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Fated: Epilogue



There was darkness all around me. Swirling--twirling... everywhere. It danced about my face and body like I was nothing to it. I felt as though it were attempting to suffocate me within its chilled tentacles. Without a sound, it engulfed me.

Damn... breathing had become difficult-- almost impossible. Only falling... falling and spinning through a black abyss that had neither a beginning nor an end. Perhaps it was a circle that I was tumbling through.... My thoughts were stupid; the pit laughed as it acknowledged my idiocy... and my weakness. I struggled in its grip like a mouse struggled against the wrath of a snake; it knew that it could not win, yet it still fought on... weak-- and stupid-- until the bitter end.

Once, long ago, I had been an ally to this foul creature... but no more. I couldn't take it anymore! Air filled my lungs; with a determination that could stand up to many, I bellowed, "You can't have me!"

The darkness halted. I was falling no longer. Off in the distance... a light, small but bright, appeared. Was it...? Maybe it was... my way out! The light seemed to beckon me with a glowing hand, daring and tempting me to inch closer. It had to--

No... it was a trap-- a trick set up by the darkness. The shadows loved games. They loved to test the strength of a person; the trick/game was usually one that made people bleed. The thick, crimson color of blood that comes seeping out of a newly open cut.... That was what Darkness longed to see.... Why? Because blood was the way that creatures expressed pain. When weakness and pain is shown... the shadows envelope you and squeeze tightly. Soon, you are nothing more than a lifeless, uncaring creature: a puppet for the darkness to control. That was what I had been-- a mere doll to the darkness in my heart-- and it had enjoyed my pain.

In fact, it still did....

"Let me go!" screamed I, knowing not whether it would truly listen to my meager demands. Then again... why would it do as I asked? Flames rose within my body and boiled my emotions, turning everything within me into a hatred so strong... that I was afraid I'd loose control. I mean, I'd dealt with anger before, but not with pure rage-- not like this. My mind became distorted; everything was spinning around me, almost as if it had planned on confusing me. Jumbled were my thoughts, and memories from times long past entered and exited my mind quickly. Was it the darkness... that was doing this...? Then... what, exactly, was it searching for...?

As if in an attempt to answer me, the spinning sensation fled. Within the moment it took me to adjust myself, I noticed that the once-shining-bright light had suddenly grown dull. It... it couldn't be! Was the darkness trying to hide the light from me? Did it want me to suffer so much... that it would dare to torture me? With a power that was clearly not my own, I pushed myself toward the flickering light. My assumption of it being a trick became evanescent to me as I ran. The pounding of my feet was silent, yet I knew deep down that there was something solid beneath me; that was all I needed to know in order to move forward The darkness would not keep me from the life I had chosen!

I wanted that new life....

There! The light! It was so close that I could almost imagine it blinding me with its gleam. Still... I wasn't close enough yet. My mouth was dry; my legs were sore. For some odd reason, it felt like I was running for my life-- silly, right? As though I were being chased by a monster-- not just any monster, mind you. A monster of hate and pain... of fear and bloodshed... of darkness and shadows. The monster was stronger than anything and everything, thus making it supposedly invincible. And yet... it could not fight what I held deep within my heart: love. With the evil vanquished, I stepped into the shimmering glow.


Who...? That person sounded.... My head spun to the familiar call, heart fluttering and hoping... but my eyes met empty space. Loneliness flooded my body once the dam of hope and happiness collapsed under the weak, unneeded emotion's surge of power. Why did I feel so empty and tired all of a sudden...?

A shrill shriek, long and angered, let loose off to my side. Fearing-- almost knowing-- what I'd see... I allowed myself to turn around. "Oh, God... please...," I rasped, staring at the scene; a sickening feeling washed over me, and I fell to my knees. Why... was this happening...?

Within that moment... I relived the death of my father....

'At times life is wicked, and I just can't see the light....

A silver lining sometimes isn't enough to make some rounds seem alright

Whatever life brings, I've been through everything, and now I'm on my knees....

But I know I must go on....

Although it hurts I must be strong....

For inside I know that many feel this way....'

One year ago....

