I've got this rather large pile of fan fiction ideas that I've come up with and will probably never do anything with. So I thought to myself: "hey, why not just post them as drabbles like you do with Lombax Kisses?" That's where this came from.

Welcome to the very first chapter of Chaos Bites! I might be posting these on dA as well as soon as it gets unblocked at my school but for now they're here. Summaries of all posted drabbles will be written on my profile so if anyone wants to know about any particular one they can read them there.

So thanks for checking this out! I hope you enjoy my drabbling!

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Reunion Part One:Phone Call


It was that time of year between fall and winter when the daylight hours were comfortably cool and the night and darkness were chill to the bone. A figure stood by the window of their apartment, a phone held up to their ear, the low lighting in the room making them nothing more than a silhouette.


The sky wasn't as clear as it had been last night. No, it seemed instead that there was going to be a bit of snowfall later that evening. The figure sighed but there was a smile on their lips. Unconsciously, they fingered a gold and diamond band on their left ring finger.


A sock covered foot tapped impatiently on the floor.




"You're still up? Isn't, like, midnight over there?"

"Nah, it's more like, ten-twenty. What're you doing?"

"Well, I was taking a shower."

A burst of friendly laughter, "I've got an awesome idea. Wanna hear it?"

A sigh crackled over the other end of the phone, "Why do I have the feeling like you're grinning evilly?"

"Because I am. Wanna hear it or not?"

"Like you weren't going to tell me anyway."

"Ha, you got that one right." A dramatic sort of pause, "A reunion."

"Reunion? You mean, all four of us?"

"Yeah…! Wouldn't it be great? When I come home we can call them all up and we can go hang out somewhere, just the four of us, just like we used to!"

There was a thoughtful silence and when the other voice spoke again, it had a smile to it, "Sure. I'd love that. I'd also love to see what those two have been getting into for the past ten years."

"Heh, you and me both. I love you."

"I love you too."