A/N: Since, I feel I need to tie up a few loose ends and this was getting a bit out of hand, there will be a prequel and a sequel.

Ted looks up from his spot on the bed when he hears the door close, surprised to see Cody standing in front of him instead of John. It's clear that the both of them are a wreck. Ted is sitting slouched, still in his pajamas with visible tears tracks on his face.

Cody doesn't look much better, standing in his ragged workout clothes he's looks so tense it seems as if he might snap at any moment. He's silently convincing himself that this is Ted. The Ted that he loves. The Ted that would never do anything to hurt him. And it's working, he thinks, slowly.

"I love you, Cody."

It's a whisper, but it might as well have been a scream for the impact that it has. Cody's eyes widen and he takes a brave step forward, but Ted isn't finished yet.

"I was trying to protect you. When you kissed me I honestly thought that you didn't know what you wanted. You were so upset and I couldn't stand to see you like that. I didn't want to make it worse. You have to believe me!"


"If the circumstances had been different Cody, I would have been so fucking happy," Ted stands and Cody takes that step back again, afraid of the sudden movement, "You don't know how much I've wanted this. How much I want you. Please . . . give me another chance."

"You love me?" Cody doesn't believe him and Ted reaches out to stroke his cheek, to comfort him, but he flinches away.

"So much."

Cody's voice cracks, "I thought you were so mad at me and that we could never be friends again."

"No," Ted says firmly, "It was my fault that this happened. I underestimated you and how strong you are. I thought these fucking night terrors were going to destroy you and it scared the hell out of me."

"But how could I just kiss you like that?!" Cody is becoming more confident now. He steps closer to Ted, raising his voice, "It was so stupid of me! What if you didn't feel the same way?!

"But I do!"

"And you were right to think that I'm not strong enough, Ted. I had a goddamn dream that you beat me and I thought it was real! I thought that the man that I love would really hurt me like that!"

"It's my fault that you had that dream to begin with, I'm the one that pulled away!"

Cody shakes his head, "You tried to help me and I drove you away because of it. I believed that shit."

"Yet you're here, face to face with me upset because you think you did something wrong! I don't understand. I'm standing here, telling you that what you did was okay, that I wanted it too."

"I love you so much. Why did this happen to us?" They each have unconsciously taken another step towards the other.

"And I love you. It just got fucked up, Cody. It got fucked up but now we can fix it."

"Oh Teddy!" Cody closes the last distance between them and crashes his lips against Ted's, throwing his arms around Ted's neck. And this time Ted responds eagerly, wrapping his own arms around Cody's lean back. It's passionate and rough and before either of them realizes it, they have backed up onto the bed and fallen onto it, Cody on top of Ted.

Ted lets out an 'oomph' as Cody's weight falls down on him and their lips part for a moment. They stare into each other's matching blue eyes, but the separation doesn't last long before they're kissing again, grinding against each other.

"Cody . . . too fast . . ."

"Please Ted; I've been waiting so long for this."

Ted tries to sit up and Cody backs off a little when he sees Ted looking at him concernedly, "What about the dream you had?"

Cody scoffs, "Screw that. Does it look like I'm afraid of you? Now let me . . ."

He doesn't even bother with the rest of the sentence before pulling off his t-shirt and flinging himself back down on Ted, bringing their lips together. Ted can't believe how confident Cody is acting, but let's himself be drawn into the younger man. Their bare chests rub as they kiss and Cody presses his tongue into Ted's mouth, trying to taste as much of him as he can.

"Teddy, I want you to fuck me."

"Cody-" Ted can't even protest because his pants have been pulled down and off his body. Next to him Cody is quickly shedding the rest of his own clothing so he can be just as naked as Ted.

"On top of me, now."

Ted complies and now Cody is on his back on the bed and Ted has his knees on either side of him. Their cocks are rapidly hardening as they bump against each others, making them both moan. Ted is now fully on board with this whole fucking thing. He leans forward to kiss Cody and as he does, his hands move to Cody's hips to grab them tightly. Too tightly.

"No!" Cody screams and pushes at Ted, trying to get away from him.

"What's going on in there?!" This shout comes from outside along with pounding on the door.

Something's gone horribly wrong but this time, Ted is not going anywhere. He moves so he is lying next to Cody and he hugs the younger man to his chest, trying to bring him back to reality. Cody cries out incoherently and struggles for a moment until he feels Ted pressing light kisses to his temple.

