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The summer vacation had come and Draco had invited Harry to meet his parents. Lucius had pulled some strings and Dumbledore gave permission for Harry to spend some of the summer with the Malfoy's so long as Harry owl him weekly. Draco had sent their luggage on earlier and now he and Harry were coming up the manor drive in Draco's carriage. Upon reaching the actual manor entrance, Harry jumped down from the carriage, looked up and gulped; the manor was huge and looming over him. He felt Draco come to his side and reached for his hand. Draco chuckled at Harry's actions and silently led him to the manor doors. He reached for the handle but once again, Kinks beat him to it and hurled the door open. Draco pulled Harry inside and gave quick instructions to the band of elves that had come to meet them. He turned back to Kinks and introduced Harry to him.

'Kinks?' Harry looked at Draco incredulously.

'Well yeah...' Draco blushed. 'He twisted kinks into his uniform so I called him was fitting at the time...' Draco drew a circle in the ground with his foot while refusing to meet Harry's gaze.

'Are you sure thats it?' Harry teased. Draco looked up, colour flooding to his face as he slipped his hand out of Harry's and fiddled with the bottom of his shirt.

'Well obviously, I mean I was six when I named him but not a mature six. I didn't even know what sex was back then and these curls appeared in his clothes so I asked mother what they were and she told me so I named him. No sexual link whatsoever. Mother doesn't mind, I don't mind and he doesn't seem to mind, Come to think of it, no one seems to care and...'

'Draco Lucius Malfoy! Malfoy's never ramble and they certainly don't explain themselves.' Harry, who had been watching Draco in amusement, switched his attention to the owner of the voice. Lucius Malfoy was striding towards them, cane in hand and head held high. His midnight blue robes billowed, allowing Harry to see the tailored trousers beneath. His blond hair fell beyond his shoulders and the fringe was wavering slightly due to the breeze created by the breeze from the stride. In short, Lucius Malfoy looked terrifying. Harry took Draco's hand again and hid behind him, much to the blonde's amusement.

'Sorry father.' Draco called out. Lucius Malfoy reached them and sighed softly.

'So where is the boy who deems himself worthy of a Malfoy?' He demanded. Harry swallowed the lump in his throat as he peeked out from Draco's back, stepping forward and offering a hand.

'Harry Potter sir, nice to meet you, sir.' Harry swallowed again and was ashamed to see his hand shaking ever so slightly. Lucius took the hand and shook it briskly before letting it go and glancing at his son.

'Polite,' he commented as Harry smiled. 'but terrible posture. See that he works on it Draco.' Draco nodded and Lucius spared Harry one more glance before striding away. Draco turned to Harry and slipped an arm around his waist.

'Come on,' He said softly, 'I'll show you to our room.' Harry smiled weakly and allowed himself to be led away.

Upon reaching Draco's room, he gasped loudly. The room was the size of the boys' dorm and had its own en suite. The bed dominated the center of the back wall, making it the first thing to be seen. Surprisingly it was made with blue and silver sheets as opposed to the green that Harry expected. A seating of three chairs and a table claimed the space to their left and dressers occupied the space either side of the bed. The right wall was the largest wardrobe Harry had ever seen and the look was finished with French Windows opening onto a balcony either side of the dressers. It was a room fit for a Malfoy really.

Harry felt himself being led over to the bed and allowed himself to be led down onto the sheets, meeting Draco's lips in a needy kiss. He ran his hands down Draco's sides, untucking his shirt as their tongues came out in a old dance. As Harry began his exploration of Draco's torso, a cough interrupted them. They sprung apart to see Lucius Malfoy staring at them from the door way.

'A Malfoy never expresses their love on top of the sheets Draco. Dinner will be ready in half an hour, I suggest you change.' He flicked a look over to Harry. 'Yes,' he drawled, 'change.' He turned and left as Harry jumped from the bed and over to his trunk, it already having been delivered by the Malfoy elves before hand.

'He likes you.' Draco stated from his place by his wardrobe. Harry whirled around.

'Likes me?' He cried, 'He can't stand the sight of me. Me who deems himself worthy of a Malfoy despite my bad posture...' Draco tuned out Harry's rant of uncertainty. He knew exactly what his father's game was. Lucius would make the suitor uncomfortable as was humanly possible to see how serious they were about Draco. He even made up Malfoy rules which was a shame because Draco was really looking forward to relieving Harry of his growing problem when his father appeared with a non-existing rule and a dinner invitation. The point was if the suitor broke up with Draco due to his father or family problems they were obviously not suitable. However, if they were in love with Draco enough to ignore his father's games, they got his father's blessing for the wedding. Because clearly if they broke it off before the wedding, they weren't The One. Whatever that was. Draco shook his head as he tuned back into Harry. '...but I love you so I don't care what your father tries to do, you're stuck with me.' Draco felt his heart swell as a grin slid onto his face.

