Fated: Prologue

The Souls

'Why can't they be real? Just for once?' questioned a young girl as she moved up into a sitting position. She had dreamed of it again. She had hoped. She was not supposed to do so, and yet she had. And all that she could wonder was 'Why?' Then again, were they not her life? Yes, yes, she practically breathed them, for goodness sakes. But... why would she long for them to be real?

'Mother...' Did her mother care for these interests of hers? No... "It's because Father started me on them," she would tell herself. And now her father was gone... No—not dead. Just... gone. It was all her fault, and she knew it... It was her own fault her father had left. Her parents had argued often over that 'stupid card game.' Mother would win in the end, of course, but he would only sneak her more. More cards. "You'll be the best one day," he would claim after every practice round (each of which she had won). This made her happy. ...but her happiness was not meant to be, she supposed. Slowly, each fight became longer and longer... until her father walked out of the door and out of their lives. Out of her life... And this... this made her sad, angry and things she'd never felt before.

'Is that what love does? Break your heart?' the child had pondered within her mind, crying herself to sleep that night. She then vowed that she would never love again. If love hurt that much, then why try it? What was the point?

The card game was the only thing she had left of her father. She became addicted to the game; later on, she attended tournaments and declared victory. It gave her fame, followers, pride... but it did not help her sobbing heart. Her only dream was to open her eyes and find her father standing there, smiling and stating how proud he was that she had amounted to so much. But... that's all it was—a dream.

That had to be the reason... why she had wanted the cards to become real. She needed something to hang onto, and they were the closest things she had. Oh, how she wanted them to come to life...

'Stupid dreams...'

Laying back down, she closed her lavender eyes. Perhaps she would dream of the nothingness inside of her now. At least then... she wouldn't be hurt. The poor, poor 'Digimon Queen.'

> > > > >> > >

'Come on,' he scolded to himself. 'You need to sleep! Don't want to zonk out in class tomorrow!' From his spot at the desk, he could see his small digital clock perfectly. It was midnight. Tired wasn't what he felt—he was beyond tired. So tired that, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't sleep. And that sucked... oh, yes. Big time.

Shifting some notebooks around, he pulled out a pencil. With a faint rriiipp! the paper came right afterwards. Might as well draw something... not that he was any good... It was just a... a hobby! Yeah—that's what you call it!

Lead met paper. Slowly, it glided along the flat plain, stopping every so often and shifting to another area. What was he drawing? Well... he didn't exactly know, either... It would just come to him. Eventually. Small eyes appeared; then a nose; a mouth; a sketched shape of a head. The person... was it her?

That girl from last night's freaky dream?

What about that 'freaky' dream the night before, you ask? What had happened in it? Nothing, to say the least... He had merely dreamed about a girl around his age; she was running into a Japanese-style home. Nope, nothing special about it at all. Except that... she was crying. Small bubbles formed around the drawn eyes. He could not forget that face... It was as if she hadn't cried for the longest of times...

No. Stop thinking about it! It wasn't a real person—it was just a dream! 'Then why... do I feel so worried about her...?' came his response. The pencil fell.


It rolled off the side of the desk with a clatter. He ignored it. 'Why do I feel her pain...?' He leaned forward and rested his head in his arms. And... why did he want to cry every time he felt it?

God... life was confusing...

> > > > > > > >

He couldn't sleep... Too excited about tomorrow, I suppose. 'Dad is going to get it!' was the only thing that entered his mind. It repeated over and over within his brain. No, he wasn't anxious, not at all...

He treaded out into the living room part of their apartment and plopped onto the tattered couch. The newest version of the game... exclusively for him... It wouldn't be out in stores for another month! But that's what he got for having a dad who worked on the project.

Gee, wasn't that horrible?

Now, he was a smart boy—very smart—but a little on the game freak side... Most people played the card game; sure, he had cards, lots of them, but he wasn't that addicted to them like the other kids. Computer games, on the other hand... Those were his candies—his toys. "Computers will soon be used for everything, so why not start now?" was what he had always reasoned. A couple of his classmates agreed with him, but most just snickered. Was he crazy, or what?

Perhaps he was... but no one needed to know that.

Hmmm... Maybe he'd invite some of his friends down to play it with him... or maybe he'd take some of the card gamers. What would they say? He could only imagine. And, oh! The pure joy he felt, doing so.

With those thoughts in hand, he drifted off into the land of dreams. Tomorrow would bring forth another day, and he couldn't wait.

> > > > > > > > >


Soon he could unleash his plan. And when that time came, no one would be ready... Others had tried to attempt what he had in mind, he knew that; he only followed this: "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

A maniacal laugh echoed throughout the streets. Yes—soon.

> > > > > > > >

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Fated: Part One

Dream Girl

Time stood still as he stared at this girl. She had a face as hard and as cold as a rock, and yet... and yet her eyes cried out for comfort. Why? What was she hidingwhat was hurting her? And she was... she was the one from his dream!

"What do you want?" she spat. Why was he staring at her! He didn't even know her! She felt her defenses rise.

Could he say it? Would she laugh? Scowl? Stand there in shock? 'Might as well try,' concluded he. "Y-you're... the girl from my dream..."

His dream! "What did you say, boy?"

"I said: you are the girl from... my dream." Wasn't the first time understandable? Ooh... she looked like she was going to blow! Should he run away and hide? Sweat formed in little droplets. They slid down his face slowly... trying to drive him mad in the wait. He couldn't take it anymore! 'Run, run, run!' shrieked his brain, but his feet were frozen. He couldn't get away!

He did say that! But... why? Why would someone dream of her? She wasn't special! Like she had claimed earlier, she didn't even know him! And what now? Was he cringing? Hahhe was afraid! "Surewhatever," she sneered, turning away from him. 'Jerk...'. She briskly walked away from the confused boy, never once looking back. No one would try to trick her. No one.

"You...," he whispered, ready to slap himself, "you could've at least told me your name..."