Why did I have to remember the pain from one year ago...? It... it hurt so damn much...! 'I want those stupid memories to leave me alone-- forever!' I cried within my mind; an instant later, realization hit me... and I laughed sourly at my own spoiled demands. With a groan, I sat up. Geeze... I was still tired.... Hugging my legs close, I rested my head on my knees and closed my eyes. My mind was still spinning from the dream. At that moment, my thoughts were all scrambled together-- sorta like a salad or something....

Okay, sure. I knew that I wasn't going to forget that moment completely. How could I? I was right there, in the front row.... Fine! I was being selfish! When a person loses a loved one (a child, parent, friend, etc.) they mourn that dead loved one for the rest of their lives. They usually move on, but memories cannot be erased; they lie embedded within the thoughts of that person. What's sad is... there isn't a single soul out there who doesn't have some kind of painful memory.... Everyone lives with some type of tragic memory-- be it death, divorce, lies, anything. If they had to live with the pain... what gave me the right to believe that I could forget...?

Still... it hurt so... so much.

Without much thought, salty droplets of water began to exit their tiny homes in a hurried rush; they swiftly ran down the steep, tannish terrain-- my face. God... I was crying...! Even to this day... I still despised tears. No matter how hard I tried to think otherwise, my beliefs remained the same. Crying was weak, and I didn't want to be weak. Some would probably call it an obsession. "Be strong!" was-- and shall remain, I suppose-- my belief in life. I would tell this to myself all the time... and comply.

But... crying helped ease the pain-- in a way, at least. It still hurt my pride, though. With a sniffle, I curled into a ball and allowed myself to let it all out. Right then, I was alone. Who would know...?

In the background, the song was ending:

'Children, don't stop dancing!

Believe you can fly... away

Am I hiding in the shadows?

Are we hiding... in the shadows...?'

...was I? Snorting, I closed my violet eyes weakly and sprawled out on my back; my legs hung over the side of my tattered futon lazily. Hell... I didn't know anymore. My life just seemed so messed up at the moment. I mean, how many kids were able to relive the death of their father over and over again in their dreams? Those who have 'scary' nightmares of a parent's death... did they see it as vividly-- as if it had actually happened?

'Surely, surely as we

Live we know more

And, and as we live

we forget....'

Time... what time was it? (Yes... I was trying to think of something else.) I lifted my head up with a grunt, ignoring the slightly cold feeling that shed tears often left behind after the crying was done and over with. The light of the clock seemed to blink, teasing and tempting me to get up off of my stubborn butt. However, my 'hawk-like' vision was able to get the better of the idiotic contraption:

It was 6:07.... A.M., for those who care.

Great... just lovely! Usually, I got up around 6:30 or so.... Hmn... I had some time to kill, eh? Heh... gee, I could have gotten ready right then, but I really didn't feel like it. Besides, why should I wake up the rest of the house?

'If this world were split

Into winners and losers

I'd rather be a loser

I always want to be a loser....'

My lips twisted upward to form a tired smirk. A... loser? Me-- the 'Digimon Queen?' All of my life I'd pushed myself to be the best at anything and everything... but it didn't matter anymore. I didn't care if I lost my next big card game and was hated by the world. I had someone who would always be there-- the rest of the world could shun me for all I cared! Who needed them, anyway?! What did they ever do for me...? No one would probably even know about me at all had I not won so many Digimon card battles!


Who's to tell...? The one thing I knew for a fact... was that life goes on..... That part of my life-- the Digimon Queen-- was over... for now, at least. I sighed and stretched as the song in the background slowly drew to a close.

'What can I tell you...?

I'm just a small, helpless person

That's all I'll say for now

Because sometimes words

Are completely powerless....'

What a strange song.... It was true, though. Words meant practically nothing these days.... You could be the smartest person in the world, and people would not listen to you at all! But... give yourself a great body and looks... and people would swarm around you like flies to a pile of dung. That was one reason why I hated people so much.... They cared about nothing but their greedy selves anymore...! People disgusted me! There was a reason why, wasn't there...? A sigh escaped my lips as I focused my view on the ceiling. I... I had, at one time, been so much worse than many of the people who now walked this earth, caring only for myself.... I used to be just like them.

