Chapter 3

"Zoey, maybe you should have reconsidered this."

The young girl rolled her eyes at Anna, one of her secret service agents. "It's fine. Julie stayed here last night and nothing happened. I believe her and I want to help. Just please make sure no one else finds out."

Anna gave her a stern look, but gave in. "Okay. We did a background check on Miss Emrick and she's who she says she is. Her record's clean. Promise me this won't happen again, Zoey."

"I promise." Zoey smiled and shut her door.

"Thank you so much for everything," Julie said gratefully as she sipped her coffee and picked at a bagel. The place looked very similar to some of the apartments and dorms in New York, but Georgetown's campus was much homier.

Zoey sat on the couch beside her. "You're welcome. I couldn't just let you stay on the street. Plus, you said you're a college student in the same year as me, so you'll fit right in."

The two girls had formed a fast friendship overnight. Julie told Zoey her whole story, even about Ben and his cheating. Zoey even talked about being the President's daughter, the Rosslyn shooting, and her boyfriend Charlie. They stayed up for hours and felt like they had known each other for years. Julie was starting to think already that a lasting friendship was forming between them.

Zoey rested her head against her propped up arm. "I still am in shock about Josh being your father. But I can see the resemblance. You definitely have his eyes. Honestly, I always thought Josh was cute, but now it's weird knowing he has a daughter my age."

Julie burst out laughing. "Is Josh some sort of ladies man or something?"

"Well no, but he likes to think he is sometimes." Both girls giggled at that. "But seriously, Josh is a really great guy and once you meet him you'll see why."

"I just wish I hadn't run out last night. I should have told him then." Julie hung her head in shame.

"Actually it's good you didn't," Zoey replied as Julie looked up. "Josh is being released today. He should be in a stress free environment."

"You're right. I just wish I knew what to do or how to tell him."

"You say you write music and poetry, right?" Zoey asked. When Julie nodded, Zoey said, "Well, just do what you do best. Write him."

The idea sounded really good to Julie. She had been writing ever since she was little. "I should have thought of that. I guess I just didn't want a repeat of what happened with Carol. Thank you." Julie hugged her new friend.

"Here, let me get you some paper and I'll make a call." Zoey stood and went to get the supplies.

Julie looked confused. "Who are you calling?"

"The perfect person to help deliver this letter to Josh." And with that she was gone.

"I'm a free man!" Josh practically screamed as he sat in the wheelchair being pushed by Donna. They had just crossed into the parking lot and met Sam by his car. Sam had driven Donna over to get Josh and they were taking him home.

"Not for long, because you have me to be your nurse," Donna replied.

Josh's eyebrows rose playfully. "Does that mean you'll be wearing a nurse's outfit like they do on Halloween?"

"You mean like with the blood on it?" Donna said, confused.

"I don't think Josh meant that kind of nurse's outfit," Sam replied uneasily.

Donna's jaw dropped and she saw the look of pure enjoyment on Josh's face. She immediately slapped his arm.

"Hey! I'm a poor injured man. I shouldn't be getting harassed!" Josh replied, shocked that she'd slapped him.

Donna opened the passenger's side front door of Sam's car and got in. "Just for that I'm not helping you into the car. That's all on you, Sam."

"Gee, thanks," Sam replied. When he saw Josh still looking stunned, he laughed. "Well, you did deserve that."

Josh didn't say anything, but gave Sam an extra hard time getting him into the car.

As they were driving, Josh remembered the nurse talking about a girl the night before. "Hey Sam. Do you remember a woman at the hospital last night coming to see me after you left?"

Donna looked over with a twinge of jealousy. She saw Sam look over at her and he gave a reassuring smile. It made Donna feel like he knew something.

"I wouldn't say a woman, more like a girl about Zoey's age. I passed her in the elevator on the way out. She was on your floor," Sam replied.

Josh was even more confused. "The nurse said she was a family friend, but I don't know who it could have been."

"Do CJ or Leo need to know?" Donna asked. "Could it be a security threat?"

Sam shook his head. "No. This girl seemed innocent. I don't think it's anything to worry about. Maybe she was just a fan? You know how Josh's fan girls are."

"Yeah, maybe." Josh still couldn't figure out who this mystery girl was and why she was trying to find him. But he had a strong feeling he would find out soon.