Well, here it is. The Epuilogue. Not much say, other then that for the first part of this chapter won't be told in first person, and is kind of short. But yeah, at least this fic is finally done.


Olimar awoke with a jump. He was disoriented, confused, and didn't know what was going on. As he pushed himself up, looking at the huge plant life that was around him he was in both shock and awe. Turning around he jumpped back in shock. His space ship, the S.S. Dolphin, was nothing but a wreck.

As he took out his log and started to write in it about what had happen, another thing filled his mind with worry. His suit started to beep.

"Warning! Warning!" The suit stated, as Olimar stopped writing in his log long enough to pay attention. "Scans show that current planet has exremely high levels of deadly Oxygen. With the current ammount of power in this suit, Life Sopport Systums will only fuction for 30 more days." Olimar stood in shock, he didn't know what to say. He quickly wrote down all that was happening into his log.

He glup, the thought of what could happen if he could find his ship parts in 30 days frighten him to no end. Inspecting his ship further, he noticed that it was missing 30 of it's most important parts. Olimar tensed up. How was he soppost to find all 30 of his ship parts in 30 days? And more importantly, how was he soppost to carry them back after he found them...? He shook his head. He would go down that road when he comes to it, but first he needed to look of his ship parts.

As he turned away from his ship, slowly decending his way down the slope, he took time to notice his sorroundings. He was still amazed at how big the plant life was on this planet! As he walked down to the strange markings on the ground that weren't far from his ship, he noticed something in the ground. He staired at it, an expression of wounder on his face. He had never seen this object before in his life, yet something about it seemed... Familiar. Like he knew it could help him in some way.

As he walked over to it, slowly he inch closer once he was only a few feet away. As he reached out his hand, he placed it on the object and...


It was dark, I couldn't see anything. I was awake, that much I knew, yet I couldn't even see the nose in frount of my face. There was only one time I could remember that it was like this. It was when I was planted in the ground. I struggled, trying to pull myself out of the ground, but the dirt I was buried in was packed too tight. I sighed, as I could tell I would be stuck here sometime.

Moments passed, before I felt something thouch me above ground. Then, in the darkness I saw a flash of red light. It was amazing, the light felt so soft and gental. It was then I could feel a wave of energy over come me. It was then I was suprised to feel that the flower atop my head started to spin. I could feel myself start to break free of the dirt! As I struggled, the new found energy allowing me to push pass the dirt more easily, I popped out of the ground and got the shock of my life.

I was alot bigger, my body was no longer in the shape of a Pikmin. My body was now spherical, and I no longer hand a stem. The flower atop my 'head' was now alot bigger, and I had three stick like legs holding me up. I 'gaspped', as I knew this shape all too well.

I was now an Onion.

How? I asked myself. How did I turn into an Onion?

I didn't have time to ponder this, as my flower started to spin again.I could feel something pop out of it. As I watched a small little seed float gracefully down to the ground, Olimar just staired at the odd sight. As the little seed planted it's self into the ground, it soon became a little sproute. As Olimar gazed at the object, writing stuff down into his log, I had time to think to myself.

I was an Onion now, I had established that much. But how exactly did I become one? As Olimar pulled the sproute out of the ground, it back flipped a couple of times, before a Pikmin landded a few feet from Olimar. It was also odd. I could see everything around me, despite only being in one spot... Was this how Onion's saw?

I was shocked, a Pikmin! A Red Pikmin! I was no longer the last of my kind. I could restore the Red Pikmin to their former glory!

As I looked over with my 'Minds Eye', as I was calling it by now, I saw two Pellet Posies behind me. I then looked at the Pikmin. 'Go! Bring me those pellets!' I commanded. The Pikmin just staired up at me with a blank stair. '... Please...?' I asked, yet the Pikmin continued to give me a blank stair. It was then I heard a wistle, and the Pikmin snapped back over to Olimar, before it looked at me.

'... Well...? Go ahead and follow him.' I told the Pikmin. Indeed, the Pikmin listen and went over to Olimar. I thought to myself for a moment. It seems the Pikmin look to me to make decisions, yet I can't command them derectly. As I watched Olimar play around with the Pikmin for a few seconds, learning what all we could do, a thought came to mind. I couldn't command the Pikmin, yet Olimar could!

As I watched Olimar toss the Pikmin around for a few seconds, he miss threw and the Pikmin landed on the Pellet Posy. Instictively, the Pikmin started to chop it down. As Olimar watched the site in awe, the Pikmin managed to cut the pellet down, and started to take it back to me. As the pellet was now under my light, I quickly absorbed it. As I felt a rush of energy, I felt two more seeds pop out.

Olimar quickly caught on, and commanded the Pikmin to cut down the other one and take it back to me. As I quickly absorbed it again, I felt hope build up inside me. With Olimar's help, we could rebuild the Pikmin species! And if I had turned into an Onion, maybe other Pikmin who managed to survive the night did too!

As the day quickly went by as Olimar made more Pikmin, I continued to keep a watchful on him. He was now in frount of a giant machincal thing. I could exactly figure out what it was. I saw that Olimar was writing in his log again, and decided to take a quick peek.

'Amazing! There's no mistaking it! My ship's engine rests before my very eyes! By a stroke of pure luck, I have already stumbled upon the most important piece of my damaged craft! Fate has smiled upon me! But... How will I get it back to the Dolphin?'

I assumed that 'The Dolphin' was that thing that Olimar was KOed next to last night. He said he used that thing to fly through space... He might need it repaired if he wishes to keep away from the monsters at night.

As Olimar looked at the group of Pikmin now behind him, he scratched his chin for a moment, before he commanded them to pick it up. As the Pikmin did so, they started to make their way through the little arch where the box that was blocking their way once was, I noticed they seemed to be heading towerds my derection.

'No! Not to me! Take it over to where that other machnical thing is!'

Luckly the Pikmin listen, as they stopped for a second before heading over to the 'Dolphin'. As the placed the 'Engine', as Olimar called it, in the small spot of light, the Dolphin sucked it up, before it flipped over right side up. As the machine quickly installed the part, I watched as Olimar jumpped for joy. I chuckled a bit at the silly jesture.

Not long after that happened, night fall came and Olimar had wistled the Pikmin under his command free. As the raced up my legs to get inside me for safety, I could help but giggled as they tickled my leg going up. When they were finally inside, I felt a soft, warm feeling inside me. It made me feel... Happy, for some odd reason.

As Olimar's 'Dolphin' blasted off, I quickly followed by spinning my flower on top of my body. As we soared into the sky, I felt my hope reaching it's peek. With Olimar's help, we could rebuild the Pikmin to their numbers before the attack, and maybe even pass that! I couldn't help but feel that even that giant Bulblex couldn't beat us now!

As I felt the Pikmin cuddle up next to the walls of my inside, I 'smiled'. I felt happy, I knew now, that no matter what would happen, I would no longer feel alone...


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