Author's Notes:

So this is actually my first piece of fan-fiction ever. Many spots are pretty rough so if you have any comments or criticism, please leave a note. The characters are out of character so if you think it's really bad, you can pretend that they are completely different people, just reliving what happened in Trials and Tribulations.

The Ace Attorney series is truly amazing and I did not help in the process so all of this belongs to Capcom.
Also, the part where it reads: "Lost love is still love. It takes a different form, that's all. Life has to end, but love doesn't.", that is taken from the book "The Five People you Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom.
Some of you might know the band Sum41. "We're all to Blame" is a song by them.

One more thing. There are Trials and Tribulations spoilers.

Chapter One, also the Only Chapter

You were involved in one case five years ago. One case that ended everything for you and also took away everything you loved. You lost your vision, you lost five whole years, you lost Mia. Later you had to blame someone for it- or two people for it. You and me.

I saw Mia's reflection within your actions from the very first time I saw you. And through channelling, I saw yours in her spirit as well. I have to admit that I didn't like you, but something pushed me away from hating you although never in my life had I seen you. It was possibly cause I knew somehow that Mia was not always with me during the times I needed help on my cases, only because she was with you. I would never have hated you for that. I couldn't. She was my most memorable mentor and I wouldn't hate someone that she loves. I just knew she loved you, even after her death.

"Lost love is still love. It takes a different form, that's all. Life has to end, but love doesn't."

You called me "Trite" from the very start and I thought I was the complete opposite of that. I was the defence attorney who searched for the truth, and not just acquittals for my clients. I had placed the word "justice" before money and many knew that. I wasn't "trite". At least not in my eyes.

I kept on seeing Mia by your side all along and I guessed that you were something important to her, so I tracked down the past. Maya knew who you were and soon, I did too. I felt sorry for you, and I knew you hated me for not being able to protect Mia, who you loved the most. I felt as if I did deserve that name through your eyes, and possibly something worse. When that case was solved, and you called me Mr. Wright for the first time, I knew you stopped blaming me because you knew I wasn't the one to blame, but I still sensed that I should have done something to end your pain from the day of Mia's death. You forgave me, and I was glad about that. My burdens were dragging me down from the day I knew who you were and they were weighing me down day by day. "Mr. Wright", those words ringed in my ears and my burdens slipped off my back and vanished. That's what I thought and felt; but it wasn't that way. The burden was shifted onto another person, and that was you.

In a way, we are both free now, but at another angle, you started blaming yourself for not being able to protect Mia. But I have to say that we're both to blame.

Author End Notes:

Sorry, it was absolutely terrible. But still, if you would kindly leave a review, good or bad. Thanx for taking your time to read this. (This was so terribly, even considering that this is my first piece)