Story: Returning

Chapter: And We All Fall Down

I DONT OWN BEAUTY POP!!!!! With the exception of Ayumi Takarada and Akemi Narumi.

"KIRI! No, this isn't – NO!" Narumi frantically tried to explain.

"Yes it is." Kiri whispered quietly as she ran out.


Oh no, Oh no, Oh nooo, what did I just do?! (Ayumi)

She however, didn't have the time to apologize for, right when she was about to, Narumi went racing out and all she could think was Wow. I've never seen him move so fast.


"Kiri! Please, listen. Please? I swear it wasn't what it looked like. Kiri…."

Kiri stopped moving. She turned slowly and faced him. He was shocked to see unreleased tears in her eyes. It made him feel even worse for making the girl who never showed any emotion crying.

"Kiri…" he said as he reached out to her, and without thinking pressed his lips to her. He made his kiss as gentle and apologetic as he possibly could. After several minutes of those continued sugar sweet kisses, they broke apart. He pressed his forehead against hers. "I'm sorry. I'm so so so so sorry. I didn't kiss her. She suddenly kissed me and I was just surprised so I didn't move away. I was too shocked. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me. I'm so sorry. I'll say it as many times as you want. I promise I'll do anything to make you forgive me. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

When she made no reply, he started to loosen his hold on her waist, when she suddenly placed her arms around his neck. She smiled just a little although it looked bittersweet. "If I forgive you, will I get another one of those kisses?" she asked.

Narumi smiled weakly and responded, "As many as you want. Just ask. Every single one is yours."

With that he kissed her again. He could've kissed her forever. She just tasted so damned good.


What? He still chased after her? And she FORGAVE him?!

After the initial shock of the whole episode, she quickly recovered and went back to her jealousy of Kiri. Quickly, she tried to figure out how to break them apart.

Wait… what am I doing? Shogo-Senpai clearly just rejected me and I'm still chasing after him?

She sat there confused, until the devil in her brain started working.

This will just make their relationship even shakier. She's not going to trust him as easily as she used to be able to. Maybe there is room for me in this relationship………

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