She leaned against the doorjamb and quietly observed.

He sensed her presence behind him but tried to ignore her at first. Finally he became nervous enough that he was prepared to pay the piper just so she'd leave.

He turned to face her. "Are you still mad about the melon thing?" he asked point-blank, a hint of a challenge in his voice.

She smiled indulgently. "No. Not mad. Just disappointed."

He remembered the subtleties of parental disapproval. "Ouch. That's even worse."

There was something in her eyes that clicked – not disappointment – but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"I said: ask me why," she deadpanned.

Oops. Apparently he hadn't heard her the first time.

"Why?" he obliged.

She advanced on him, slowly. "Because…"

She surprised him by stepping dangerously close – he could smell the melon – and whispering, "I could think of much more fun things to do with that melon other than just smashing it."

Just a flash of a flirtatious smile and then she sidestepped, swam by him and marched off with gratuitous extra hip sway.

When she glanced over her shoulder for a moment and tossed him a smirk, he swallowed thickly.

Was it hot in here?

Couldn't resist the wonderawesomeness of the Cadgins chemistry. :-)