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Chapter 5 – Vampire


The sound of the clock ticking mocked me.

Bella was looking in my eyes expectantly. The time that I dreaded so much, for so long, had finally arrived. I had to tell her. I just had to. But looking at those brown eyes I couldn't find the strength to speak.

I felt cheated. At the most desperate time of my existence, I had come to meet with an angel. She had shed a light so strong in the darker corners of my world that I knew for a fact that if I ever lost her, I would be blinded. Now, I had to give her up. My most selfish part screamed to me that she would be better with me than with anyone else. Yet, I could not find the strength to do that to her. It was a terrible waste to deprive her the normality of a life close to mortals.

I had to let her go. But first I needed to be honest with her. I knew she cared for me and that was why I would never let her go without an explanation. If I did not make her understand why I was doing this then she would always look back in her past and wonder what she did wrong. I would never allow that. I only wanted her to be happy and she had to understand that that could not be close to someone like me.

I looked at her and took a deep breath. Her smell was intoxicating as always but I was in perfect control. I loved her too much.

One more reason why she couldn't stay here. It was too risky. Her scent felt way too intoxicating than anything else I had ever smell. I was in control and I would never harm willingly but what would happen if she got injured. Who would take care of her? Would I be able to restrain myself?

Yes, I probably would but why should I put her life in a risk anyway?

I was lost in thought when I felt a little hand cupping my cheek.

"Rosie?" my angel asked

"Yes, my little bee?"

"I can hold a secret" she said with all of her childish innocence

I looked at her sadly

"I know that, Bella bee. I just wished you didn't have to know this!" I whispered

"I want to know everything about you!" she said a stubborn expression on her face

In the time that Bella and I spend together, I had come to understand that stubbornness was a second nature to her. When she wanted something she kept insisting until she got it, and although I didn't exactly applauded that tendency I was happy that she did not quit that easily. It indicated strength of character.

"I wish you really didn't mean that, Bella" I sighed sadly

"I do, I do!" she shouted

I sighed and sat her next to me.

She crossed her arms on her chest and pouted.

I laughed

"Ah, Bella, what will I ever do with you?" I asked her stroking her hair

Even at the age of five she was beautiful. She had the most captivating chocolate brown eyes, a button nose and long brown hair that curled on the edges. I was certain that when she grew up she would be the most breathtaking creature that ever walked the earth.

She would even put my flawless beauty into shame.

I couldn't have cared less…

"Tell me your secret?" she asked deviously and her demand snapped me out of my reverie

I nodded and she smiled happily

"Bella, how much do you know about vampires?" I asked and held my breath

She looked at me and scrunched up her nose in concentration

"I'm not sure" she finally answered puffing her cheeks and blowing the air out

"Will you please try and think harder if you have ever heard anything" I blurted out and then cursed myself for asking. Here I was asking from a five year old to tell me what she knew about vampires!

She surprised me once more.

"They are scary" she told me and I felt my heart sinking

I didn't answer her. I couldn't even if I wanted to.

"There was a weekend that my daddy went fishing in the lake and I spent it with my mother. A friend of her came over and she brought her son with her. He told me everything about vampires, even Dracula!" she exclaimed happy that she knew the answer to my question

I felt my insides boil with anger. Clearly Bella's mother was incapable of actually raising a child.

And you are, Rosalie? I heard a voice asking in my head

I ignored it.

"How old were you?" I asked trying to control my anger. It wouldn't help if my eyes turned black right now.

"Four" she answered showing me four fingers

"And how old was the other kid?" I asked again

"Ten" she answered showing me all of her fingers

Another excellent mother.

"What exactly did he tell you?" I asked quietly

"That vampires drink blood and that they are like zombies." She said and before I could answer she continued

"I was really scared! I had nightmares for months and when daddy came home, he was so mad that he and my mother fought." She whispered

"For a very good reason!" I hissed angrily

Her eyes were filled with tears in an instant and I felt like the worst lowlife in the universe.

"Bella bee, please don't cry" I whispered stroking the tears from her cheeks

"I'm not" she said quickly

"Yes, you are. I can see you." I told her and she cried harder

"Bella…" I sighed and lifted her in my embrace

"Why are you crying?" I asked

"Because daddy was angry because of me and now you are angry too" she whispered

"Oh, Bella" I said hugging her closer.

She really was perceptive. She had picked on the bad climate that clearly existed between her parents and she had somehow managed to blame herself for it. But how exactly do you explain to a five year old that it was not her fault that her parents had problems in their marriage without blaming her mother for her insufficiency?

"Bella, I'm not mad at you. Please, will you stop crying?" I asked gently hugging her closer

She sniffed and then looked at me

"Bella, it was not your fault that your parents fought. Sometimes grown ups have problems; Problems that little children don't understand. I'm sure your mother and your father loved each other very much." I told her convincingly

She gave me a watery smile

"And I am not angry at you! I doubt there is anything you can to do to ager me!" I continued smiling

Her smile grew and she hugged me fiercely

"Promise you'll never leave me!" I heard her muffled voice asking me

"Oh, Bella…" I sighed and hugged her back

"You don't want me?" she asked looking at me with her huge doe-like eyes

For the love of all that's holly, I could not resist her plea. My firm to decision to let her go shattered in the living room's floor. Of course I would not let her go! Not if she didn't want me to…

"I want you!" I told her firmly "More than anything I ever wanted in my life! But it will be only your choice to stay after I explain something to you for me!" I continued

"Ok" she said

I took a deep breath. This was it. She would have to know now.

"Bella, I'm a vampire" I whispered

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