But not anymore.

'No one told me I was going to find you


What you did to my heart

When I lost hope, you were there to remind me:

This is the start...!'

A smile slowly crawled onto my face. Yes... I had changed. I was no longer the harsh, uncaring girl I'd been... over one year ago. It's strange, too... how fast I changed. It happened without my knowing....

All because of him....

Stifling a yawn, I rolled onto my stomach; my hands fervently worked on an itchy spot atop my head. I wasn't tired anymore-- just bored. Sleep was a result of boredom, I supposed. With a quick glance over toward my desk, I noticed my precious holographic Sakuyamon card.... The one that he had gotten me last year.

Memories awakened... and images of the one who fought so hard to melt my ice-coated heart filled my mind. How had he done it...? Thick walls blocked all ways to my heart, and yet he had somehow snuck into my soul. Perhaps it was his kindness-- his undeniable warmth that drew me to him... like a moth to a flame. Always there... and always ready to listen. Over time, I began to realize that my life would fall apart if he disappeared....

'And life is a road, and I wanna keep going

Love is a river I wanna keep flowing

Life is the road, now and forever

Wonderful journey

I'll be there when the world stops turning

I'll be there when the storm is through

In the end I wanna be standing

At the beginning with you'

Back then, my mind was still clouded; I had not understood the emotions coursing through me. They... they confused me. It wasn't that I felt lost... but the feelings that I had for him scared me. Never before had I felt such a strong emotion... and, by human nature, I feared that very feeling with all my soul. I continued to do so until I figured out... that the emotion was love.

A chuckle; my laughing eyes stared out at the ceiling yet again, remembering the first time I'd ever met him.... He'd bumped into me, eyes wide in shock... then claimed that I was 'the girl from his dreams.' What did I do? ...I blew him off, of course. Okay, so maybe I'd been a littlefreaked out at that time-- how could he have dreamt about me, right? Well... now that I think about it, I guess I could say that I believe in destiny. After all, my pathetic little goggle-head went from being my so-called stalker, to 'talking-buddy,' to my best friend... to something so much more....

'Life is a road, and I wanna keep going

Love is a river I wanna keep going on

Starting out on a journey

Life is a road, and I wanna keep going

Love is a river I wanna keep flowing

In the end I wanna be standing

At the beginning... with you'

Takato meant everything to me. I wanted to be with him always... even though, deep down, I knew that it might not happen. We were, after all, only children. Who knew where we'd be years from now?

"--nd I can't help but feel that my parents did it to me.... They always fought and blamed me for everything; after fifteen years of pain and torment, they divorced. As old as I am now, I should be able to settle down and lead a normal life... but I can't. I don't want to marry and then fight with my husband all the time-- it would hurt my kids! I... I just wanted to hear..."

I stiffened; my eyes darted toward the radio, dread seeping into their deep cores. Would that... would that happen to me? God-- I hoped not...! From what I'd read, once a child has experienced divorce firsthand, it stains them for life. They tend to sway from emotional relationships in order to keep the inevitable pain away....

...but I was different, wasn't I? My current relationship with Goggle-head proved that. 'But... how am I to know that I won't be like that later?' Trembling, I sat there, shaking my head in denial. No... I didn't want to be like that. I hated my parents for divorcing-- my mom, for letting father leave, and my dad upping and leaving.... If ever were I to have kids... I wanted to have them with someone I knew I'd always love; small quarrels wouldn't matter... so long as my children understood that nothing was wrong.... How... how could people marry a person they didn't truly love? Infatuation? God... that's so stupid....

'...I'm so tired of being here

Suppressed by all my childish fears

If you have to leave,

I wish that you would just leave

'Cause your presence still lingers here

And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal

This pain is just too real

There's just too much that time ca--'

My hand, sweaty and shaking slightly, rested on the off switch of my radio. Pale-faced, I stood there for a moment, pure anguish radiating from deep within me. That song... I knew that song.... It... it reminded me too much of.... I closed my tear-stained eyes; a gentle memory from long ago played in the corner of my mind:

A small girl, smiling brightly and laughing in pure delight, ran over to a swing set. Plopping down on the black-chained piece of playground equipment, she looked out hopefully. "C'mon, Daddy!" she called, little legs swinging about. Her father walked up, bearing his normal grin, and kindly began to push her. Content, the child started... to sing....

