I was sitting on a gravestone. A grave stone that belonged to a Michel Mosley. He was dead. So far....

"Tonight Is the night Soph....The night all the monsters that go bump in the night well, go bump in the night! That is wh-"I said to my seventeen year old baby sister. She whined and interrupted me.

"Must you always give your stupid speeches?!" I jumped down from the grave and walked over to her.

"Yes I must now be polite and don-" I was interrupted again.

"The angel of my nightmare!" Said the voice. I looked down to see Michael Mosley talking about my costume.
He had a very strange expression on his face.

"What are you looking at Mike?" I asked twirling my stake.

"Victoria's secret. It quite interesting" Sophia started to burst out laughing. I turned my attention to her.

"That isn't funny so don't laugh!"I yelled. Soph froze. I turned around. The vampire was up. He smilied and lunged. I punched him and he blocked in and pushed me back. I began to fall but someone caught me but the person ended up falling on top of me. I heard the vampire scream and the sound of him turning to dust.

"Oww." I said. The guy propped himself up on his arms. When i saw his face i gasped.


"Brooke? "Dean and I both said at the same time.

"I knew I could get on top of you again." He said while smiling. I kneed him in the groan and he fell over and grabbed himself. A hand reached out and helped me up. I took it and he lifted me up. I patted the dirt off of me.
I looked over and saw Sam Winchester my best friend from high school. And man was he tall. I was 5"6 but he was roughly 6"4.
I hugged him. He slowly tried to wrap his arms around me getting nervious for god knows why.

"I can't belive your here! What are you doing in Boston? I missed you" HE smilied and I felt a arm wrap around my shoulders.

"Don't I get a hug?"Dean asked. I pushed him away.

"Nope. Now as I was saying Sam.." Dean sighed.

"We were just passing throught and Dean saw your car and know Dean.." I nodded. I looked around And Sophia had her arms crossed looking angry. I had forgotten her.

"Soph com here!" I yelled and she walked over.

"Sam you remember Sophia." He nodded.

"Yeah but she was 12 and had a head brace." Sophia laughed angrly. I smilied.

"Hey Soph! Do yeah remeber me?"Dean asked standing beside Sam.

"Yeah...I belive I walked in on you and B d-"I coverd her mouth with my hand. Dean had a huge grin on his face and Sam was starring of in space.

"Great..Well it's been nice and well I have some were to go. Bye Sam I missed you."I hugged him. I let go and Dean had his arms open.

"Aww come on Brooke. I'm sure there are a few thing you miss bout me?" He said and started to thing about past.....experences between us. I smilied and stepped closer to him.

"Sure there are..But why don't you just keep those things out of you head. Bye Tiny Weenie." Sam and Sophia started to laugh I smiled." Opps I mean Deanie."I patted him on the head and turned around and walked away. I heard Soph say bye. She ran to catch up to me.

"You two use to spend every wakening moment together What happened?" Soph asked as I drove down the rode. I tightened my grip on the stirring wheel.

"Life happened." Sophia looked at me with sorrowful eyes. I smiled at her.

"I have an idea instead of me dragging you somewhere were you know no one. Why don't we stay home and watch horror movies?" She smiled.

"And eat junk food till we pass out?" I laughed.

"Duhh!" She yesed and turned up the radio. The used song The Ripper came on. We sang it in unison as we head home.
We went shopping and we got four movies and junk food fit for two queens. Sophia ran up the stairs carrying the bags i laughed. I followed her into my room. She dumped all the food on my bed. She opened a Amp and started to drink it.

"I'm going to take a shower. Get stuff ready Kay?" She smiled and nodded. I walked into the jack and Jill well Jean and Jill bathroom that Sophia and I shared. I started to the shower and climbed in. Seeing Dean brought memories back I didn't want to remember...I was in love with him. And he cheated on me...I hate remembering when I confronted him but it was to late. The memory came at me like lighting.

