Title: Broken Child

Author: Lady FoxFire

Pairing(s): None

Rating: M

Warning: Rape, Abuse, Torture

Category(s): AU

Summary: What happens when Harry's mind snaps. Can he recover? (rape, abuse, torture)

Disclaimer: Nope I don't own the Harry Potter series except in book and movie form. If I owned the series I would have taken the last 3 books in a totally different direction.

Bad Author Notes: Sorry it took so long for me to update I wasn't feeling very good and that work went insane. Taking a 5 minute break just to update.

Please don't kill me when you get to the end.

Madam Pomfrey was just covering Harry up when his friends burst into the room.

"Are they alright? Did You-Know-Who hurt them? How did they escape?" Ron said in a rush of words.

"We're fine, Ron," Hermione said from a chair near Harry's bed.

Ginny rushed over and gave the older girl a hug. "Are you alright? He didn't hurt you did he?" she asked.

"Tom didn't hurt us. He was a gentleman the whole time," Hermione answered.

Ginny stepped back and gave Hermione a confused look.

"It's alright, Ginny. Really," Hermione said. "Headmaster." She said in greeting as Dumbledore entered the room.

"Miss Granger," Dumbledore replied before turning to Madam Pomfrey and saying. "How is he?"

"Aside from slipping back into his own mind, he's fine. No sign of physical torture or the use of any spells on him," Pomfrey replied.

"Tom didn't want Harry kidnapped," Hermione said. "He just wanted to know where Harry was but Peter decided to bring Harry to him."

"Tom?" Dumbledore said as he walked around Harry's bed towards Hermione.

Hermione nodded her head. "He had me brought to him in the hope that I could fix him. He wanted to know the answer."

"The answer?" Neville chimed in. "What answers is he looking for."

Hermione looked over at Longbottom. "If he was doing the right thing," she answered before turning and looked at Dumbledore. "He told me about Elizabeth and the other Muggle-born children."

Dumbledore slowly sat down in a chair next to Hermione. "That is a name I haven't heard of in a long time."

"So it's true. What he told me about what happens to the poorer Muggle-born is true," Hermione demanded.

Dumbledore nodded his head.

"What happens to the poorer Muggle-born?" Ron demanded.

"If the Muggle-born isn't wealthy enough to come to Hogwarts then… then they never learn magic," Hermione explained.

Neville inhaled sharply. "That's condemning them to death."

Dumbledore looked away from the eyes of his students. "My power as the Headmaster is limited when it comes to the Muggle-born. It is the Ministry that sets the cost of tuition and the quota for the number of Muggle-born allowed into our world. I have been successful in getting them to agree to lower the cost to a point but there are still some Muggle-borns who are never invited."

"My father collects comic books," Hermione said. "My mother thinks it's a silly hobby but my father enjoys it. He used to read them to me. His favorite one is the X-Men. It's about a school for people with powers..."

"Like magic," Fred or was it George chimed in.

Hermione shook her head. "Not exactly. The leader of this school was Professor Xavier. He tried to teach his students to use their powers wisely. To use them to help others and not to lash out in hate when people reacted badly to them because they had powers because they were mutants."

"He sounds like a wise man," Dumbledore said.

Hermione nodded her head. "There are people and governments in that world that fear the mutants because they have powers; they bring change to the world. And they don't like change. Professor Xavier is trying to change the world, to show them that they don't have to fear mutants. But some mutants feel the change is too slow, so they're trying to force the change to happen faster."

"I take it that isn't a good idea," Dumbledore commented in a wise tone of voice.

"Yes and no," Hermione replies. "Their leader is a man named Magneto. He and his family were sent to a concentration camp. There his family was killed and he was forced to work at the camp and help dispose of the remains those who were killed at the camp. Eventually he was set free by Allied forces. For a time he worked with Professor Xavier to help mutants but then he started to see how the governments of the world were treating mutants. He saw how much the governments were like the Nazis. He saw the possibility that the governments of the world would treat mutants like the Nazis treated the Jews, Gypsies or anyone who was different or disagreed with them. He felt that the only way to force the change needed onto the world was by using any force necessary to stop them after all who would stop him."

Hermione turned and looked Dumbledore directly in the eyes. "You're like Professor Xavier, Headmaster. And Tom… Voldemort is like Magneto. He's not an evil man, not a villain but a man doing what he has to protect others who can't protect themselves."

