Title: Without Him
ChigusaxRakan implied
Chapter 49 onward
What would he do without him?
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Shaking, wobbly, Rakan struggles not to collapse and gazes beseechingly at the man encased in branches in front of him. He waits, breathless, for Chigusa to respond. He has done everything he instructed him to do; he should heal himself and open his eyes any moment…

The closed eyes behind the goggles don't flicker, and Rakan feels his heart breaking. Has something gone wrong?

He should be okay, Rakan thinks wildly. He should wake up now and smile and wipe away my tears and tell me that he's fine!

And Rakan knows what he should be concerned about. He should be wondering what all the people of their world will do if Chigusa doesn't recover.

His team may never have made it this far without him. Chigusa's abilities – his eyesight and ability to shoot and never-ceasing protection of Rakan – were, possibly, the only reasons they were still alive and fighting.

What will happen now, Rakan should be asking. What will happen to the innocent people here?

Instead, he reaches out and gently pulls off Chigusa's goggles, dropping them around his neck, and places his shaking hands on his cheeks. He caresses his face, the face of his protector, his companion, his partner, and is overcome by wracking sobs as he presses their foreheads together.

He should be worried about what will become of the townspeople and the rest of their team.

He should be thinking: What will they do without him?

His thoughts now, however, are far more self-centered.

What will I do without him?

Notes: I've seen some excellent present-tense fics and decided to test the style out myself...I don't think it works for me. Back to past tense after this. It was worth a try though. xD
Seeing as I have no idea what is being said in chapter 50 I made up some thought processes. I highly doubt this is really what Rakan's thinking, but it's nice to imagine. ;3