'I love you too.' Harry stood from his position by his trunk and smiled at Draco, who beamed in response. They stood there just smiling at each other for a while before Draco coughed and broke the gaze and called for Kinks. Harry turned back to his trunk and began rummaging for clothes again. He let out a yelp as he was pulled back; losing his balance, he fell back with an 'oomph' onto his behind. Draco snickered and the elf hid a smile.

'Honestly sir,' He said, 'how can I be measuring you when you won't be standing?' Harry blinked at the elf.

'Measuring?' He echoed. Draco sighed softly and hauled Harry to his feet.

'Father says you need to change and your clothes will not be suitable for a Malfoy dinner, so you are going to be measured and in about fifteen minutes you will have new robes.' Draco beamed but Harry just stared at him.

'Oh no Draco, I don't think so.' Draco's grin slipped and he stared back at Harry blankly.

'What?' Draco made to move away but Harry slid his arms around his waist to hold him in place.

'Draco, you are dating me – Harry Potter. You fell in love with the person that I am, in the clothes that I am. Your father wants to meet the boy who loves you and he's going to. For me to be that boy I need to wear my own clothes and not transform into something Lucius wants. He needs to meet the person dating his son, not the person he wants to be dating his son.' Draco just stared at Harry speechless. His father had set a test that Draco hadn't seen through. He always changed for dinner – he didn't expect Lucius to challenge Harry in the way Harry had explained. It was very clever.

'Sirs, you be having ten minutes until Mr Malfoy be wanting you.' They broke contact as Harry went for his trunk and clothes and Draco turned to the elf.

'Thank you Kinks, you may go for the night' The elf bowed and disappeared with a crack. Draco ran his hands down his face and turned to his wardrobe. He spotted his silver robes and pulled his shirt over his head, reaching into his wardrobe. Leaning back with the robes, Draco jumped when he felt a hot body step up behind him. He dropped his robes when he felt a prominent bulge pushing into his behind. Moaning he leaned back as Harry latched himself onto Draco's earlobe.

'You are going to be the death of me.' Harry muttered into Draco's ear, making the blonde go weak at the knees.

'Ho...H....How?' He choked out, his erection growing larger as Harry's breath ghosted along his jawline. With surprising ease, Harry flipped Draco round, closed the wardrobe door and pushed Draco against it, rubbing their groins together. Draco bit down on his lip to stop from moaning out right.

'That is why.' Harry murmured against Draco's lips before capturing them. Draco opened his mouth instantly and felt his heart jump as their tongues met. He rubbed his tongue along Harry's massaging it as he slipped his hands into Harry's jeans. He felt his jeans being pushed down and stepped from them, pushing Harry's down also. He broke of he kiss and kissed a path down Harry's chest, his tongue sweeping over nipples and into the navel. He reached the top of Harry boxers and grinned as he freed his prize. He blew on it and opened his mouth to take it whole when he was pulled up unceremoniously. His head hit the wardrobe door as Harry claimed his lips in a bruising kiss. Harry bit down on Draco's lips drawing blood but then sucking it off, making Draco nearly collapse. Harry kissed down Draco's neck and slipped the boxers over bony hips. Draco gasped as cold air enveloped his cock but it was a short gasp as his cock became encased in a hot mouth. Harry swirled his tongue around the base as he massaged Draco's balls. He licked his way up the underside then swept back down to the base, still continuing his hand motions. Draco came hard into his mouth with Harry's name echoing around the room, sending Harry over the edge too. As he stood and leant against Draco catching his breath, he felt his heart stop as a voice rang out.

'Now you've finished, dinner is being served. Although young Mister Potter might not be as hungry anymore.' Lucius Malfoy swept from the room, leaving a mortified Harry and Draco behind him. As he strode through the halls, one consistent thought ran through his head. Where the hell is my pensieve?


A red faced Harry and Draco settled into their dinner seats a few minutes later and were served by the elves nearby.

'Narcissa Malfoy dear, sorry I couldn't be introduced earlier, I was unavailable.' Harry nodded his head in response and jumped when Draco placed his had on his thigh. That was all he needed.

'By unavailable, she means shopping.' Draco smiled at Harry as he spoke and rose his hand further. Harry reached for the wine in front of him and took a large gulp.

'There's nothing wrong with indulging yourself is there Harry?' Harry gulped as Draco's hand brushed his crotch and shook his head.

'Nothing at all Mrs Malfoy.' Narcissa laughed.

'Narcissa. Mrs Malfoy makes me feel old.' Harry nodded and blushed at his mistake.

'That's enough pointless chatter,' everyone turned to look at Lucius at the head of the table. 'Are you boys happy with the accommodation?' Harry gripped the edge of the table as Draco unzipped his fly and snuck his hand in to cup the bulge in Harry's boxers.