And with that Hermione rose to her feet and walked out of the room.

A few days after Hermione and Harry's return to Hogwarts, Hermione gathered Harry's friends in an unused classroom.

The group watched Hermione pace back and forth, back and forth until Ron sighed a much put upon sigh, grabbed her and forced her into a chair. "Talk," he demanded.

Hermione looked into Ron's eyes then at everyone else. Chewing on her bottom lip she said, "I did something you're not going to be happy with."

"We won't know that until you tell us," Dean pointed out.

"Tom… Voldemort has Mrs. Dursley," Hermione admitted.

"Is she still alive?" Ginny asked.

"Is she still sane?" Neville said.

"Yes and yes," Hermione answered. "Tom hasn't allowed anyone to harm her.

"Why?" Ron demanded

"Because he wasn't the one harmed by her. Harry was," Hermione explained. "He also knew that the Wizard world won't do anything since she's Muggle and Harry won't because he's Harry."

"So what did you do?" Ginny demanded.

Hermione pulled out a scroll of parchment for her bag. "Tom gave me this," she said unrolling the scroll to show that it was blank. "What we write on the parchment will appear on another scroll that Tom has and he can reply the same way."

"Ok, let me be the one to ask the stupid question… Why? Why give you this? Why let you know that he has Harry's aunt?" Seamus asked.

Hermione took a deep breath. "Because he wants me… all of us… Harry's real family to decide her fate."

Everyone was silent as they looked at the parchment.

"Kill her," Ginny said softly.

Hermione shook her head. "We're not allowed to kill her or set her free."

"Or into insanity," Neville said.

The others turned to look at Neville.

"Those that are insane… they're free of guilt. They don't understand why they're being hurt," Neville explain. "It would be like hurting a child or puppy."

Hermione nodded her head. "Or insane," she added on to the rule for Petunia's fate.

"Does Dumbledore know you have this," Ron nodded toward the parchment.

Hermione shook her head. "I'll give it to him after we've decided on her fate."

Ron nodded his head. "She hated magic and anything she thought was freaky or unnatural."

"So the worst punishment would be to be forced to deal with something magical every day for the rest of her life," Seamus said.

"Lock her up with only a house elf delivering her food until she dies of old age," Ginny demanded.

Neville shook his head. "Too nice," he said. "She would die believing that she was right and this was our way to silence her. No, she has to suffer for her crimes and be forced to see the truth."

"A living statue," Dean said softly.

Everyone turned to look at him.

"What did you say Dean?" Ron asked.

"I said a living statue," he replied. "Over the summer my dad and I watched a Vincent Price marathon and one of the movies was the House of Wax."

"Oh that's horrible but brilliant!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Ok can you explain that to those of us from the wizard world?" Ginny asked. "Who is Vincent Price? And why would Dean be watching him run?"

Those from the Muggle world looked at Ginny oddly.

"What do you mean run, Gin?" Seamus asked.

"I was told a marathon was a long distance foot race among Muggles," Ginny explained.

"Not that kind of marathon," Dean shook his head. "A movie marathon. It's when a series of films with a similar theme or actor or actress is played back to back for hours."

"Vincent Price was an actor who starred in a lot of horror movies," Hermione explained. "He has this voice… this laugh…" Hermione shivered at the thought.

"The man was scary when he wanted to be," Dean chimed in. "I mean today's films are really scary compared to the old films but Vincent Price was the Crown Prince of Darkness. The only one we have close to matching Vincent Price would be Jack Nicholson."

"Ohhhh The Shining." Hermione shivered once again. "Scary movie."

"Must be a Muggle thing," Ron said to Neville who nodded his head in agreement.

"Why is it that when there is something that someone raised in the wizard world doesn't understand they dismiss it by saying in a snooty tone of voice it's a Muggle thing," Dean snapped. "It would be like me saying that Quidditch is a wizard thing," he said in the same tone of voice the others had used when saying 'it was a Muggle thing.'

Those that were Muggle-born or Muggle-raised looked at their friends, waiting for an answer.

"Well you need to understand one thing," one of the twins said.

"You see our mother, who is a saint among mothers," the other twin picked up where his brother left off.

The other brother started to speak again. "She thinks Muggle things…"

"Like movies."



"And so on."

"Will give us bad ideas."

"And rot our brains."

