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Carter has been gone for five months and Rosie was put on a fake smile to show everyone she was managing. She's been doing her job at the PPP as well as two people combined trying to keep her mind off Carter but after every mission she thought of Carter in the helicopter ride back. She was currently in her bedroom, well her and Carter's bedroom at the Masons' thinking about Carter and what she could have done differently and maybe then Carter would be with her instead of somewhere in the world doing whatever. She looked down at the picture in her hands. It was Carter's eighteenth birthday, they were having so much fun.

'Why couldn't I tell her before it was too late?'
Rosie thought falling back letting her head hit her pillows clutching the picture to her chest. A tear fell down her face and she stared at the ceiling. She went back to Costa Luna for four months but she couldn't keep herself together the day of the fourth month and so she left her mother in charge of Costa Luna while she was away.

'Why did I have to be so stubborn? Why couldn't I just say, "Carter, I love You" after our mission when I was holding her in my arms? God, I'm so stupid.'

There was a knock. "Come in." Rosie said as her voice cracked.

Joe walked in and over to the bed. "The director has a new mission for you." Joe said as Rosie sat up and nodded. Joe hugged her and left her to get ready.

When Rosie walked into PPP she sighed. The director hung Carter's badge and favorite gadgets and suit in a case by the exit to the changing rooms and briefing room.

"A princess we placed in Alaska, the people found her and we need to get her out of there." The director said.

"I understand."

"Do your best Rosie." The director said as Rosie nodded and got everything she would need from Chloe.

When she got to her location she pulled the hood to her thick jacket it was cold in the mountains. She got to the shack and opened the door and walked in. She found the princess ready to go with her royal tutor and they ran up to her and ran over to her and quickly loaded up the snow mobile.

Rosie looked over her shoulder as she heard engines and saw snow mobiles coming. She had another agent with her and the royal tutor got on behind him and they took off.

They neared helicopter when a gun shot startled Rosie and she lost control of the snow mobile. The people following them fired again getting the belt. Rosie lost control completely crashing into the other snow mobile and they flew off the snowmobiles.

Rosie groaned as the men walked up to them. "Bring them all," She felt her hood get pulled off. "Well look here, Queen Rosalinda." Rosie felt a sharp pain in her head and blacked out.

Carter walked across the campus of NYU with Ed and Jamie Talmen a new friend Carter couldn't help but feel familiar with. They met on Carter's first day, Jamie was on her way to the music room when she heard Carter playing the guitar and singing a song. Jamie helped her finish it and since then they were friends but Carter noticed that Jamie was very secretive and she respected that. Jamie was as tall as Carter, had black hair and brown eyes just like Carter's.

Carter no matter what she did couldn't keep Rosie out of her mind, she called her dad every now and then to let him know she was ok and to check up on Rosie, she felt guilty when she heard Rosie was staying with him for the past month because of her but Carter needed time to sort herself out. She still hasn't sorted herself out completely but she was getting there.

They were heading to lunch when Carter's phone rang.

Jamie noticed Carter's face as she spoke to whoever was on the other end and her eyes and face show many different emotions but the main ones were worry, fear, pain and anger. When Carter hung up she gave them an apologetic look. "Sorry guys, but I know it's the weekend and we usually have get togethers but my dad needs help back home for the weekend."

"It's ok go." Jamie said as Carter ran off.

Ed's phone beeped a minute later and he saw a text message from Carter. He opened it and it read, 'PPP emergency, Rosie in trouble.' He closed it just as Jamie's phone rang.

"Talmen, what? Ok." She hung up and looked at Ed. "Sorry my grandfather was admitted to the hospital and I have to go see him." Jamie said as Ed held up a hand.

"PPP I know, go." Ed said as Jamie looked at him weird. "Carter's father is Major Mason." he said as Jamie nodded.

"You really are a great friend Ed." Jamie said kissing his cheek causing him to blush.

"Thanks, and make sure you bring Rosie back safe please." Ed said as Jamie nodded and ran off.

Carter ran into PPP headquarters and the director faced her. "Where's Rosie?" Carter asked out of breath.

"We are awaiting the arrival of your partner in this matter." the director said as Joe walked out and held his arms open for his daughter and she threw herself into them hugging her father tight as a teary eyed Sophia walked in and joined the hug. "Ah, Agent Talmen."

"Talmen?" Carter asked pulling away from her father and Sophia.

"Carter?" Jamie smiled. "Duh, you came to help your father and Ed said your father is Major Mason, not hard to put together, but you know me, slow." Jamie smiled.

"Agent Talmen is the best after Rosie of course and you, but Rosie went to Alaska to bring a princess out of her hiding spot to another when they were attacked and captured we received this transmission from them earlier today." The director said as she looked at Chloe who opened the file and pressed play.

"We have a few people you might want." The man on the screen smiled as he moved out of the way to reveal Rosie and the princess tied up with another man. "The queen of Costa Luna and the princess of Litaria, we'll let them free for control of both their countries."

The director faced Jamie giving him a look. "Are you gonna tell her?"

"Tell who what?" Jamie asked as the director motioned to Sophia, Carter and Joe. "Fine, but she's not my daughter." Jamie pointed out as Joe glared.

"What are you talking about?" Carter asked as Jamie and Joe looked at the director who was giving them both a stern look.

"Fine all do it since Joe is such a pansy." Jamie said sticking her tongue out at him. "Carter you asked about my parents and I told you they died, truthfully they did, but here's a picture of my mother and her sister." Jamie said pulling out her wallet and handed it to Carter who snatched it.

"This is mom." Carter gasped as Jamie nodded. "We're cousins?" Carter asked as Jamie nodded.

"I didn't know till I worked with Joe a few weeks ago." Jamie defended putting her wallet away.

"She is also very forgetful." Joe said as Jamie glared.

"Well, back on subject, we cannot give them control of the two countries you and Jamie are going to retrieve them both, Major Mason would go but he will join you if you do not get them here safely by the time you need to get back to school." The director said as Jamie raised her hand slightly. "Yes Jamie?"

"I was wondering about school, can I drop out and get a GED?" Jamie asked.

"I'm with her." Carter said as Joe glared at the two.

"We'll talk if you get those two back." Joe said as the director lifted the lid of the case and Carter grabbed her things as Chloe tossed a pack to Jamie and a black leather jacket.

"Thanks Chloe." Jamie said as Carter ran and changed her clothes coming out later in her PPP uniform. (What she and Rosie wore in the extended ending) "You're gonna freeze cuz." Jamie said tossing her sweats.

"I'll put them on in the helicopter." Carter said as they ran out only to skid to a stop in front of the elevator doors.

"One last thing," Jamie said facing them. The director reached into a drawer and tossed two guns to Jamie and she caught them smiling and strapped the thigh holsters to her thighs and the director tossed her two knives.

"I know how you like sharp objects, Chloe." she looked at the blonde and Chloe tossed her a Cruiser and Joe stared at the gun.

"Why are you giving her that?" Joe asked.

"To blast our way out, it's better than a grenade." Jamie smiled walking into the elevator handing Carter a knife. "I don't expect you to kill anyone." Jamie said once the doors closed.

"How can you?" Carter asked as Jamie cleared her throat.

"We have a princess and soon to be wife to save." Jamie said walking out of the elevator.

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