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Author's Notes: Repost from the BA forums. I decided to just throw all the quick one shots from the challenge into a collection for Ichigo's birthday. They are of varying quality and length but enjoy them anyways. I have to say, the challenge was really fun, but brain wrecking to come up with stories daily. All in all, I'd like to thank my friends at the BA and then to my readers here who didn't get to see these at the forums.

Prompts were as follows, shamelessly copied from the announcement.

July 9th: Kitten
July 10th: Isshin
July 11th: Beach
July 12th: Champagne
July 13th: Kuchiki's party
July 14th: Homework
July 15th: Obon OR Bed [since it's Ichigo's birthday, the choice is up to you ]

This first one came to me randomly.






Its ears wiggled as it stared up at the two figures that were crouched in front of him. A boy with spiky orange hair, a girl with dark raven hair – it yellow eyes shifted from each of them. Both of them stared back with furrowed brows before they glanced at one another.

"Where do you think the mother is, Ichigo?" The girl asked the boy next to her.

"Heck if I know." The boy called Ichigo replied. He scowled lightly as he turned back to the kitten below him. "What should we do, Rukia? It's obviously abandoned."

The girl named Rukia put her hand under her chin as she thought about their options.

"We can't just leave it here." Rukia said as she stared at the kitten. After a moment, her face lit up and she turned to Ichigo with a bright expression. "Ichigo, let's take it home!"

"What?" Ichigo replied in surprise. "We can't take care of it!"

"Yeah we can." Rukia argued back. The kitten meowed lightly in surprise as Rukia picked it up, holding it under its two arms like a baby.

"The kitten will be happy because Mama and Papa will be very good parents!"

"Don't get such weird ideas! And stop using that fake voice of yours!"

"Awww, Papa doesn't like Ichiro!"


"Nyann!" It said abruptly, and both 'parents' instantly turned to it. It tilted its head cutely at the two of them, seemingly curious of their conversation. Staring back it, Ichigo sighed in defeat. He scowled before turning away, walking towards the house.

"Fine… but if it becomes too much trouble, we'll have to give it away."

Rukia brought the kitten closer to herself and smiled lightly. She turned and ran up to Ichigo's side with the kitten in her arms. A grin made a way onto her face as she turned to it.

"See, Papa does like you, Ichisuke!"

Ichigo's eye twitched.

"What if it's a girl?"

Rukia only smirked at him.

"Ichigo works fine then."

Ichigo's scowl only deepened.

"… I hate you."

Rukia sobbed dramatically as she took off into a run. Fake tears ran behind her as she cried out in a high pitched voice.

"I'm sorry Ichiko! Your father doesn't want us in his life!!"

Ichigo's eyebrow twitched before he took off after her angrily.






Final Words: Not going to write much here.