"In other words she's afraid you might get brilliant ideas from it," Dean said with a smirk.

"Yes," the twins replied as one, their shoulders slumped in defeat.

"We're getting off track," Hermione said with a shake of her head. "We're here to deal with Mrs. Durlsey's, not argue over the wizard world's fear of being inferior to the Muggle world."

Ron crossed his arms over his chest with a snort. "Hermione's right. That's an argument for another time. Right now we have to decide what to do with that… woman. I for one like the idea of a living statue. Place her someplace in the wizard world where she's forced to see people being happy, living a life she's unable to live."

"Someplace were birds can crap on her and drunken men was piss on her," Ginny added in.

"One problem with that," one of the twins chimed in.

The other twin nodded his head. "We've seen Mrs. Dursley…"

"And she's a bagger."

"She would frighten way small children…"

"And animals but with enough fire whiskery…

"She might be pretty."

"Of course that would take a lot of fire whiskery."

"Is it even possible to create a living statue?" Hermione said thoughtfully.

Neville nodded his head. "Its borderline dark magic since the person knows what is going on and can still feel. It used to be used on the battlefield to save someone's life because they had all the time they needed, to get them to a healer. It fell out of favor when better spells and charms were created."

"I never heard of that," Ginny commented.

Neville shrugged his shoulder. "One of my ancestors was a healer so we have a number of books on the subject in the family library."

"Right," Hermione said with a sharp nod of her head. "So does anyone disagree with Mrs. Dursley's fate?"

"Harry will want to know what happened to her when he gets better," Ron pointed out.

"I'll never tell," Dean said. "As far as Harry has to know, she disappeared never to be seen again."

The others nodded their heads in agreement. And with that Hermione pulled out there bottle of ink and quill.

It was after the evening meal that Hermione stopped the Headmaster and handed him the scroll of parchment.

"Tom asked me to give you this," she said

Dumbledore took the scroll from her hands and looked at it. "Do you know what this is, Miss Granger?"

"Yes, sir," she replied, her head held high.

"And did you use it?" Dumbledore asks.

Hermione nodded her head. "Yes."

"And what did you tell him, Miss Granger?" Dumbledore demanded.

"Nothing that will endanger Hogwarts, the Wizard world or the rest of the world," Hermione replied.

Dumbledore stared at Hermione for a moment before saying, "You do know they say justice comes to those who wait."

Hermione eyes narrows. "And sometimes justice needs a helping hand. I know what my crimes against the world are, Headmaster. And I sleep soundly at night. Can you say the same?"

And with that Hermione turned on her heels and walked away.

Dumbledore stared after for a moment before looking down at the scroll in his hand. "No. No I don't sleep well at night."

Dumbledore stared at the unrolled scroll of parchment sitting on his desk for most of the night before reaching out for his quill.

'Hello Tom' he wrote on the parchment.

'Albus.' Appeared on the parchment in reply. 'It's been a long time.'

'Yes it has been.'

'I'm assuming Miss Granger and Mr. Potter returned to Hogwarts unharmed,' appeared on the parchment.

Dumbledore tapped his quill against his bottom lip in thought before putting tip to parchment once again. 'They did.'

'Good. I hope that Mr. Potter can recover quickly from my servant's foolish actions.'

'I would have assumed that you would want Mr. Potter to be no longer among the living so you can continue with your plans.'

'I have enough blood on my hands without having to add the blood of someone who could not defend themselves or understand what was happening.'

'And yet you attacked Mr. Potter when he was a baby.'

'Of that I do not deny and I have no excuse to explain my actions except to say I was sending him to join his parents instead of seeing him land in the hands of someone who would not love him.'

Dumbledore's lips thinned as he stared at the words on the parchment as they silently shouted out their accusation.

'It could have been different,' Dumbledore wrote, 'you could have worked with me to change the laws.'

'You know as well as I do that they won't change the law. They might lower some requirements so a few more would be accepted but they will never accept the poorest of the Muggle-born. No. It is better to tear down the walls, to fight fire with fire than to beg for a few crumbs.'

'And yet despite all you've done, all the death, nothing has changed. There is still a limit on how many Muggle-borns are allowed to come to Hogwarts,' Dumbledore wrote.

'And that particular problem is your fault,' the parchment replied. 'When was the last time you pushed for the income limit on Muggle-borns to be lowered? When did you push for Muggle-borns to be allowed more positions in the Ministry instead of forcing them into low paying jobs that no Pure-blood would ever accept?'

