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"Eevee! Stay still!" A young brown haired girl ordered the hyper Pokemon.

Eevee ran around her legs, yapping. Shiku growled lowly then quickly looked up as she saw the blond haired boy walking over, a light blush crept up onto her cheeks, as she stuttered a quiet hello.

"Konnichiwa Shiku." Jun greeted.

Shiku nodded then frowned as she watched Eevee sit down by Jun's heels.

"She never does that to me." Shiku mumbled softly.

Jun looked up, his eyes searching her face, "How about you take a break and go swimming?"

Shiku nodded then held out her Pokeball, as Eevee went back inside. The young girl put it back into her pocket and smiled shyly at Jun.

Jun smiled back then jumped as someone jumped down beside him from the tree.

Hareta, the young, dark haired boy stood beside Jun, grinning. A black haired girl was on Hareta's back with Chimchar sitting on her shoulder.

"Yay!" The girl, Touki, cheered, grinning, "Konnichiwa Shiku, Jun."

Shiku nodded, then smiled, "Well are we going swimming?"

*At the swimming pool*

"YAY!" Touki cheered as she dived into the pool with Hareta.

Shiku hissed as the water soaked her, glaring daggers at Touki and Hareta.

"Meep." Touki quickly disappeared under the water with Hareta following close behind.

Jun walked out of the changing room, wearing light orange swimming tunks. He went quiet as his eyes took Shiku in, wearing her light gold swimming outfit. Shiku blushed as she saw him watching her.

"Are you going in?" Jun asked.

Shiku hopped from foot to foot, looking at the pool nervously, "Ano... I can't s-swim."

Jun blinked then smirked. As quick as lightening, his arms were around the girls waist, as he pulled her into the water. Shiku screamed and clung to him. Jun's smirk grew wider, as he let go and quickly moved back, the water around him moving along with him.

Shiku looked scared to death, as she quickly swam after him, not realizing what she was doing, "Don't leave me!"

The young boy took another step back, having Shiku scream at him again. He kept doing it until she stopped and looked around blinking.

"H-hey! I did it!" Shiku decleared, a smile plasted on her face, "I can swim!"

The brown haired girl started, as she heard laughing behind her. Whipping around, she found Touki and Hareta leaning against each other, laughing.

Shiku growled, then splashed water over the laughing pair. Touki fell back into the water, going right under then Hareta pulled the girl up, pulling her close to his chest. Touki smiled up at him.

"Thank you Hareta-kun."

The dark haired boy smiled, as he crushed his lips to hers.

Shiku looked at the pair then looked at Jun, "Ano... Jun."

"Hai Shiku?" Jun asked, looking at the smaller girl.

"Ano..." Shiku trailed off then quickly pushed herself up onto her toes, as she kissed Jun on the lips. The sandy coloured haired boy's eyes widened then he quickly kissed back before she pulled away, sliding his arms around her waist.

Shiku pulled away and smiled up at him shyly, her chocolate coloured eyes sparkling, "I love you."

"I love you too Shiku, I always have."

With a cheeky lopsided grin, Jun pushed his lips against hers.