It was a dark night on the streets of New York. The two groups had swapped members and gone out in teams of two. Leonardo and Yusuke, Hiei and Raphael, Donatello and Kurama, Michelangelo and Kuwabara. They were each patroling different areas of the city. Recently, the Foot ninja had been exibiting some peculiar behavior, and the Yu Yu Turtle gangs had decide to look into it. They were right to. Near the ports, Leo and Yusuke had radioed in, they'ed found something."Hey guys," Leo said to the other three groups through the mouth piece,"We've found what looks like some sort of illegal poaching ring type deal. A few Foot ninja are here loading cages onto some trucks." He said."What kind of animal is it?" Raph asked from his and Hiei's position downtown.

"We can't tell,"Yusuke said,"the cages are covered, but by the looks of the money the Foot are dishing out to those poachers, I'd say they're pretty valuable. Whatever they are, they must have cost a fortune." The lines were silent for a moment, then,"What would Shredder want with animals?"Donny asked from where him and Kurama were stationed in uptown. It was unlikely that the turtles' arch nemasis and Hakusho gangs' long time pain in the ass, had simply developed a fettish for a particular animal. "I'm not sure, but I doubt there's much we could do right now, let's head back."Leo said, and they all mumbled their agreement.

Back in the sewer layer everyone was reporting their findings and comparing past collected data and knowlege to Splinter and Genkai, who had calmly been sipping tea and meditating while the boys had been out.(They do make the perfect match don't they? Not romantically of course.......... Sickos.) The two had pondered the information and weighed the findings against eachother, but no matter what they did, the pieces just didn't fit, they could find no conclusion for why Shredder was ordering his followers around the city on such strange errends. Two days before, they had raided a very old Japanese book store. That still held scrolls and manuscrips from feudal and acient Japan.

The groups still had no idea what was taken. Five days before that, the Foot had gone to an herb garden in Chinatown, and he gang had only discovered one that was perchased. A plant called Kitroot. But nobody knew what it was. Not even Kurama. The groups were at a great disadvantage. If whatever Shredder was up to (Most likely some plan for world destruction/domination) contiued, then there was a good chance that the Yu Yu Turtle gang wouldn't be able to coordiante against the attack that each of the boys betted was coming. And if they couldn't, they'd likely be staring down armageddon.

"What are we gonna do?" Mikey asked and all eight boys siged."What's wrong with you sissies?!" Genkai roared."You're all sitting around like the world's already ended. Just because you haven't found anything now doesn't mean you should stop looking!!!"The boys stared at her and Kuwabara managed a quiet,"But.." "NO BUTS!!!!!!" the old psychic snapped. The boys grouped together and backed away from the fuming elder. Splinter came up behind Genkai and placed a hand on her shoulder."Genkai is right boys,"He said,"even though there is no prey in winter, the wolf still hunts for it."He preached one of his many helpful metaphors.

Splinter and Genkai surveyed their students, then the old rat spoke,"I think it is time we all got some well needed rest. You all must be tired after the patrol." He said. Genkai had already begun to walk upstairs to her room and Hiei had jumped up to his spot on one of the pipes near and open manhole.(The closest thing to a window or tree.) The others quickly sorted out sleeping arrangements. Yusuke got the couch, Kuwabara got the floor(sucks for him), Kurama got a cot behind the couch, Raph and Leo went to their bedrooms upstairs Mikey went to his and Donny slept on another couch, since he had to give up his room to Genkai.(Hey, it's not like they're over there every night.) They fell asleep.