'If you have forgotten Pure-bloods like Malfoy will veto any plan that would allow more Muggle-born to be allowed to come to Hogwarts.'

'Albus, you old fool, did you even for once think about who Malfoy obeys? I would have ordered him and my other followers to agree to the new laws after arguing for a bit. I would have spun them some lies to get them to agree; claim it was part of a master plan you were falling for. Not that any of that matters now.'

'Why doesn't it matter now?' Dumbledore wrote.

'Because no matter what happens; if I kill Potter or he kills me, I've won.'

'You won? How? I don't understand.'

'My biggest mistake in the first war was Lily Potter. If I knew then what I know now, I would have recruited her and set her against the Wizengamot. I'm sure she would have changed the world.'

'She probably would have but that doesn't explain how you won.'

'I've been given a second chance in Miss Granger,' appeared on the parchment. 'She now knows the wizard world's dirty little secret and I can't see her stopping until it no longer happens.'

Dumbledore stared at the parchment before he started to snicker. 'I almost pity my fellow Wizengamot members.'

"Good morning, Mr. Malfoy," Miss Dwain, Minister Fudge's secretary said as Lucius walked into the office.

"Miss Dwain. Is the Minister in?" Malfoy replied with a nod towards Fudge's office door.

"He is," she replied, "but he's not feeling very well. He just can't seem to shake this winter cold."

"Hmmm," Malfoy said thoughtfully. "Have you scheduled an appointment with a healer? Perhaps they can have something to help him."

"Five times and each time the Minister has me reschedule. His next appointment is at 2 today," Miss Dwain stated.

"I'll make sure he attends it. After all we can't have a great man like Fudge die on us, now can we?" Lucius said.

"No, sir," Miss Dwain replied with a little smile. "You can go right in, Mr. Malfoy."

Malfoy nodded his head before opening the office door and walking in. "Cornelius, Miss Dwain says you're still feeling ill."

Fudge sat at his desk.

"Cornelius? What ails you, my friend?" Malfoy said as he moved closer.

"Cornelius?" Malfoy said once again as he reached out to touch Fudge's shoulder only to have Fudge fall forward, his face slamming into the top of the desk.

"Crap!" Lucius said in disgust as he stared at Fudge's dead body. With a weary sigh Malfoy walked back to the outer office. "Miss Dwain you should cancel all of the Minister's appointment and call for the undertaker."

Miss Dwain stared up at Malfoy from her seat. "The Minister is dead?"

"Unfortautely. I need to go and alert the member of the Wizengamot," he said as he walked out of the office.

Dwain waited a few minutes to make sure Malfoy wasn't coming back and hadn't sent for anyone before pulling open the bottom drawer of her desk.

"I'm surprised it worked so well," she said to herself as she pulled out a small tin with an image of a skull and cross bones and a picture of a rat on it. "I'll have to remember this for the next time someone expects me to be grateful to them for my job."

And with that she put the tin into her bag before calling for the undertaker.

Vernon had just been coming around after being hit with a wooden chair while strangling a young boy when the police arrived at the pub. He immediately confessed to attacking the boy but claimed it was not his fault. That some freak had used magic on him to make him attack the boy in the pub.

The police were less pleased when they ran a check on Vernon's name and discovered he was wanted for questioning about the disappearance of his wife Petunia and nephew Harry Potter and in the murder of his son Dudley and sister Marge.

When Vernon was informed he was wanted for questioning his reaction was less than peaceful. In fact Dursley soon found himself in the psychiatric ward of the local hospital, his arms and legs strapped to the bed to prevent him from harming himself or others.

It was in the middle of the third night since being admitted to the hospital, that Vernon woke suddenly. He looked around half asleep trying to figure out what woke him when he spotted the figure standing in the corner, closest to the windows.

Vernon blinked a couple times to clear the sleep from his eyes then he stared hard at the figure, his eyes narrowing. It was only when the figure shifted slightly allowing the light from the window to highlight its hair that it all came together

"You!" Vernon hissed before he started to scream for help. "Nurse! Nurse, come quick!"

"What is it, Mr. Dursley," the nurse said in a weary tone of voice

"It's one of those freaks!" Vernon exclaimed with a nod of his head towards the figure. "Call the police! Have them question him! He can tell you I didn't do anything! That it's all the boy's fault."

