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There are moments in life that are valued as treasures. The moments of true friendship, companionship, success but most of all love. Those moments that make you truly happy.

Well, I never had one of those moments. No one ever really appreciated or loved me. I always thought that it was the others fault but maybe after all it was mine. I couldn't think about that right now, I felt too broken to process anything in my head. Since the night I was brought in this life I had turned cold. Cold in body and cold in heart.

I don't think anything can change that anymore. So, I'm running. I'm running away as fast as I can. Maybe if I stay by myself, I'll figure out my life. I'll figure out who I am. No, wait that I already know!! I'll figure out who I want to be and then I'll try and become that person! Or at least, that's the plan! It's funny that I have a plan but still I feel like I don't have a clue what I'm doing.

I'll tell you what you're doing! You're sitting in an airport for the past three hours looking around you like a loony!!!!!!! A voice in my head mocked me

Two hours? Was it that long?

I looked towards the entrance doors. Two hours but he hadn't shown up looking for me. No one had shown up looking for me. Obviously, they still had no idea I was gone.

What's wrong with you?? You should congratulate yourself that no one discovered your little plan!!!The voice said again

They were too busy!!! I thought bitterly

I sighed and got up. This was hopeless. I was hopeless. I was out of time.

I approached the desk the moment the girl turned her head from the computer. I could see the instant sock when she faced me. Yes, the human was speechless in front of my beauty. Usually, when that happened I felt very proud of myself. Today I couldn't care less…

"I would like a ticket with the next flight, please" I said politely to her

"Of course!! What is your destination?" she asked me still trying to drown the sock

"I don't know! Why don't you choose one for me?" I told her indifferently

"Choose… ME?" she asked stunned

"Yes, you!" I answered back "But please hurry up!! I want to leave this place as soon as possible!!!!" I continued and she rushed to do as I said

"Can I have you ID, please?" she asked me and I gave it to her

"Will anyone else be joining you?"

"No, I'm on my own" I told her and my heart sank at that truth. I was really on my own. Forever.

"Miss?? Miss Hale?" the girl asked me


"Here you are" she said handing me back my ID

"Will you pay in cash on in credit card?"

"In cash" I answered sternly. No credit cards for me anymore.

"Very well" she said as I handed her the money

"Here is your ticket. Your flight leaves at exactly fifteen minutes." She handed me the ticket and I nodded I understood

"Thanks" was all I said and I turned around without looking back anymore….

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