"We'll be together forever, forever

Because we promised that setting sun

I want to see you soon

Please convey that feeling...."

Tears once again streaming down my cheeks, I allowed my lips to curve up weakly. Darn memory.... "I... I hate singing," muttered I, reaching out to slide open my door. I glanced at my clock for the second time that morning: 6:20-something.... It was close enough-- I'd just take my time getting ready.

Today... I'd face the challenge of living on with only the memory of my father; it was hard... because, even though I despised him for all he did, he was-- will always be-- my dad.... Since there was no grave (none of us had felt up to telling the police and... and my mom what had happened), I payed my respects right there. My head lowered; within my mind, I whispered, '...farewell, Dad.'

I took a deep breath and held my head high. Strong... I HAD to be strong-- for my father. As I took a step forward, words came to my lips. The song flowed out in tones that had matured as I grew, though it was soft enough not to wake my family.

"You unexpectedly dove into my lonely heart

You kindly wrapped up the things that hurt a little

It was the first time I felt so relieved

So I squeezed that warmth into my outside pocket

Do you want to go walking?

We'll be together forever, forever

Because we promised that setting sun

In lonely times, we can look at that lingering orange

That setting sun will whisper, "It will be okay"

I want to see you soon

Please convey that feeling...."

It was rare for me to skip out on my grandma's homemade waffles... but my stomach just wasn't up for it. The nightmare, the memories, everything-- they stirred up too many emotions. Each one pulled and pried at my heart, making me weaker.... I wanted to be strong... but it was hard. It was so hard.... 'Strength,' I decided after a long moment of thought, 'doesn't always make a person strong.' But... I still didn't know what could make a person truly strong-- braver than they had ever been. With a heavy heart and tired soul, I toddled out into the kitchen (which, strangely, was connected partially to the livingroom) and put on my 'good morning' mask.

...not that it was a good morning.

'-idge, make a path

Overlook the aftermath

Make my tears be your bath

If there's a way....'

Not often would my mother take her award-winning smile off her face; over this past year, the one thing I'd noticed radiating from within her... was happiness-- as if, for the first time in a long time, she felt free. A few times I'd caught her with the occasional far-off look and heartbroken stare... but I believe that, at those times, she was merely reminiscing about things from long ago. Of course, one reason for her newfound joy could possibly be that she had taken up clothing design a couple of weeks after she was released from the hospital. That's right-- no more modeling! It's a change, I suppose. Now, instead of being dragged off to her annoyingly long photo shoots, I simply get forced into becoming her little 'clothing tester,' as she so humbly named it (although it is more like torture). As long as she's happy, eh?

"Ah, Rika!" exclaimed said person as I slowly entered the living room. A small mass of arms and legs gurgled from my mom's dainty arms: my baby sister, Sakura. Having a little one in the house was quite the new experience.... Screams at all hours of the night; constantly changing dirty diapers; buying tons and tons of baby food. You know, all that fun stuff. However... as much of a pain as she was, I couldn't help but love her. She was, after all, my sister!

To the right of Mom-- who was currently sitting rather lazily on the couch-- played her beloved radio.

'Even though it's gonna crumble down (gonna crumble down)

I'll keep building 'till you come around ('till you come around)

Even though it's gonna fall apart, break my heart (break my heart)

I'll keep building 'till I die....'

Forcing a halfhearted grin, I managed to mutter, "'Mornin'." Did I really feel like talking today...? No-- at least not to my mother. It wasn't that she bugged me or anything... it was just that I didn't want to break down right in front of her. My mom was a strong person; I didn't want to make her upset....

She glanced down at the baby and cooed a little something before asking me, "You're not going to eat breakfast?" I answered by shaking my head vehemently. A laugh flowered out from her pink lips; she was wearing some lipstick.... "I thought so. By the way, Takato called-- he's going to be a few minutes late. Something about too much bread in the oven, I think," she informed me in a hushed voice.