The nurse look in the direction Vernon had indicated. "There is no one there, Mr. Dursley."

"Are you blind, woman!" Vernon explained. "He's sitting right there! He has red hair and is wearing a funny type of dress!"

"You must have dreamt it," the nurse said reassuringly.

"She can't see me," the man replied, "or hear me."

"But she could touch you!" Vernon exclaimed in triumph. "Nurse! Go over to the corner and feel for him. He says you can't see or hear him but you can touch him."

The nurse sighed wearily. "Mr. Dursley, it's very late at night so you'll have to tell your visitor that it's after visiting hours and that he'll have to come back during the day. I'll make sure to tell the doctor that he was here and see if he'll prescribe something to help you go back to sleep."

"I'm not imaging this! He's right there! And if you would do what I told you to do, you would realize it too," Vernon spouted.

"Of course, Mr. Dursley. I'll be back shortly with something to help you sleep," the nurse said as she exited it room.

"No! You can't leave me here with him!" Vernon shouted at the closed door.

Vernon turned back to the wizard in the corner, his head held high in defiance but his eyes betrayed his fear.

The wizard raised his wand and cast a spell at the door. "There, now we can talk without the worry of anyone overhearing."

"I thought you said that no one could hear or see you," Vernon sneered at the wizard.

"They can't," the wizard replied, "but they can hear you. And we don't want to be interrupted now would we."

"What happened was that boy's fault," Vernon snapped. "If your kind hadn't left him with us, none of it would have happened."

The wizard shook his head. "You chose to abuse Harry. You chose to rape him and encourage your son to do the same. Those who placed Harry with you gave you the opportunity but you chose to do so."

"I'm assuming you're here to kill me like your kind killed my family," Vernon snarled.

"We didn't kill your son or your sister," the wizard declared. The wizard held up his hand to stop Vernon's protests. "While I will admit they were killed by magic; it was not any witch or wizard who did it."

"A freak is a freak and a freak was the one who murdered my son and my sister," Vernon replied.

"And a monster raped and abused a child," the wizard replied. "I would rather be a freak any day then be a monster like you."

Vernon sneered at the wizard for calling him a monster but made no reply. Finally he said, "If you're not here to kill me then why are you here freak? It's not like I know where that freak boy is or that bitch who was my wife is."

"Oh I never said I wasn't here to kill you Dursley, just that we had nothing to do with the death of your son or sister." The wizard admitted. "I've just been trying to figure out how to do it."

"What! No! You can't!" Vernon sputtered. "I deserve a trial of my peers. Let them find me guilty or innocent on the evidence."

"But you have no peers in the wizard world and it's not like we can expose the Muggle world to the truth about magic. But I do agree about giving you a fair trial," the wizard said as he stood up.

"I don't believe you!" Vernon snarled.

The wizard shrugged his shoulders. "And I don't care," he replied. The wizard reached inside his robes and pulled out a small bottle and a syringe. "Have you ever seen the Bond movie, Live or Let Die?"

Vernon glared at the wizard with hatred in his eyes.

"It was the first movie I had ever seen and what led me to become an Unspeakable," the wizard admitted. "What kid wouldn't want to be a secret agent, saving the world from the bad guys? Of course that is when I learned about the religion of Voodoo though it is actually pronounced Vodou. Of course my studies led me to the fact that Muggles can make zombies, which actually has nothing to do with the Vodou religion but from Haitian bokor or sorcerers. Of course the Muggle zombies are nothing like the zombies or Inferi a real wizard can create."

The wizard stuck the syringe into the bottle and withdrew an amount from it. "As I was saying Muggles use a drug that comes from the pufferfish to make a person appear to be dead. Of course I did research into to see if there was a wizard version of this drug since the Muggle version often leads to death and it turns out there is. A potion master created it to be used during surgeries back in the mid-19th century. He was hoping to create a potion which would limit the blood loss during the surgeries unfortunately he didn't take into account that the patient would be awake and feeling everything during the operation. As you would expect it was viewed as a failure."

"So that what are you going to do? Make me appear dead and have me buried alive!" Vernon snarled.

"No," the wizard said with a creepy smile. "This only works on a Muggle for 18 hours after that you wake up perfectly fine. I'm sure they won't bury you that fast."

