"I did it," Wargrave said.

"Gasp…no really, like we didn't see that coming," Vera replied sarcastically.

"It's time for you two to die," Wargrave answered.

"Vera, I love you!" Lombard cried.

"Lombard, you're an idiot!" Vera shouted back.

A random boy appeared.

"Cyril?" Vera asked in surprise.

Then she ran out screaming, "I see dead people!"

Lombard glanced at Wargrave, "Nice weather we're having."

Vera ran back in cackling madly, "I killed Cyril Hamilton!"

There was a knock, and then the door was kicked open.

Two people in robes strode in.

"Vera Claythorne, by order of the Ministry of Stupidly, Oblivious People, you are hereby under arrest for the murder of Cyril Hamilton."

Vera looked up. "Avada Kedavera!" she shouted pointing one of the china figures at them.

A burst of red light appeared and they fell.

"Mwahahaha! The dark side is strong!" she shouted.

Then she sprinted outside, again, and, aiming the "wand" at the sky, caused a skull with a snake coming out of its mouth to form in the clouds.

"Ooh, pretty," she exclaimed, as she had lost her ADD meds.

A man with a tattoo of an eye on his ankle ran up as the two men went outside.

"Beatrice!" he cried.

"Crucio!" Vera screamed insanely.

He fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

She was so distracted by laughing at this, that she tripped and fell backward through a random archway that had appeared a moment before.

Lombard wheeled around to face Wargrave, a sword appearing in his hand. "My name is Phillip Lombard. You killed the woman I loved. Prepare to…" Wargrave raised his hand and shot lightning at him, causing him to fly off the edge of the cliff.

He pulled out a pistol to shoot himself. There was a click.

"Oh no, I used the last bullet on Barbossa."

He dove into the sea. As he started swimming back to the mainland, several dozen corpses appeared and dragged him beneath the water.