After watching Dementor and his goons get taken away by the police, our heroes returned to the Daring house so Kim could say her goodbyes.

"It was nice meeting you" Kim told Riley "and this whole sitch was really fun, minus the whole Dementor revenge thing."

"No argument here" Riley said "maybe we can hang out some other time, preferably when a crazy super villain isn't out for revenge."

"I'd like that. And who knows, our paths may cross again some day. If you want, I can still teach you those moves."

"That's okay. I think from now on, the only person I want to learn martial arts from is my mom" Riley replied, looking over at Agent K.

"Thank you for all your help Miss Possible" Agent K said "words cannot express my gratitude to you."

"It was no big, really" Kim replied "all in a day's work for me."

"Well, I apologize for my early demeanor towards you. I would be honored to fight alongside you any day."

"Thanks, I guess."

Meanwhile, Todd was saying farewell to Ron & Rufus.

"It's been fun man" Todd said.

"Yeah, this was definitely one of the more interesting trips we've been on, eh buddy?' he asked Rufus.

"Oh yeah, strange."

"I'm gonna miss you too little guy" Todd said "It would've been fun to put you in Riley's underwear drawer and see her reaction when she saw you."

"Um, Todd, I'm right here, I can hear every word you just said" Riley replied.

"Oh, right" Todd said, and leaned in towards Rufus "we'll talk later" he whispered.

"One thing still bothers me" Kim said "what happened to Dementor's bomb?"

"That's right, I'm sure we left it right on the table" Agent K remarked.

"And where the heck is Sheldon?" Todd asked "he's gonna miss out if he doesn't get here soon."

Back at the Klotsbury house, Sheldon was nearing completion on finishing what he thought was an alarm clock.

"Okay, I just connect this wire, and fiddle with this thing here, and, there it's done" he said proudly "now to turn it on. Hmm, that's odd, the numbers are going backwards quite fast, sort of like a…"


"I'm okay" he replied, despite his room being destroyed and himself blackened to a crisp.

"Oh well, I'm sure it will turn up" Agent K replied casually.

"Well, we should be going" Kim said, before she pulled something from her pocket "here's an autograph for your friend" she said, handing it to Todd "let him know I was sorry I couldn't meet him."

"Don't worry, I'll make sure that I…I mean, he, gets it" Todd said, before pocketing the picture for himself.

"Good bye" Kim said, as she and Ron left the house, waving goodbye as they did. The teen heroes buckled into the Sloth, then took off down the road.

"Man, that's the second time we visited a fan and had to deal with one of our enemies" Ron commented "maybe you should stop visiting people."

"I don't mind having people look up to me Ron, and I like meeting them" Kim replied "but you're right, this has been exhausting. I so need a vacation. And after everything we just went through, I don't feel much like driving."

"No prob, isn't there something on here that lets the car drive itself?" Ron wondered "just turn on that thing and take a nap."

"That's actually not a bad idea" Kim said "engaging cruise control."

Kim pushed a button on the dashboard, and the Sloth began driving by itself.

"Now to make it perfect" she said, and reclined the seats down as far as they would go.

"Yeah, sometimes having a cool high-tech car has its' advantages" Ron said, putting his hands behind his head "actually, it always does, I can't think of a time it didn't."

"You know Ron, I just remembered that I never thanked you properly for saving me back there" Kim said amorously.

"Oh, and are you going to thank me now?"

"Yes…after my nap" Kim replied, before she closed her eyes and laid down on the seat.

"That's cool. Naps are cool. I was gonna take a nap myself actually" Ron said "yup, a good old nap, nothing beats that."

"Ron, stop talking."

"Sorry KP" Ron said, before he too settled down for a rest. Rufus yawned, laid down on his master's chest, and shut his eyes, as their ride took them back to their homes and perhaps, another adventure.