It's back! The insanity of the Chaotic Chatroom! Only this time, things are a little bit different. Our favorite foursome is going to breaking the fourth wall a little in this addition.

It's the backstage Chatroom of The Files of Kazdan Kalinkas!

Backstage LOL-ing

Welcome to the Chaotic Online Chatroom—Backstage Access. Actors only.

ChaotiKween has logged in.

PeytonicMaster has logged in.

ChaoticKween: Hi Peyton.

PeytonicMaster: Saraaaahhhh! Long time no see!

ChaotiKween: Yes, because I didn't JUST see you at the studio.

PeytonicMaster: XD lol

MajorTom has logged in.

MajorTom: Hi guys!

PeytonicMaster: Where's Kazzer?

MajorTom: He's still got some work he has to do.

ChaotiKween: Tom's gonna go emo because Kaz is getting so beat up.

PeytonicMaster: XD NOOOO, NOT EMO!!!!

KidChaor has logged in.

KidChaor: Ooohh, nice conversation. EMO TOM!!!

MajorTom: Being emo sucks.

ChaotiKween: How would you know?

MajorTom: I don't. It's logic.

PeytonicMaster: Yeah, think about it, there doesn't seem to be much going for the emo kids.

ChaotiKween: True, true.

KidChaor: I don't think Tom could be emo anyway.

ChaotiKween: Yeah, me either.

KidChaor: I don't think any of us could pull off being emo.

MajorTom: Yeah, because you're totally NOT going to be emo after everything Chaor's put you through.

KidChaor: I'm gonna guess that was sarcasm.

ChaotiKween: Kaz isn't going to be emo.

PeytonicMaster: NAJARIN WILL BE EMO!

ChaotiKween: What!?


PeytonicMaster: FRAFDO WILL BE EMO!




MajorTom: Yes, they will cut themselves and die.

ChaotiKween: But they're made of pure energy, what's the point in cutting themselves?

KidChaor: I dunno. I was just wondering that. How are the M'arrillians emo?

PeytonicMaster: They just ARE.

KidChaor: Grrr. Stupid M'arrillians. I'm so glad they're not in the script.

MajorTom: And grrrr to Ulmar.

PeytonicMaster: Yesh, grr to him too.

ChaotiKween: Because everyone should hate Ulmar?

MajorTom: Yes.

PeytonicMaster: Indeed.

KidChaor: Yes.

PeytonicMaster: Indeed. X3

MajorTom: So now that Chaor knows Kaz is out of the UW…what's he gonna do about it?

ChaotiKween: Didn't you read the script?

MajorTom: No.

PeytonicMaster: He's going to pout. For a very long time.

KidChaor: And then send a very angry letter to Maxxor.

PeytonicMaster: And then Maxxor will get upset because Chaor called him ugly in the letter and go cry in a corner.

MajorTom: And the he'll send his army into the UW to get back at Chaor. XD

ChaotiKween: Here we go again…

PeytonicMaster: And then Takinom will actually be a guy!

MajorTom: And that's where babies come from.

KidChaor: You forgot that Ulmar was gay.

MajorTom: And so it Klay.

PeytonicMaster: And THAT'S where babies come from!

KidChaor: And then Klay and Ulmar turn out to be the same person.

ChaotiKween: And then they turned left.

MajorTom: It was all a VERY, VERY, VERY elaborate scheme by Klay to make Kaz's life miserable

KidChaor: TOTALLY!!!

MajorTom: Ha, I just figured out the whole story. I win.

ChaotiKween: What about H'earring?

KidChaor: H'earring got sick of it all and took a vacation in the Bahamas.

PeytonicMaster: For real this time.

KidChaor: Yep. :D

MajorTom: Oh, and Garv is really Najarin's second cousin, three times removed on his sister's side and is genderless.

PeytonicMaster: And Gespaden never actually existed, he was just a figment of Kaz's stressed out imagination.

KidChaor: Hey!

PeytonicMaster: That also happened to kill him.

ChaotiKween: This conversation took a hard left down crazy street.

KidChaor: Oh wait! I got it! Tom and Peyton are actually brothers and Sarah is an alien from the planet Farv!

ChaotiKween: Excuse me!?

MajorTom: And Farv was blown up by the Death Star.

KidChaor: By Adam West.

PeytonicMaster: And Darth Vader is Chaor's cousin so when he found out Maxxor was beating up Chaor, he used the Force to make Maxxor thnk he was a girl.

ChaotiKween: And then Luke Skywalker showed up and told Kaz he was a Jedi.

MajorTom: Yikes.

KidChaor: This story is becoming a bit too much for me.

PeytonicMaster: Okay, maybe we took it a BIT too far…

MajorTom: But you know what they say…

KidChaor: Screw the rules, my hair defies gravity.

PeytonicMaster: LOL, it DOES!

ChaotiKween: Ssssoooooooo…

KidChaor: I don't know. How do you top that last conversation?

ChaotiKween: You can't.

MajorTom: You'd have to say something pretty epic.

PeytonicMaster: 9

KidChaor: That says it all.

ChaotiKween: Well, geez, you've got me there.

MajorTom: Seriously now, how does the rest of The Files go?

ChaotiKween: Go get your script and read it, you lazy bum!

KidChaor: It has to do with Chaor.

ChaotiKween: Well of course it does!

MajorTom: That's like saying it has to do with Chaotic.

MajorTom: And there are characters in it.

MajorTom: Who do stuff.

MajorTom: And stuff happens.

ChaotiKween: And then more stuff happens.

PeytonicMaster: And then they turned left.

KidChaor: And then they turned right.

PeytonicMaster: And then they got lost.

KidChaor: And then they stopped and asked for directions.

MajorTom: And then they got chased by some killer bees.

ChaotiKween: And then the ending happens so it's OVER!

KidChaor: Oh wait, we forgot the middle part.

PeytonicMaster: Guess we have to start over.

ChaotiKween: NO!

ChaotiKween has logged out.

MajorTom: Whoops, looks like we chased Sarah off.

KidChaor: Again.

MajorTom: Eh, I should go too. Probably should read the script while I'm at it…

PeytonicMaster: At least we had tons of fun!

KidChaor: I know!

MajorTom: Dude!

KidChaor: I know!

PeytonicMaster: ???????

MajorTom: DUDE!

KidChaor: I KNOW!

MajorTom: DUDE!

KidChaor: I don't know.

MajorTom: X(

KidChaor: :D

PeytonicMaster: Well, I'm outta here. See you dudes around!

PeytonicMaster has logged out.


KidChaor has logged out.

MajorTom: I feel so loved.

MajorTom has logged out.

Chaotic Online Chatroom—Backstage Access closed.

Well that was fun.

And bits of that were actually parts of a conversation held between myself and a friend of mine.


I'm not kidding.

And since there was no other way I could put this into the chatroom, I decided to momentarily pretend that The Files was nothing but a play or something. XD

Oh man, this was so much fun to write!