Melancholy loomed over my mother; I could sense a slight hint of sadness. Why... why was she downcast? It wasn't like she knew of... of Father's death, right? In the end, I remained silent. No questions, no talking... no nothing. I loved my mother dearly... and I understood that she was a 'big girl' who could take care of herself. Sometimes, I worried about her, though.... Even when she claimed that she was okay, I knew better than to believe her. Perhaps she was depressed... because, unlike her, I had someone...? ...poor Mom....

With a nod toward my mother (all while ignoring the smell of food wafting through the air), I piled my backpack onto my shoulders. Life, no matter how much people worked on it, always seemed to stay scattered-- like a big jigsaw puzzle. Mine just happened to be torn apart a lot more than others....

"See you later!"


With that... I was outside.

The gate was my goal for the moment, so I took my sweet, old time. Yes, I could be lazy once in a while! The sun was beginning to peek its fiery head over the horizon, checking to see if everyone was ready for the new day (not that it mattered-- it would come up anyway). Smiling, I gazed at it wistfully. It reminded me of... that day. The day that Takato and I had proclaimed our feelings for one another.... God, I'd never felt so happy in my life (unless you count the day that Sakura was born!). The pure joy of knowing that the person you loved... loved you as well-- something about it just seemed so right.

Oh, don't look at me like that! Memories made me sentimental, that's all!

That day, one year ago... was the day that I learned what misery and happiness meant. I lost my father, the one who had taught me how to love when I was a child; and I found my heart... with a boy who had awakened those learnt feelings. Chuckles escaped my lips as I brought a hand to my mouth. I'd almost lost my precious goggle-head, too... had it not been for the cleverness of Yamaki-- a man who had been kidnaped, so to speak, by my father.... Why he rescued Takato was beyond me... but he gained my gratitude nonetheless.

The wind rushed past, stinging my face... thus making my cheeks and nose turn an unattractive rosy red. Birds flew about, serenading with all their might. The world... had to hear their song. Once more did I feel the need to sing... even though I told myself that I still hated to do so:

"I was waiting for so long

For a miracle to come

Everyone told me to be strong

Hold on and don't shed a tear

Through the darkness and good times

I knew I'd make it through

And the world thought I had it all

But I was waiting for you

Hush, now, I see the light in the sky

Oh, it's almost blinding me

I can't be--"

Hands, larger than mine and slightly calloused, shielded my vision. Fear? No, shock did not enter my veins; on the contrary-- I laughed and took those hands into my own. "Aren't," I remarked, "you supposed to be 'running late' today?" Turning around completely, I was finally able to look into Takato's deep almond eyes. They were grinning mischievously... the idiot. So he thought that he could sneak up on me, huh?

With a sheepish smile, he stated, "Well... the oven didn't blow up, but there was dough everywhere when I left...." Pausing, he scrunched his eyebrows and bit his cheek for a moment. I loved how he got that look on his face-- as though he were trying to think of what to say next so he didn't make a fool of himself. ...you can see how well that worked! His eyes lit up, and he added: "Oh, yeah! Mom wanted to know if you could come eat dinner with us tonight, too."

I rolled my eyes. When did she NOT want me down? It started to get a little tedious. Don't get me wrong, okay?! She was really nice! It was just... that she babied her son WAY too much. I mean, she thought I was gonna steal her son away from her, for goodness sakes! "Sure...," I replied with a shrug. It was always better to humor Mrs. Matsuki than argue.

Now, what to do next...? With a sly grin on my face, I leaned forward so as to kiss him; he bent in, eyes closed. Good... he took the bait. With one quick movement, my fist made contact with his messy brown mop: THUNK!

"Owww! What was that for?"

I huffed and crossed my arms. He knew darn well what! "For hearing me sing! You know how I feel about that!" I chided, giving him a well-developed glare that would send many running. He made me sooo mad, sometimes! You know what, though...? It was funny.... No matter how harsh my stare was-- no matter how cruel I acted... he just laughed and carried on joyfully. It was as if he could see right through my act....

