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The Colours of Love: Prologue

This is Arisa

One day, in the Hoshiko prefecture, Hoshiwa Arisa got ready in a flash, for the adventure of a lifetime…


I turned the corner of the hallway, jumped onto the railing and slid my way down. That would be my last time I risk breaking a body part before I leave for Tokyo to go to Seiyu Academy and get the education that my parents wanted for me.

Ever since I was little, I went to the Hoshiko public school with all the kids in town. But now; I'm going to an academy! Plus, it'd be pretty awesome to go into the city for the first time in my life. Several months ago, my aunt who I'm going to be staying with sent me letters describing the city, and how much I'm going to love it there. I re-read the letters all the time and I have conducted the perfect mental image; super tall and shiny buildings everywhere and lots and lots of people.

Before I was born, my parents decided to move high up into the mountains in a small village filled with trees, plants and various animals in the area so they could do the proper research. My dad is a zoologist and veterinarian. He takes care of plenty of different animals and is in charge of the wildlife. Sometimes, when he brings home a sick animal to care for, my mom gets a spaz attack and it's totally hilarious! My mom is a botanist, she's always saying how much more important it is to care for the plants, which leads to a debate I'm forced to sit through. I'm going to miss all that.

As usual my dark brown, shoulder length, really annoying hair is tied in pig tails, and my bangs are on the side of my face, usually getting in my way when I run and junk. I really hate how it looks when it's down. Why? Simply because I end up looking super girly and totally wack. I hate it. There are only two people who have seen my hair down. And that's my mom and dad.(Unless there are people stalking me. That would be freaky on so many levels…)

I was wearing a purple t-shirt and dark green cargo pants with a silver, star key chain clipped to one of the belt straps. I keep my running shoes with me where ever I go, I mean; you never know when you have to run right? They're just simple navy, yellow and mainly white, but over the years I kind of made them turn a strange grey-ish, brown colour…

I landed on my feet with a 'thump' and turned the corner into the cream tiled kitchen. I grabbed the waffle sitting in the toaster and stuck it in my mouth taking a quick bite out of it. Sure I'm leaving crumbs everywhere, but I'm supposed to catch a train to Tokyo in an hour and still had so much to do! Urg, too much to do. When I finished my (amazingly delicious) toaster waffle, I hopped onto the kitchen counter and opened the top cabinet.

After digging past several items I finally found what I was looking for. A basket filled with delicious chocolate chip cookies that I made the night before. I jumped off the counter, and placed the basket on it as I quickly ran to the fridge and pulled the jug of orange juice out, unscrewing the cap quickly so my mom doesn't catch me-

"Arisa Hoshiwa! Don't you even think about drinking out of the jug again!! Do you have any idea how un-lady like that is?" I heard mom call from the top of the stairs.

Busted… I rolled my eyes at my mom as I screwed the cap back on, putting it back into the fridge and quickly snatched the basket off the counter and dashed out the door. If my parents found out I was out, instead of packing; …I'd prefer not to talk about that.

My mom's always had this issue with me to grow up like a 'proper lady'. I don't see what's wrong with being me. My dad doesn't mind it. But…that could be because he's a dude.

I ran as fast as my feet could take me when I finally reached the edge of the Western Forest, at the lump in the ground. Yes, we call it the 'lump in the ground.' And by 'we' I'm talking about my best friend Hiro Atashni. Hiro-kun may be 3 years older than me, but we've known each other since my whole life. He asked me to meet him here yesterday so he could give me a present before I leave. And just on time as usual; Hiro jumped into the clearing from a branch.

"I'm not late am I?" He asked laughing, as he dusted off his baggy orange shirt, and brown plaid shorts.

"You never are." I replied, smiling.

I noticed he was holding a box that was blue, covered in bright yellow stars, of all shapes and sizes.

"So, I'm not going to see you until next spring?" He asked somewhat awkwardly after some silence.

"Of coarse not dummy! I'm going to visit during Christmas and stay until a couple days before school starts up again." I reassured him brightly.