I was sitting on my porch steps starring at the stars. How could he do this to me? I thought to myself. I loved him. I still do. I knew he had the playboy reputation but i thought he had changed. I thought he loved me. I heard footsteps and I looked up. There he was standing holding roses smiling. I was half minded to punch him. I stood up and clinched my fist to my sides. He saw my expression and his smile turned to worry..

"Brooke whets wrong?" He said. I laughed sarcastically.

"What's wrong? Like you don't know...How could you Dean?" He looked at me confused.

"What do you mean?" He said. He was lying...God I hate it when people lie.

"You know damn well what I mean! Dean I saw you! With. With Amanda Wilson. I mean if you were going to sleep with someone else why did you pick her? God.. I thought you had changed but your the same Asswhole you've always been." He looked completely shocked.

"I did not sleep with Amanda Wilson! Are you crazy?" He yelled swinging the flowers around.

"Oh! So now I'm crazy? You know what Dean Screw you! I can't believe you cheated on me! I thought you loved me! But i guess it was just a lie. I'm done. Goodbye Dean.." I said and ran through my door. He knocked and knocked. I heard him cuss and throw the flowers down. He stormed away after that.

"B! Hurry up!" Sophia yelled jogging me out of my memories. I turned the shower off and climbed out. I wrapped my towel around me. I looked in the mirror. Last time Dean and I spoke I had long hair. Now it was to my shoulders. I brushed my hair and got dressed. I walked out of the bathroom. Soph was sitting on my bed eating a chocolate bar. I sat beside her.

"What you want to watch first?" She smiled.

"Carrie. I already put it in." I smiled she held the remote up and pressed play. I started to eat sour skittles(my favorite candy are skittles)and watched the movie.
By the end of Carrie Soph had passed out. Her head was resting on my lap. I pulled her off and laid her on my pillow. I covered her up and pulled the hair out of her face. I started to clean. I put all the trash in the trash bin and put the candy in my closet. I grabbed the unopened energy drinks and carried the down stairs. I walked into the kitchen and put them in the fridge. One fell but it didn't open. I picked it up and put it in.

"Brooke is that you?" I heard my dad ask.

"Yeah."I said and walked towards his study. He had animal heads on the wall which i thought were creepy. But he also had all the fun weapons.

"Did you kill it?" He asked referring to the vampire Sam had killed. I leaned on my heels.

"Yes. And no." He turned red-faced.
"What do you mean yes and No!" He yelled. I sshd him.

"I mean I didn't kill it personally." He calmed down a bit.

"So Sophia killed it?" I shook my head. HE looked angry again.

"So it is still lurking around! Brooke Lynn Summers!" I sshed him again which he didn't like.

"No. Sam Winchester killed it...It is dead. Well it was already dead. It's just deader now." I smiled at my joke. He looked at me.

"John Winchester's boy?" I nodded slowly.

"You stay away from those boys." He said firmly.

"What so you mean "Stay away."? I've been friends with Sam sincere was born! I even dated Dean." I said.

"And look what happened with that." I turned very angry.

"You know what. Dad! No! No i will not! You've ruined my life enough...I stayed here with you. Didn't go to collage. So Feck you!" He slapped me. He had never hit me purposely before. I grabbed my face.

"you should go to bed." I nodded and ran out the room. I ran up the stairs and into my room. Sophia was snoring loudly. I began to dig through my drawers. I shoved clothes in to the bag. I grabbed a few weapons i had and put them in my bag as well. I changed into a pair of skinny jeans, tank top, and i button up shirt that belonged to dean along time ago. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote a note.

Dear Soph and Andrew {her dad}
I'm leaving...I'm sorry but i can't stand it anymore. I'm leaveing to find out the truth...Sophia..I'll come back for you don't worry. But you have to graduate first..And since your graduateing early well it will be easier.. I love you
P.S. Soph you get my car. Take good car of him or die