'Of course father, they are quite satisfactory.' Harry just stared at Draco. How could he speak so calmly to his father when he was giving Harry a hand job under the table? Must be a Malfoy thing.

'Mister Potter?' Harry looked up.

'Sorry?' Lucius tutted.

'Come boy what else can be requiring your attention other than me? I asked whether your accommodation met your approval.' Harry stifled the moan rising in his throat as Draco caressed Harry's erection. If only Lucius knew what Harry really wanted to focus on.

'Yes sir, I'm sure we'll use it very well.' Three things followed this statement; Narcissa choked into her wine, Lucius closed his eyes and Draco squeezed Harry's cock gently.

'I'm sure Harry meant we'll be using it often, meaning we'll be staying here a while...yes Harry?' Harry's hips bucked forward minutely as he nodded his agreement. He quickly finished his soup and watched as it was replaced by a plate of meat and vegetables.

'How many courses?' He muttered to Draco. Draco's eyes gleamed but he didn't answer. Not verbally anyway. Harry chocked in his throat as Draco squeezed him three times. Closing his eyes he tried to regain some control as Draco continued rubbing his hand up and down Harry's length.

'So Harry dear, you and Draco?' The boys looked at each other and grinned. Narcissa was surprised to see the love in both pairs of eyes. 'I take that as a yest hen.' She smiled. 'For how long?'

'Five months.' Draco answered. Harry stared at him.

'Six.' Draco stopped his actions but did not remove his hand.

'Five...we were together in March.'

'Six we were together before then, I told you I loved you in February.' Draco rolled his eyes.

'Well if you want to go back to how long we've been seeing each other...I'd say twenty months.' He beamed at Harry who smiled back.

'That's long Dray.' Draco nodded and turned to his mother.

'Twenty months mother.' Narcissa smiled.

'Your longest yet.' Draco blushed as Harry beamed. The beam turned into a forced grin as Draco began moving his hand again. Harry's heart beat picked up as he tried to eat his dinner quickly before he lost all control in front of the Malfoys.

'So are you mating yet?' Draco squeezed Harry tight and he came explosively into his boxers with a sigh. He looked up at Narcissa with a pleading look in his eyes.

'Would it be okay if I'm excused, I need to visit the bathroom.' Harry shifted slightly and winced as th cooling come rubbed against his now limp cock. Not good.

'Of course dear, dessert is being served shortly so you have enough time.' She smiled sweetly at him and hid a smile as she watched him trying to hide his waddle as he left the room. Draco watched him leave and turned to his mother also.

'If I may be excused, I'd like to wash my hands before dessert.' He switched his attention to his father and , when he received a curt nod, stood and left the room, trying not to hurry as he followed Harry.

'Well they won't be present for dessert.'

'Narcissa!' Narcissa merely rolled her eyes and looked at her husband.

'Come now darling, surely you saw Harry's expressions and heard the muffled moans. Even if you missed that, there was the constant presence of Draco's arm under the table. He ate the entire meal one-handed, fairly impressive.' As she caught the blank look from her husband she sighed affectionately. 'Unless you're entirely male, and missed those signs, Draco just asked to wash his hands before dessert – mere seconds after Harry left. You seriously don't believe that excuse do you Lucius?'

'Well of course not Cissy, I just don't relish in the idea of my son and ....Harry Potter expressing their love in any way. Not when I'm around anyway.' Narcissa cast a side long look at her husband as he sipped his wine.

'You saw them together earlier didn't you?' Lucius turned beet red and replaced his glass as he drew in a breath.

'It is an episode I wish not to dwell upon. In fact I placed it in the green room pensieve.' Narcissa raised her eyebrows. The green room pensieve was never looked in; it was kept locked away with a charm which allowed memories to enter but nothing else. No one could see the memories the pensieve contained.

'That good huh?' Lucius stood and threw his napkin onto the table in front of him.

'Narcissa, you are a Malfoy, 'huh' does not exist in your vocabulary. And no it wasn't good. I personally found it disgusting but Draco seemed to disagree with my opinion.' Narcissa stifled a giggle as her husband swept from the room and, calming herself, summoned a house elf.

'Jizzy, dessert is not to b eaten in this room, serve to our guest and my son when they call for it.' The house elf bowed and went to apparate but Narcissa stopped him. 'Where exactly is my son and Mister Potter?'

'In the East Wing missus.' Narcissa frowned, Draco's room was in the West Wing.

'Whatever are they doing there?' The house elf blushed a funny shade of pink and Narcissa understood exactly what they were doing, or rather who they were doing. Poor Lucius, he wouldn't be able to stand catching the boys again.

'Very well,' she said, 'you may go...forget the dessert though.' The house elf bowed and disapparated with a crack. Narcissa took her wine glass and swept from the room in search of her husband; she hoped she would find him before he found Harry and Draco.

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