Hiro's short, messy black hair and clear teal eyes always reminded me of his very adventurous nature and…that he's usually the one getting hurt. He's amazing at math and is always attempting to help me with mine. Compared to him, I think my math would resemble a stein of dirt.

"Okay well, here's the present I promised!" He exclaimed, shoving the present in my arms, slightly avoiding my curious gaze.

I smiled brightly, wondering what on earth he had gotten me. Hiro had given me plenty of odd presents in the past; a toad, a bucket full of slime, socks, a jar of crackers, oven mitts, mushrooms, hand sanitizer and plenty of other things. So right now I'm hoping that once I open the box, it won't blow up and leave something nasty growing out of my face the next morning. Did I mention how he loves to 'experiment'?

I opened the box slowly leaning backwards as I did so. I glanced over at his eyes which seemed to be now, shining with excitement. I placed the star covered lid next to me and peeked into the box. I wordlessly gasped and gazed dreamily at the gigantic pile of lavender stationary covered in silver stars.

"I expect you to write at least once every week, alright Ari-kun?"

Salty tears collected in my eyes and hugged Hiro tightly. "I'm going to miss you so freakin much…" I mumbled into the fabric on his shoulder.

I remembered feeling his face heat up a bit, but that's just him. He can get 'close and personal' with just about any girl, but me. But if he did, I think I might have to punch his lights out. And we wouldn't want that to happen, now do we? The answer is no if you're mentally retarded, thanks.

Around here, I'm known as the girl who's good at almost every sport, the girl who can seriously eat (a lot) and a bunch of other abnormal things; for a girl at least. While most girls would love to have boys fight over them to date and, or like them, I get that same attention, except they fight over who wants me on their team for a game. Hopefully they have plenty of space in Tokyo for one more energetic ball of compressed sugar, like me.

We said our last good byes and I dashed home, hoping my parents didn't notice that I left.

I finally got home, ran up the stairs into my room and threw clothes (shirts shorts, and whatever else), hair ties, shampoo, my favourite stuffed rabbit, my toothbrush, a couple of CDs, my hairbrush (which I found under a pile of socks), Hiro's gift and everything I had packed the night before into a white suitcase with cool looking purple and black designs on it. I ran down the stairs, carrying the bag clumsily. I reached the hall closet and pulled my navy and purple roller skates and tied the laces together, so that I can carry them easier.

I took my camouflage baseball cap and placed it on my head. I adjusted my bags on my shoulders and double checked my wallet to make sure I had my ticket for the train, and enough money for food and any other stuff I'll need.

My parents waited patiently at the door for me, but I noticed a small box in my mother's arms.

"Arisa-chan, have a safe trip and don't forget to write." My dad told me, kissing me on the forehead lightly.

"I still don't understand why you call me '-chan'" I muttered somewhat bitterly.

Then I looked over at my mom who seemed to have started to cry.

"Come on mom! I won't even be gone that long! I'll be back before you know it." I reasoned giving her a comforting hug. She sniffed for a bit and finally handed me the small package in her arms. My eyes shined when I took in the view of a shiny, brand new digital camera in my hands.

"Take pleanty of pictures and send them to us, alright?" She asked me.

I nodded obediently at her words.

"And make sure you pay attention to your studies, keep organized, pay attention during your classes and please Arisa-chan," She looked at me worriedly, "At least try to be a bit more feminine in Tokyo."

I scowled playfully and responded, "I'll try mom, but I don't promise results."

Like I said, my mom's been on this issue ever since forever. She thinks I'll grow up as a boy, never get a boyfriend, never get married and never live happily ever after. Boys are stupid. They're annoying, loud, but a lot of fun to be around. Anyway, so she's trying to make me more 'feminine' And 'lady like.' Usually it leads to going shopping with her, and other girly stuff in which I don't feel like listing. Sure, I'll try. But I'm also known to be quite lazy and my best efforts usually don't go very far.

I turned towards the door front door, unlocked it, and then marching out proudly.

It was almost 11:00 AM on a Saturday. My ideal place to be at this time is in bed. But now, if I were in bed I'd honestly kill myself if I missed this train.

Tokyo, you better watch out watch out; Hoshiwa Arisa is on her way!


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