Alice?' I sighed.

'Doesn't matter, I just wish I didn't have to see all of your little adventures with Edward. It's like a 24 hour porn show in my head lately,' she answered, rolling her eyes.

I blushed and looked down, but I couldn't help wondering what exactly it was that she'd seen…


I was just starting to wash some strawberries when I felt two cold arms snake around my waist.

'Hello, love,' a husky voice whispered by my ear.

I giggled as he gently pressed a kiss on my neck and I turned around to wrap my arms around him.

'Hi,' I sighed as I pressed myself against his chest, tightening my arms around his neck and reaching out for his lips.

When my lips found his, a tiny moan escaped my mouth – it had been way too long since I'd last really kissed him. His hands roamed over my back, tracing idle patterns before his fingers found a little bit of bare skin just above my jeans. He grasped my waist and lifted me onto the counter, my legs wrapping around him automatically.

When I was panting and desperately needed oxygen, Edward tore his lips away from mine and trailed down my throat to my collarbone, gently nipping it.

'So what were you doing before I so rudely interrupted you?' he whispered against my skin.

'I was going to eat some strawberries,' I managed to get out, still gasping for air, 'and I like being interrupted by you.'

He chuckled and pulled away to stare into my eyes, deep brown locking with smoldering topaz. His right arm quickly stretched out to take a strawberry from the sink and he held it by his mouth. He closed his eyes and he seemed to be taking in the sweet scent.

'I used to love this when I was human…' he murmured before quickly swirling his tongue around the tip of the strawberry.

I held back a moan, this was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen him do. His eyes opened again and smiling he held the strawberry up for me, inviting me with eyes to take a bite. I slowly leaned forward and wrapped my lips around it, sucking gently and then letting my teeth pierce through it, savoring the sweet taste of the strawberry combined with the incomparable taste of Edward. A little drop of juice rolled down my chin and Edward caught it with one finger. He pressed his finger against my lips and I licked the drop off, sucking his finger inside my mouth to taste him too.

This time I couldn't hold back a moan and Edwards lips crashed down on mine, feverishly sucking my lower lip into his mouth. He groaned as I locked my ankles around his waist again, pushing my core against his, gently rocking my hips. His kisses grew more frantic and passionate with each little movement my hips made and I could feel him harden between my legs. My hands unbuttoned his shirt quickly and he tossed it on the floor before tearing my shirt off. I raised my hips slightly as he tried to take off my jeans and panties and then our lips met again, sighing, moaning, grunting in our need for each other.

I don't even know how he got out of his pants without braking our kiss, but somehow he managed to and suddenly I felt his rock-hard erection between my folds, teasing me.

'Edward, please…' I whimpered, 'I need you…'

With one swift thrust he was inside of me and my head fell back as my lips opened in a silent cry of bliss. He moved in me again and dipped his head to slowly lick a trail from my neck all the way down my breasts, teasing and licking the tight peaks before gently pulling one into his mouth. My fingers gripped strands of his hair, my hips bucking off the counter wildly as my stomach started to clench in the first familiar sign of my impending climax.

My eyes focused on the muscles in his shoulders and back, tensing and relaxing in a steady pace while his hips continued to relieve the tension between my legs.

'Mmm, Bella, I'm close…' he moaned as his one of his hands gripped the counter firmly and the other ducked between our bodies, finding my hypersensitive nub and pinching it lightly.

I cried out and I gripped him, clawing my nails at his back at the same time his dick pulsed wildly inside me. His hips kept thrusting inside me, riding out our orgasms as we both came down from our high.

'Mmm…' I sighed, smiling blissfully.

'I know,' Edward grinned. 'So… am I better than strawberries?'

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