The wizard injected the potion into the IV port. The silver liquid slowly made its way down the IV line as Vernon watched it with a numb expression.

"I'm told that it doesn't hurt. Everything just sort of stops. You can see and hear everything around you but you can't do anything at all and then 18 hours later you can," the wizard explains. "Of course that all depends on what happens between now and then but I guess that is up to whatever deity you believe in."

When the nurse came to check on him during her rounds she found Mr. Dursley unresponsive and no longer breathing. A doctor confirmed the time of death. No one noticed the red haired, slightly balding wizard in the corner.

16 hours after Vernon Dursley was pronounced dead; his body was laid out on a cold metal table under a bright light.

"A fat one isn't he," a male voice said. "I bet you a quid that he died from a heart attack from all that weight."

"No bet," another male voice replied. "The real money is one whether or not he had a tumor in his head. This is the bloke that attacked a kid in a pub. His own son and sister were turned into sausages and no one knows what happened to his wife."

"Blimey!" the first voice said in surprise. "I didn't think that he was that monster."

"Now gentleman, there is no evidence that said he committed those heinous crime. He was only a suspect," a new male voice stated.

"Yes, Doctor Salten," the second voice replied. "But you got to admit he was mixed up in it some way. The stuff I've been hearing in the news about the case… well it reminds me of stories of Sweeney Todd and Kate Webster."

"I know who Sweeney Todd was but who is Kate Webster?" the first male voice asked. "Another fictional character."

"Kate Webster was a woman in the late 19th century who murdered her employer, dismembered the remains, cooked some of the body down into lard which she then sold to neighbors and disposed of the rest of the body she didn't cook."

"I knew I should never have asked!" the first voice grew fainter soon followed by the sounds of a door being shut.

"You would think that after all these years old George would have a stronger stomach," the second male voice said.

"John, you know better than that," Dr Salten chastised. "George sees every body that comes in here as a life cut short or as one that lived it to it's fullest. He doesn't like to be reminded that sometimes we have to deal with the remains of those who cut other lives short."

"I'm just saying he needs a thicker skin," John grumbled.

"And George was the one who helped me with the bus accident last summer," Dr Salten pointed out.

"But that was one… that one had children," John said softly.

"That it did," Dr Salten replied in the same soft tone. "Lets get to work."

Dr Salten reached up and turned the microphone on. "This is Dr George Salten performing the autopsy on Vernon Dursley of Little Whinging on this date of…"

Dr Salten continued to narrate the external exam of the body. "Alight John. Let cut him open. Scalpel."


They said that time heals all wounds and while that isn't exactly true it was close enough for Harry Potter.

The Malfoy family donated a loving statue of the Goddess Artemis who was known as the Goddess of the Hunt but also the Goddess of the Children to the Diagon Alley children's park.

Tom Riddle was able to keep his dogs of war on the leash long enough for Harry to recover the best he could after the loving care of his family.

And the day did come when Harry and Tom faced each other on the field of combat. To say the good guy won and the bad guys lost would be a lie. For in war there are no heroes or villains but men and women fighting for what they believe in, fighting for change, fighting for justice for those they lost and for those who have yet to be born.

And with the defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort and his followers the war did not end but it changed in form from blood and pain on the battlefields to bargaining and concessions in meetings and behind closed chamber doors. It was many years after Tom's defeat that the Elizabeth Riddle Children's Act became law. This simple law insured that all children no matter what their financial income were given the chance to have a magical education, to have a chance at life. The law also made it so that no matter their status in the wizard world, i.e. Pure-blood, Half-blood or Muggle-born they were all charged the same amount for their education.

Seven years after the Elizabeth Riddle Children's Act was signed one of the Founders fondest dreams became true; Hogwarts was full to capacity.

But as any storyteller knows all of that is another story.

Post Author Notes:

Before you start complaining about the ending please understand that this is the ending my Muse had plotted out when she first started to put pen to paper so many years ago.

The original challenge was to create a fic in which Harry is the main character but said nothing or very little and to make Lord Voldemort into an anti-hero. I think I have achieve that challenge.

As for why it took so long… once my Muse plotted out the last chapter she went on to other stuff expecting me to follow right behind her unfortunately I'm much slower at type up the story then she is plotting it out so it feel behind. I was given the choice of following her and staying in her good graces or falling behind and have her pissed at me and refusing to tell me anything. Hope you understand why it took so long for me to finished it.