"Shhhhhhh," Ted soothes, "It's me. It's just me. No one is hurting you Cody. You're okay. Everything's okay."

Ted can feel Cody's heart rate slowing as he sniffles into the larger man's skin, "Teddy?"

"I'm here Code, I'm right here with you."

"I'm sorry."

Ted uses a hand to gently lift Cody's head so that the sad young man will look at him, "You have nothing to apologize for. Don't worry about it."

"But I really want to be with you."

"How about," Ted says with a smile, "we take it slow? I want you to be in control here. We're only going to do what you feel comfortable with, okay?"

And Cody nods, his chest filling with a wonderful heat. No one else had ever been this caring with him and the only other time he had been in this situation . . . he hadn't wanted it. So he take a deep breath and looks at Ted's beautiful face and swings himself back on top. To where he can't be held down.

He kisses Ted and this time it's slow and soft and perfect. They moan into each other's mouths as Cody begins to rock against Ted, their cocks brushing and this time they don't stop. They continue to kiss and Ted runs his hands over any smooth skin that he can reach, while Cody grips his face.

Their bodies quickly become covered in a thin sheen of sweat and Cody has never been so hot in his life. He knows it's not going to be long. He moves his mouth to press against Ted's ear.

". . . I love you . . ."

"Ooooooh Cody I love you too," Ted manages to rasp out, so lost in the pleasure of their warm bodies moving together.

It's only a few more seconds when Cody's legs begins to twitch and he cries out. And this time it sounds so breathtaking and his hot come on Ted's skin feels so amazing that Ted can't hold back anymore. His own orgasm overtakes him, adding to the mess that Cody has already made.

Cody arms cease holding him up and lets his head fall down on Ted's rapidly rising and falling chest, while Ted's hands come up to stroke his sweaty back.

"You're perfect and I love you, Cody. Don't believe anything else."

Cody is about to respond the sentiment when the pounding resumes on the door and this time Randy's voice can be heard, "Just tell us, is what's going on in there that's making so much noise good or bad?"

Then there's a loud slap, Randy shrieks, and they can hear John's voice, "You're not helping!"

"It's good!" Ted replies loudly, making Cody giggle, his body quivering lightly.

"Cody?" John calls, "You're okay, right?"

"Yes mother," he drawls and now Ted laughs, "Better than okay."

The two young men hear Randy and John scuffle away from the door and they relax again, settling in for a nap together.

They wake a few hours later when Ted's phone trills and John's face pops up on the screen. He has a brief feeling of déjà vu until he feels Cody's warm body against his and he sighs happily. Just able to reach the phone without shifting any, he answers it quietly, "What's up?"

"We know you guys are having quality time and all, but it's almost six and I have a feeling that food may start to become necessary."

"That sounds really good actually. Let me just wake Cody."

"Ted, I know you guys just . . . did whatever, but he shouldn't be sleeping again. That's all he's been doing lately. It's not good for him."

"Okay John," Ted says, knowing that they have other issues to address, "I know. We'll . . . we'll meet you downstairs."


He hangs up and pets Cody on the back, trying to wake him, "Cody, Baby, it's time to wake up."


"Come on. We'll go meet John and Randy for food."

Cody finally lifts his face to looks at Ted, "Food?"

"Yep. You haven't eaten today right? We'll throw on some clothes and go eat."

They dress quickly and head down to meet their friends in the hotel restaurant. The four of them sit and Cody blushes when Randy wiggles his eyebrows at him then looks at Ted. Other than that, the two older men try to refrain from saying anything that might make Ted or Cody uncomfortable.

They're eating for a bit when Ted realizes that Cody has barely touched his own food. It doesn't make sense because just before Cody had seemed rather happy about the prospect of eating.

"You okay?"

Cody shrugs, not meeting Ted's eyes, "Just not hungry I guess."

At this Ted shares a worried glance with Randy and John, then turns his attention back to the younger man, "You wanted to eat before. What's wrong?"

"Nothing! I'm fine!" Cody pounds his fist on the table and all three men jump in shock. Everything had been going so smoothly.

"Okay Kid, just calm down. He just wants to make sure you're alright," John tries to placate the younger man, but Cody is having none of it.

"Well ihe/i doesn't need to make sure I'm alright. Just leave me alone!" They can't even react as Cody shoves his chair back and storms from the restaurant.

And now, Ted knows that this is far from over.