A smirk pervaded upon his gentle face. I could almost imagine the laugh brewing up from deep within him. The boy seemed as though he didn't want to say anything at first... so I raised an eyebrow and tapped my foot in anticipation. "I couldn't help it!" he insisted finally. "Your voice is really... nice." From his facial expression, I could tell that he wanted to go a little beyond 'nice' but also knew that I would probably smack him again if he did. Hehe-- I had him well trained, didn't I? Before he could stammer anything else out, I gave him a soft, lingering peck on the lips.

"That," explained I, lips hovering inches from his wind-beaten ear, "was for being sweet." We chuckled together for a moment; the sun had risen up a few notches, thus lighting the world a little bit more. One glimpse of his jolly face filled my heart with warmth. I enjoyed his company.... It always seemed calmer around him; my world felt less strenuous. For a few seconds... I forgot what had troubled me earlier. Alas... life came tumbling down again as his eyes became serious, and he muttered the few words I didn't want to hear:

"It's been... one year, now."

My throat dried up; tears threatened to spill again. Pain flowed throughout my body... and I begged silently for it to leave me be. How I hated... suffering. With a quick nod, I forced myself to look away... but found myself squeezing his hand tightly instead. "I... I know...," I whispered shakily. Oh, how I wanted to tell him of my nightmare... of all the things I'd thought about. But, for some odd reason, my mouth refused to open....

As if sensing my distressed soul, Takato wrapped an arm around my shoulder and started leading me down the street. How... how could he be so calm? After all, he'd almost died back then! Why didn't he feel tortured by those memories? After a moment of silence, the boy murmured into my ear, "I know it's hard... but I'm here to help you through this, you know...."

That was my poor, pathetic Goggle-head... too sweet for words. Even back when he'd barely known me-- back when I'd been beyond his reach... he still offered himself to me. Feeling somewhat relaxed, a smile formed upon my lips-- one reserved only for him. Yawning, I rested my head against his and rasped, "Thanks...." I heard him chortle weakly, then he started prattling on about how Yamaki had surprisingly called to check up on him. Strange.... Why on Earth would he call him? Because of the whole 'it's been one year' gig? Or... was there something else?

"...and all he asked me was 'How are you doing?' Funny, huh? I mean, I'd not seen him for a year-- I actually thought he'd forgotten all about me!"

My legs halted; I instantly pulled away from my beloved. Why was he so dense at times?! With glaring eyes, I demanded, "Well? Didn't you ask him what he meant?" His shaking head confirmed my assumption. Groaning, I stormed ahead, leaving Takato to trail behind. He shouted out pleas and questions of confusion, all while attempting to catch up to me. I ignored them... but slowed down and closed my eyes in thought.

Maybe... maybe Yamaki realized that the one year mark had been hit and just wanted to see how Goggle-brain was doing. After all, if he cared enough to save Takato from a soon-to-be-exploded building, then he probably cared enough to call him every once and a while... right? It wasn't like everyone had an ulterior motive that remained hidden until need be! Why... did I have to get so overprotective? Gee, that was hard: I just... didn't want to lose him again. How disappointing... for me to get so moody all of a sudden. It wasn't the time to be temperamental, anyway, was it? Takato's heavy breathing entered my ears, and I sighed in defeat; my eyes trailed over to his... and we stood there for a few seconds in complete silence.

Words were unneeded; an understanding had quietly settled down between the two of us. A lopsided grin pervaded upon his face as he extended a hand, eyebrows raised invitingly. No matter what... he'd always be there for me, I realized. Sure, I knew that he'd be there when I needed him... but I suppose that I didn't think he would stay... forever.

All because I'd been abandoned before....

I accepted his hand, grateful for his patience... and love. That small touch... was a link to my true source of power: him. He was my strength-- my true courage. I... I was only brave when he was near... or when I needed to help him. All of those fights I'd been in over the years-- everything I'd fought for... they were nothing. They meant nothing.... The only thing that mattered... was Takato.

We walked down the sidewalk, heading toward the school that we both attended (Mom had transferred me to the same school as Goggles once she'd heard about our... relationship). The sun was happily gleaming down on the two of us; our future, although clouded and unknown, felt bright... and prosperous. Looking over at the boy I loved, I smiled widely. Never again... would I be alone. My dear, sweet Goggle-head would always be by my side.


Owari (End)

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